Learn How To Send an eGift Card Without Hassle Learn How To Send an eGift Card Without Hassle

Learn How To Send an eGift Card Without Hassle

How To Send an eGift Card—A Brief Guide

You may have experienced the dilemma of not knowing what to buy someone for that special occasion.

The easiest answer has long been a gift card—why bother hunting for a suitable gift when you can give someone the power to buy whatever they want?

The most convenient form of a gift card is the virtual card or eGift card. With no plastic to deal with, you can avoid the hassle and expense of mailing the gift card and send it digitally instead.

How does the process work, though? In this article, you’ll learn how to send an eGift card quickly, easily, and safely. You’ll also learn how to earn free gift cards you can later send to someone or keep to yourself!

What Is an eGift Card?

An eGift card is a digital version of the traditional gift card. Instead of you or your designated recipient getting a physical card and PIN in the mail, an eGift card only exists digitally, and its details are sent via email.

When you shop around for the perfect eGift card, you can choose between cards that are linked to:

  1. Certain stores
  2. Specific payment platforms

Digital Gift Cards That Are Linked to Certain Stores

Many stores—both physical and virtual ones—offer gift cards. Companies such as Walmart, Target, Shein, and Amazon offer eGift cards for use in their own stores.

You can also get specific eGift cards for the most popular gaming platforms, like Roblox and Fortnite, that enable you to make in-game purchases. There are even eGift cards for purchasing games on Steam, Xbox, or Google Play.

While these card types are widely available and convenient, they are limited in their use—you can only use a store-specific gift card in that store.

Digital Gift Cards That Are Linked to a Specific Payment Platform

Offering more flexibility in how they can be used, eGift cards from Mastercard or Visa are your other option.

These eGift cards are accepted in any online store that accepts normal Mastercards and Visas, meaning that the recipient of your gift can shop virtually anywhere.

Restrictions on Using Digital Gift Cards

While eGift cards take a lot of the hassle out of delivering your gift to your intended recipient, there are some restrictions on how and where they can be used.

Digital gift cards are typically designed for online use, so you might not be able to use some of them to buy items in-store.

In comparison to most Visa or Mastercard physical prepaid cards, you also can’t withdraw cash at an ATM with an eGift card. There are ways to do this by using PayPal and transferring the funds to a regular bank account, but they are convoluted—you can:

  1. Load your gift card onto your PayPal account
  2. Credit your linked bank account from your PayPal balance

Both of these steps may be subject to charges from PayPal.

You may also not be able to use your gift card—digital or physical—for:

  • Hotel reservations—Most hotels won’t allow you to use a gift card to reserve a room
  • Car rental bookings—Many car rental companies hold a security deposit in case of accidental damage, so they don’t accept gift cards as a payment method
  • Internation purchases—You may find that eGift cards issued in the U.S. can only be used for domestic purchases

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How To Send Virtual Gift Cards

Most gift card merchants make sending an eGift card simple and convenient—here’s what you usually need to do:

  1. Choose your vendor
  2. Select the type of card
  3. Decide on the amount
  4. Add the recipient’s name
  5. Fill in the recipient’s email address
  6. Add a message
  7. Send the eGift card

Choosing a Vendor

There is a multitude of vendors selling eGift cards. The choice is ultimately yours, but most reputable vendors will offer similar pricing, terms, and conditions.

Selecting the Type of Card

The type of card you choose depends on the preferences of your intended recipient.

If you know that the person you’re sending the gift card to loves shopping at a particular store, you can opt for an eGift card from that outlet.

The less sure you are, the more you should look at prepaid gift cards that are redeemable anywhere.

Deciding on the Amount

Most eGift cards are available in denominations of $10–$250.

If your generosity knows no bounds, you can buy multiple eGift cards for the same recipient to reach a higher total.

Adding the Recipient’s Name

Getting the recipient’s name right is crucial. Most eGift card vendors keep recipient names in a database.

If you use a nickname or an uncommon version of their name that they wouldn’t normally use, there is a chance that they will make a mistake when trying to redeem their gift.

A transaction with an eGift card might be declined if the recipient puts in a name that doesn’t match the name held in the database.

Filling in the Recipient’s Email Address

Providing the recipient’s email address is potentially the biggest pitfall in the process.

If you get any detail of your recipient’s email address wrong, their eGift card could disappear without a trace.

You should also ensure you use the recipient’s email address that they use most frequently, rather than one that might not be checked regularly.

Adding a Message

Most eGift card vendors allow you to write a personal message to be delivered with the virtual card.

You might even be able to personalize the card with a photo or animation to add sparkle to your gift.

Sending the eGift Card

Once you are certain that all the details are correct, you can pay for the eGift card and complete the transaction.

The eGift card will usually be delivered instantaneously, but you might have the option to delay delivery until a specific date or time. If you don’t hear back from your intended recipient, you might want to drop some subtle questions to make sure your eGift card has landed—if not, you should contact the vendor immediately to find out what went wrong.

How To Send a Gift Card to Yourself via Email

Under certain circumstances, you might want to have an eGift card delivered to you so you can hand it over personally.

In such cases, all you need to do is to replace the delivery email address with your own.

The eGift card can still bear your recipient’s name, but it will be delivered to your email address.

You can then choose how to pass the card details onto the intended recipient, either by:

  • Forwarding the email at a later time
  • Printing out the email and handing it over in person

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Get Free Gift Cards To Treat Friends, Family, or Yourself

If you want to give an eGift card to friends or family or want to treat yourself to something special, here’s some great news!

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How Does Mode Mobile Get You Rewards?

You have two ways to earn rewards with Mode Mobile, namely by:

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How To Earn With the Mode Earn App

The Mode Earn App is available on Google Play and has already been downloaded over 30 million times, achieving a rating of 4.4 stars!

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Once you have enough points, you can start exchanging them for rewards, such as:

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How Exciting Are the Rewards?

With the current earning possibilities, you can earn up to $600 a year for using your phone!

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Want To Double Your Rewards?

Want to earn more than $600 a year? How about doubling your rewards to $1,200+?

With the Mode Earn Phone—a high-end device that comes with a pre-installed Mode Earn App and a widget that enables easy access to 16 earning modes—you can!

You can start earning easily through the following modes:

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The latest model—the Mode Earn Phone MEP2—has all the features you want in a high-end smartphone. You can find more details in the following table:

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  • Gravity, light, proximity, gyroscopic, and compass sensors
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How To Get a Mode Earn Phone

Getting your hands on a Mode Earn Phone couldn’t be easier. You have two payment options:

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