Learn All About Free Amazon Gift Card Codes Learn All About Free Amazon Gift Card Codes

Learn All About Free Amazon Gift Card Codes

The Best Ways To Get Free Amazon Gift Card Codes

We all dream of getting something for nothing. With the popularity of online shopping overtaking the mall and the in-store experience, getting free gift cards for use on sites like Amazon can sound like a dream come true.

Are the sites that promise free Amazon gift card codes legit, though, or should you be skeptical about filling out surveys with the promise of Amazon spending power as a reward? Find out here!

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How Does a Free Amazon Gift Card Code Work?

A free Amazon gift card code is a series of letters and numbers that you can redeem against most purchases on Amazon.

When you receive an Amazon gift card code, you can apply it to your Amazon balance by following these steps:

  1. Log in to your Amazon account
  2. Click on Your gift card balance
  3. Choose Redeem a gift card
  4. Enter the gift card code you have received

Your balance will be updated to reflect the value of your gift card. You can use this balance when you checkout after making purchases.

On the same page, you will also be able to review your gift card activity, check the remaining balance on any previous gift cards, and make sure no gift card rewards are due to expire.

A Safe Way To Get Amazon Gift Card Codes Free Is With Mode Mobile

Mode Mobile believes that everyone should be able to earn supplemental cash!

This is why the company has developed safe and legitimate ways for you to earn rewards by performing everyday tasks on your phone. No more shady websites, monotonous activities, or eligibility issues to worry about—Mode Mobile enables anyone interested to participate, provides diverse and easy activities to choose from, and gives consistent rewards.

Even unlocking your phone or charging your battery can earn you points, with the biggest rewards coming from completing tasks like:

  • Shopping online
  • Surfing the net
  • Tracking your fitness levels
  • Filling out surveys
  • Playing your favorite games
  • Downloading partner apps
  • Playing music or listening to the radio
  • Inviting friends to get the app or a phone
  • Watching short clips

Once you’ve earned enough points, you can redeem them for amazing rewards, like:

Mode Mobile gives you two easy ways to get rewarded for your phone use, namely:

  1. Mode Earn App
  2. Mode Earn Phone

Source: Mode Mobile

Who Offers Free Codes for Amazon Gift Cards?

There is a multitude of providers offering free codes for Amazon gift cards, usually in return for your participation in some kind of activity.

Many sites offer rewards for taking surveys on subjects ranging from your opinions on popular products to your views on upcoming advertising campaigns.

While some of these websites are more interested in farming your data to sell to third parties, you can find many reputable and legitimate survey organizations out there, most notably:

  1. Survey Junkie
  2. Swagbucks
  3. Pinecone

While earning Amazon gift card codes on these websites is a reality, you should pay attention to the payout thresholds and eligibility criteria when signing up—for example, while Pinecone has a low payout threshold for earring prizes, you might be screened out if your profile doesn’t match the commissioning organization’s criteria.

Can You Earn Big Bucks by Taking Surveys?

Taking surveys is not a high-earning activity. This being said, it could be a way to spoil yourself occasionally with an Amazon gift card—if you have a fair amount of spare time and are prepared to invest it in highly repetitive activity.

You should beware of survey sites that insist on collecting too much personal data—they may be a scam designed to phish your details and sell them to unscrupulous third parties.

If you find yourself being bombarded with unsolicited spam or junk mail after completing a survey, you may want to remove yourself from that particular survey site and take steps to mask your online presence.

Source: Mode Mobile

How To Get Free Amazon Gift Card Codes Without Surveys

If taking surveys for rewards is not for you, there are other ways to earn Amazon gift cards.

The most popular alternatives to paid surveys are:

  1. The Amazon Trade-In program
  2. Amazon cash and reload bonuses
  3. Shopping rewards apps
  4. Online gaming

The Amazon Trade-In Program

If you have unwanted tech lying around your home, you could be able to trade it in for Amazon gift cards.

Amazon offers trade-in deals on thousands of products, including:

  • Tablets
  • Streaming devices
  • Smartphones
  • Bluetooth devices
  • Gaming hardware
  • Home security systems
  • E-readers

If you find that one of your unwanted devices is eligible for a trade-in, you should:

  1. Answer a few questions on Amazon’s website to determine the condition of the device
  2. Decide on your return options should Amazon decide that your device is not as good as you claimed
  3. Pack and ship your device

Once the product arrives at the designated Amazon facility, it will take up to 10 days for the staff to assess and process it.

Based on their assessment, you will receive an Amazon gift card in the value that matches the value of the product you traded in. It will be credited to your account automatically.

Amazon Cash and Reload Bonuses

Amazon rewards you with gift cards for your loyalty and frequent shopping.

The easiest way to earn gift cards from Amazon is to sign up as an Amazon Prime member—the subscription costs $14.99 a month but entitles you to a range of benefits, including free:

  • Fast delivery on Amazon purchases
  • Access to music and video content
  • Backup storage for your photos

If you sign up for Prime Reload, your gift card balance will be topped up automatically to a predetermined amount from your debit or credit card. Amazon will reward you for doing this by adding a 2% bonus to your gift card balance.

Using Amazon Cash for the first time will also earn you a reward. Amazon Cash is a prepaid wallet on the Amazon platform—using one means you don’t need a credit or debit card to make purchases. Amazon will give you rewards in the form of gift cards for signing up for this service.

Shopping Rewards Apps

There are many apps available online or for download that reward you for using them to find the best deals.

The most popular include:

  • Fetch Rewards
  • Honey
  • Ibotta
  • Drop

All of these work similarly by rewarding you for using them to hunt for coupons, shop at affiliated stores, or purchase sponsored deals.

The rewards can be claimed as Amazon gift vouchers and, while not likely to make you rich, can provide a welcome boost to your Amazon spending power.

Online Gaming

Some online gaming sites offer cash rewards in the form of Amazon gift cards when you play and win.

While many of these are casino-based sites—with the golden rule that the house always wins—there are also arcade, strategy, and puzzle games.

These sites make money by bombarding you with third-party advertisements, so it’s best to avoid them if you don’t want your screen filled with popups.

You should also remember that gaming can easily become addictive, with potentially serious health consequences for those who fall victim to the lure of the gaming world.

Source: athree23

Should You Trust a Free Amazon Gift Card Code Generator?

If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Websites that offer computer-generated Amazon gift card codes, lists of unused Amazon rewards, or other enticing ways of getting something for nothing are to be avoided due to the risk of:

  • Phishing
  • Identity theft
  • Hacking

Many of these sites are developed by hackers who are intent on getting your details, only to sell them to third-party advertisers.

In the worst-case scenario, you may be promised a list of genuine, 100% guaranteed working Amazon gift card codes, only to be asked for your personal information in advance. The process of filling in the information may leave your computer exposed to attacks, allowing the hacker on the other side of the website to get into your device and access your:

  • Banking details
  • Social security information
  • Contacts, passwords, and browsing history

Introducing the Mode Earn App

The Mode Earn App is your passport to great rewards for your phone use!

Available on Google Play—with over 30 million downloads already performed and a rating of 4.4 stars—the Mode Earn App runs in the background on your device and awards you points for eligible activities.

You don’t need to sign up or register for anything, and the app is totally free to use—you get rewarded for doing what you would ordinarily do anyway!

What Kind of Rewards Can You Expect?

With the current earning models, the Mode Earn App can reward you with up to $600 a year.

Once you’ve accumulated enough points, you can go ahead and start claiming your rewards—the more you use the app, the faster the rewards will start coming in. 

Why wait? Get the Mode Earn App now and start earning!

Double Your Rewards With the Mode Earn Phone

If $600 a year sounds good, how about doubling it to $1,200?

You can double the points you earn by getting a Mode Earn Phone, which comes preloaded with the Mode Earn App and 16 different earning modes to maximize your rewards.

The latest model—the Mode Earn Phone MEP2—is a high-spec device that’s up to date with the latest innovations. Its features include:

Mode Earn Phone MEP2 Features


  • 6.52’’ HD screen
  • Dual SIM slots
  • Triple-lens camera—13MP + 2MP + 2MP
  • 5MP selfie camera
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • 4,000-mAh battery with overvoltage protection


  • 128GB storage
  • 1.6Ghz chip
  • Octa-Core ARM Cortex


  • Gravity, light, proximity, gyroscopic, and compass sensors
  • Fingerprint and Face ID unlock
  • IEEE 802.11 b/g/n WIFI Hotspot and BT4.2 Bluetooth connectivity

Get Your Mode Earn Phone and Start Earning

Getting your Mode Earn Phone is a straightforward process—you can choose between two options:

  1. Making a one-time payment—You can buy the device outright for $109
  2. Subscribing and paying a monthly fee— You will start paying a monthly subscription fee of $9.99, billed quarterly, to keep your subscription active once the free trial period ends. After 18 months, Mode Mobile will automatically upgrade you to the latest model of the phone

You will be able to earn back your investment in the phone in as few as two months of using it—making the Mode Earn Phone the only phone that pays for itself.

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