Playing Online Bingo for Money—All You Need To Know Playing Online Bingo for Money—All You Need To Know

Playing Online Bingo for Money—All You Need To Know

All About Playing Online Bingo for Money

Classic games such as bingo, poker, and solitaire are great for having fun and passing the time, even more so when you can conveniently access them through apps on your smartphone. Certain platforms take the fun to next level by offering ways to make money while playing these games.

If you’re interested in earning some side cash this way, you probably want to know whether the whole method is legit and how much money you can actually earn.

In this article, we will tell you all you need to know about playing online bingo for money and go through some of the most popular online bingo platforms.

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Playing Bingo for Money—The Basics

If you’re looking for information about playing online bingo for cash, chances are you already know how to play it. On the off chance you don’t, we will explain it.

Online bingo aims to replicate the real-life version of the game and make it available for your phone, tablet, and computer. Playing the game is super easy—you wait for the numbers to get picked and revealed and cross out or check the ones that you have. If you get five spaces (or more, depending on the rules of the bingo in question) in a row—vertical, diagonal, or horizontal—you win.

Traditional vs. Online Cash Bingo

While nothing can beat the traditional version, online bingo brings something new to the game. The online version of the game ‘’beats’’ the real-life one when it comes to the following:

    • The number of variants—Unless we’re talking about Vegas, real-life casinos rarely offer a myriad of options to choose from, and you are usually stuck with one or two versions of bingo
  • Bonuses—Online casinos and cash apps typically offer sign-up (and similar) bonuses
  • Convenience—You can play online bingo while resting, commuting, or even waiting in line at the bank
  • Learning curve—Playing traditional bingo requires you to learn rules on the spot (even if you come prepared, the casino in question might pose some unique rules). If you’re playing bingo on an app, you’ll enjoy an automated process and not have to worry if you’ve made a mistake that’ll cost you money. More often than not, you’ll get a couple of test runs before playing for money
  • Costs—Online bingo doesn’t include overhead costs (fees that ensure that the hall can open for every game), and the cost per ticket is cheaper
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    Bingo Cash Games—Types

    One of the advantages of online bingo is the sheer number of options available—you can choose from different versions, some of the most popular ones being:

    Online Bingo Type


    75-ball bingo

    It’s one of the most common methods of playing bingo online. You get a ticket containing 24 squares, which you can fill with numbers 1–75. You will get the exact instructions and explanation of what constitutes a winning pattern and what the prize is

    80-ball bingo

    This type of bingo is quite similar to the 75-ball version in the sense that you need to choose the numbers and cover the ones that appear. The ticket has 16 squares (4x4) that you need to fill out with numbers. The difference is that the style of pattern usually varies from one website or app to another

    90-ball bingo

    90-ball bingo is another popular version. It involves getting a ticket with 15 number squares over three rows

    30-ball bingo

    Also known as speed bingo, this version is super quick and easy to play. The ticket you get has only nine squares, making it perfect for playing on a smartphone

    How To Play Bingo Online for Money

    While there are several different bingo versions, the goal stays the same—win the rewards by marking lines, patterns, or all the numbers on your card (a full house).

    When the game starts, you will get a ticket with a certain number of squares, depending on the type of bingo you’re playing. Here’s what the gameplay will look like:

    1. You will choose the numbers (from one to 30, 75, 80, or 90, depending on the version) and type them into each square manually
    2. If a number from your ticket pops up, you will mark off the square. Once you mark off a line, two lines, or a set pattern, you will win a prize. Marking off every square on your ticket (getting a full house) gets you a bigger prize 
    3. The game will continue until someone completes the winning pattern

    A game typically lasts around ten minutes, and you can play as many times as you like. Some of the online bingo platforms offer loyalty/ VIP programs—these programs usually provide extra rewards, free credit, and other perks.

    Source: Mode Mobile

    Best Online Bingo for Money Platforms

    While the rules of online bingo are fairly easy to understand, getting started might present a problem. Choosing a perfect online bingo platform can be challenging because there are a lot of options available. That is why we’ve researched the market and selected the best online platforms where you can play bingo for money—consult the table below for more information:

    Best Online Cash Bingo Platforms

    What Makes It Good

    What Are the Downsides


    • Seven online bingo games
    • $3,000 welcome bonus
    • Bitcoin deposit bonuses
    • Referral bonuses
    • Credit cards can’t be used for withdrawals
    • No 75-ball bingo games


    • 200% welcome bonus
    • Crypto bonus rewards
    • Numerous live dealer games
    • Single bingo game
    • Digital wallets like Neteller and Skrill are not accepted

    Cyber Bingo

    • 500% welcome bonuses
    • Double match bonuses for VIP members
    • Great choice of existing tournaments
    • Large selection of bingo games
    • No live dealer table games
    • Outdated website interface


    • $5,000 welcome bonuses
    • Seven free bingo games (for U.S. players)
    • Lucrative daily and weekly tournaments
    • No 75-ball bingo

    Cafe Casino

    • Welcome bonuses of up to $1,500
    • Several free 90-ball bingo games
    • No 75-ball bingo

    Ignition Casino

    • $1,000 welcome bonuses
    • Bitcoin deposits bonuses
    • Strategy guides for bingo games
    • Consistent and quick payouts
    • No bingo tournaments

    Playing Online Bingo for Money—Is It Legit?

    Online bingo is one of the most popular casino-type online cash games. If you’re new to the game, though, you might not be completely sure whether it’s a legitimate way of earning or a scam.

    While playing bingo online for money is a real money-earning opportunity, it is not as black and white when it comes to legitimacy. Much like the real-life version, the U.S. law categorizes online bingo as a form of gambling, and in most states, earning money this way is still caught between legal and illegal practices.

    If you want to stay on the safe side and earn money in a legitimate and risk-free way, you should consider exploring other options, such as Mode Mobile. The company offers two money-making products that help you monetize your daily phone usage in a safe and easy manner.

    Earn Money the Safe Way With Mode Mobile

    With Mode Mobile, you’ll be able to earn cash and different rewards by using your smartphone for everyday activities.

    Source: Mode Mobile

    To start enjoying the company’s services, you need to:

    1. Install the Mode Earn App
    2. Get the Mode Earn Phone

    Depending on the option you choose, you’ll be able to earn up to $600 or over $1,200 a year. Take a look at the following table to see which tasks you can complete to get reward points and what you can redeem the accumulated points for:

    Reward-Bringing Activities

    Redemption Items

    • Playing games
    • Surfing the internet
    • Checking the weather
    • Listening to music
    • Reading the news
    • Charging the device
    • Watching videos
    • Completing surveys
    • Locking the phone
    • Installing partner apps

    Play Games With the Mode Earn App and Earn Side Income Easily

    The Mode Earn App turns your everyday phone use into a money-making routine. The app allows you to earn up to $600 a year by doing something you enjoy, such as playing games on your phone.

    Once you install the app, it starts monitoring your activities—every time you complete a reward-bringing activity, it will automatically allocate reward points to your account.

    The Mode Earn App has been downloaded over 30 million times from all over the world, and over 2.6 million users have left a review on the Google Play store. The app boasts a 4.4-star rating, making it one of the best reward apps on the market.

    Source: Google Play

    Download the Mode Earn App for free and start monetizing your favorite pastime.

    Mode Earn Phone—Get the Most Out of Mode Mobile

    The Mode Earn Phone is the first-of-its-kind Android device built to make money for its owner and pay for itself. The more you use the phone, the more money you’ll receive.

    The smartphone enables you to earn at a faster rate, helping you make twice as much (over $1,200) as the app alone. How? The Mode Earn Phone comes with the pre-installed Mode Earn App and an earn-as-you-go widget that allows easy access to 16 money-making modes:

    1. Games Mode
    2. Music Mode
    3. Charge Mode
    4. Lock Screen Mode
    5. Data Mode
    6. Weather Mode
    7. News Mode
    8. Finance Mode
    9. Save Mode
    10. Task Mode
    11. Share Mode
    12. Fitness Mode
    13. Watch Mode
    14. Crypto Mode
    15. Cash Mode
    16. Surf Mode

    Mode Mobile has built a device that goes toe-to-toe with the latest smartphones on the market. The company releases a new, upgraded version every 18 months—the current model, Mode Earn Phone MEP2, has the following specs:

    Source: Mode Mobile

    With the Mode Earn Phone, you can have a fantastic smartphone and earn money while using it—have your cake and eat it too!

    Here’s how you can get the Mode Earn Phone:

    1. Make a one-time payment of $109
    2. Start a free trial, followed by a $9.99 subscription fee (billed quarterly)

    If you subscribe to the phone and remain a loyal user, you’ll receive the new phone every 18 months.

    Buy or subscribe to the Mode Earn Phone and start earning thousands of dollars annually by doing something you enjoy.

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