How To Redeem an Amazon Gift Card for Cash How To Redeem an Amazon Gift Card for Cash

How To Redeem an Amazon Gift Card for Cash

Can You Redeem an Amazon Gift Card for Cash? Get the Facts

From toilet paper to a new smartphone, you can use an Amazon gift card to buy anything on the company’s website and affiliate stores. In case you have nothing to buy at the moment, you may want to redeem an Amazon gift card for cash—but is the trade possible?

To state the obvious, Amazon gift cards are not eligible for returns or refunds. If you need cash off your card, your only option is to resell it (usually at a price lower than its face value). In this guide, we will focus on how and where to sell Amazon gift cards—you can consider all options and pick the one that suits you best.

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How To Turn an Amazon Gift Card to Cash—All Options

Amazon gift cards are always in demand, which makes cashing them out quite easy. No matter what channel you use to sell them, you’ll always find plenty of buyers. What you need to figure out is which platform is the most reliable and can bring you the best deal. Currently, you can liquidate your Amazon gift card by:

  1. Reselling it at a location near you
  2. Posting a classified ad
  3. Using a dedicated gift card marketplace online
  4. Selling or using the card in exchange for cryptocurrency

Before exploring these options, know that reselling a gift card earns you much less than the value it holds—not exactly the best-case scenario. If you do not need urgent cash, consider adding your gift card balance to your Amazon Cash wallet. The funds will never expire, and you can utilize the full value of the gift card whenever you make a purchase.

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Earn Side Cash Stress-Free by Using Your Phone

Selling gift cards is not a lucrative way to earn extra cash and certainly not a quick one. If you want some cushy side cash without a headache, start making money through your phone. You will find several reward-based apps in the market that pay you for activities like:

  • Gaming
  • Shopping
  • Watching ads
  • Answering surveys
  • Downloading partner apps
  • Sending promotional emails

You get paid in cash, shopping discounts, and other rewards for completing these tasks (but we know not every task sounds appealing).

If you’re looking for the most profitable and fun method to supplement your income, turn to Mode Mobile. The company changes the whole game of side earning by:

  1. Monetizing your regular phone-based tasks—With Mode Mobile, you can earn reward points at a fast rate for completing everyday activities you do on your phone, such as:
    1. Streaming music
    2. Playing games
    3. Reading the news
    4. Checking the weather
    5. Charging your phone
    6. Browsing the internet
  2. Offering lucrative reward options—You can redeem the points you earn for attractive rewards. The company spoils you for choices with multiple reward options (worth hundreds of dollars), including:
    1. Cash through PayPal
    2. Gift cards from popular retailers (AmazonWalmartStarbucksTargeteBay, etc.)
    3. Game and console cards (FortnitePlayStation, Free Fire, and more)
    4. Airtime
    5. Prepaid Mastercards
    6. Shopping discounts
    7. Physical goods
    8. Cryptocurrencies

You can start earning with Mode Mobile by installing the Mode Earn App or getting a Mode Earn Phone.

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How To Cash Out an Amazon Gift Card Near You

You can cash out an Amazon gift card locally, depending on the options available in your vicinity. Most cities have the following locations where gift card trade-ins are possible:

  • Gift card kiosks—Gift card kiosks look like ATMs and can be used to exchange gift cards for cash and other gift cards. You can use Google Maps to locate an active kiosk near you. Follow these steps to liquidate your Amazon gift card at one of the kiosks:
    • Insert your gift card into the dedicated slot
    • Wait for the machine to scan the card and present an offer (which can be cash or a gift card from another retailer)
    • Select the cash offer and collect the amount dispatched by the machine
  • Retail stores—Some retail stores may buy your Amazon gift card at a discounted price. Since most stores don’t have a policy defining such transactions, you may have to talk it out with the store manager to negotiate a selling price
  • Pawnshops—Pawnbrokers accept just about anything, but their offers are always cutthroat. Many users have sold Amazon gift cards at local pawn shops for 50% value or less, so it’s a deal you shouldn’t consider unless you’re badly strapped for cash

How To Trade an Amazon Gift Card for Cash Using Classified Ads

Posting classified ads is a great way to attract buyers at a price set by you. Browse through some of the best online platforms to post an ad for your Amazon gift card:



Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace allows you to list your gift card for sale in your area. You can collect your proceeds in cash and via PayPal or a bank transfer


eBay is one platform where Amazon gift cards can be auctioned for higher than their face value! It’s a great trade but remember that you still need to pay around 10% of your sale to eBay as commission


Craigslist helps you connect with geo-specific buyers. Many cities also have gift card sub-boards where you can interact with a concentrated pool of buyers


You can share a post about your Amazon gift card on Reddit’s GCX (Gift Card Exchange) subreddit. It has over 94,000 members, and you can get quick responses to your sale offer

These platforms are interpersonal in nature—you have to interact with potential buyers before finalizing a sale. Here are some tips to help you steer clear of scammers:

  • Opt for in-person transactions
  • Don’t deliver your digital or physical gift card (or claim codes) without confirming the payment—there’s no recourse if someone discreetly redeems your card online and ghosts you after that
  • Never share sensitive financial details with buyers

Source: Štefan Štefančík

How To Sell an Amazon Gift Card Online via Gift Card Marketplaces

Online gift card marketplaces are essentially websites that deal in gift cards only (new or secondhand) and are run by dedicated teams. You can use these platforms to sell your unused gift cards without the hassle of engaging in interpersonal negotiations.

Depending on the platform you use, you can list your Amazon gift card by:

  1. Setting your own price—Certain websites, like Raise, Gameflip, and Gift Card Outlets allow you to set a quote for your gift card. Keep in mind that you’ll have to wait to find buyers
  2. Using a gift card valuation tool—Websites like ClipKard and GiftCash have tools that analyze the current resale value of your gift card. You can cash out the card directly upon accepting the generated value

As of now, you can expect a net payout of 75%–80% for an Amazon gift card from these websites (after deducting an 8%–20% reselling commission).

Know that many websites only allow you to exchange your Amazon gift card for another gift card of a lower value, which is far from ideal. Amazon already sells all kinds of gift cards like Apple, Roblox, Google Play, DoorDash, and Xbox—you can purchase them directly using your Amazon gift card.

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How To Get Cryptocurrency Money off an Amazon Gift Card

If you’re into crypto investments, you’ll love the crypto trade options available for Amazon gift card owners. We’ve compiled the top options in the table below:




This website was created solely to convert Amazon gift cards to bitcoins. The platform matches gift card holders with bitcoin owners who have an Amazon Wishlist. Use your gift card to complete the wishlist and get paid in bitcoins


You can trade any gift card at Paxful for cryptocurrencies


This is a peer-to-peer website that lets you buy different digital currencies for gift cards and currencies of various countries

The Mode Earn App—A Gateway to Quick Cash and Rewards

Install the Mode Earn App to start racking up reward points for your daily phone-based tasks—you don’t have to pay any download or subscription fee. Once the app is running on your Android device, it will detect when you complete any eligible earning activity, which includes playing the radio, answering questionnaires, and watching short videos. The app-only users can earn up to $600 a year.

The Mode Earn App has high credibility on Google Play—it has been downloaded over 30 million times and has a steady 4.4-star rating. The app stands out in the crowd of other reward-based apps because it:

  • Gives you dozens of worthwhile earning tasks
  • Offers guaranteed and consistent rewards
  • Enables fast payouts
  • Fosters a safe user environment

The Mode Earn App is all about monetizing your consumer habits—Mode Mobile partners up with new businesses regularly to bring you income-boosting deals based on your preferences. Install the app today and expand your earning opportunities.

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The Mode Earn Phone Is a Lifehack for Budget-Conscious Consumers

If you’re a true connoisseur of side-income deals, make the Mode Earn Phone yours. The Android-based smartphone doubles your rewards from the Mode Earn App, helping you make over $1,200 a year.

The Mode Earn Phone has a pre-installed Mode Earn App and an earn-as-you-go widget that work in harmony to help you earn twice as much for the same phone-based earning activities. The widget gives you easy access to 16 lucrative earning modes, including:

  • Music Mode
  • Fitness Mode
  • Games Mode
  • Crypto Mode
  • Task Mode
  • Lock Screen Mode
  • Weather Mode
  • News Mode
  • Share Mode

The Mode Earn Phone is not lagging behind in the specs department, either. The smartphone has a fantastic display, a lag-free processor, and a top-notch triple-camera, among other features. It works with all major carriers.

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Get a Mode Earn Phone today by:

  1. Paying $109 outright
  2. Subscribing to the phone for $9.99 a month (with quarterly billing)—you can enjoy a one-month free trial before the subscription starts

As long as you keep the subscription, you can also get a new model of the phone every 18 months.

Know that, with moderate use, you can earn back the investment in the Mode Earn Phone within three months. Buy or subscribe to the phone to enhance your earnings with minimal effort!

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