Do Amazon Gift Cards Expire, and Can You Turn Them Into Cash? Do Amazon Gift Cards Expire, and Can You Turn Them Into Cash?

Do Amazon Gift Cards Expire, and Can You Turn Them Into Cash?

Do Amazon Gift Cards Expire, and How Do You Use Them Up?

Amazon is one of the most convenient online retailers, so it’s no wonder Amazon gift cards are such a desirable gift. These gift cards, like most others, come with a set of terms and conditions and certain limitations, which leads to numerous questions. Do Amazon gift cards expire? How do you redeem them? Can you cash them out? In this article, we will answer these and many other questions regarding Amazon gift cards.

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Gift Card Expiration Laws

Consumer law partially controls gift card expiration dates. According to Gift Cards and Gift Certificates Statutes and Legislation, gift cards can’t expire within five years of their activation date. 

While this is a federal regulation, it’s important to note that different states have their own regulations regarding gift cards. For example, in some states, certain gift cards may be subject to inactivity fees. This can happen if you don’t use your card for a year or longer. Due to these fees, your gift card balance may get reduced.

How Long Do Amazon Gift Cards Last?

If you have received an Amazon gift card, you will be happy to learn that a card issued after October 1, 2005, does not expire—the stated expiration dates on some cards do not apply. That means you can redeem them at any time you like. 

In the unlikely event that you have an Amazon gift card issued before October 1, 2005, it might have expired. This depends on your state of residence—if you live in one of the states below, you can rest assured that your gift card is still valid:

  1. California
  2. Connecticut
  3. Louisiana
  4. Maine
  5. Montana
  6. Maryland
  7. Massachusetts
  8. New Hampshire
  9. North Dakota
  10. Oklahoma
  11. Rhode Island
  12. Vermont
  13. Washington

Does Amazon Gift Card Balance Expire

If you live in one of the listed states, any balance on your Amazon account coming from gift cards—even those issued before October 1, 2005—will not expire. 

In all other cases, cards issued before this date, along with the portion of the balance on your account coming from gift cards, expire in accordance with the gift card’s terms and conditions.

How To Redeem an Amazon Gift Card


Source: Riekus

You can redeem your Amazon gift card using your phone or PC. The redemption process is quite simple regardless of the device you’re using.

How To Redeem an Amazon Gift Card via Your Mobile Phone

To redeem your Amazon gift card using a smartphone, all you have to do is:

  1. Open the Amazon App or visit the website
  2. Log in and click on Hello to navigate through the menu
  3. Scroll until you find the Payments option and select Your Payments
  4. Scroll past your payment methods until you see Amazon Gift Card
  5. Click on Redeem a Gift Card
  6. Enter your gift card number and PIN

How To Redeem an Amazon Gift Card via PC

Here’s how you can redeem a gift card from Amazon using your computer:

  1. Visit the Amazon website and sign in
  2. Navigate your cursor to the Account option under Hello and select Account from the drop-down menu 
  3. Click on the Your Payments option
  4. Scroll past your saved payment methods until you see Amazon Gift Card
  5. Click on Redeem a Gift Card and enter your gift card information

How To Use Your Amazon Gift Cards

Amazon gift cards don’t have an expiration date—at least those purchased after October 2005—but that doesn’t mean you should wait for some special occasion to redeem them. There are plenty of ways you can use an Amazon gift card—you can explore available options in the table below:

What To Use an Amazon Gift Card For

What You Get

Amazon Prime Membership

With the Amazon Prime Membership, you get numerous benefits, including free shipping, exclusive deals, new movie and TV show releases, etc. If you are a frequent shopper or a binge-watcher, this membership will really pay off


If you’re an avid reader, you will be happy to learn that you can use the gift card to purchase Kindle books or subscribe to Kindle Unlimited

Amazon Fresh

If you would prefer to spend your Amazon gift card on basics and essentials, you can use it on Amazon Fresh. Your groceries will come right to your doorstep within only two hours of making a purchase

Can You Cash Out an Amazon Gift Card?

As per Amazon’s gift card policy, you can’t redeem Amazon gift cards for cash. You can only apply the funds directly to your Amazon account and spend the balance on merchandise on Amazon. You can’t use them for purchases in any other store, and there is no reimbursement option. 

If you really want to cash out your gift card, you can sell it online. One of the more reliable ways to do it is to use eBay, but keep in mind that once you pay the fee, you will get less money than the gift card is worth.

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How To Earn Free Amazon Gift Cards With Mode Mobile

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Redeem Your Earnings for an Amazon Gift Card

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How Can the Mode Earn Phone Help You Get Free Amazon Gift Cards?

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