The Best Tips on Where To Get eBay Gift Cards The Best Tips on Where To Get eBay Gift Cards

The Best Tips on Where To Get eBay Gift Cards

Where To Get eBay Gift Cards—A Complete Guide

Finding the right gift for the person who has everything can be next to impossible.

The answer might be a gift card, and one of the most popular choices is one from eBay.

eBay gift cards give the intended recipient access to millions of products on auction or for sale. An eBay gift card could be the perfect solution for that hard-to-buy-for person in your life.

In this article, you will find out where to get eBay gift cards—Mode Mobile has all the info you need!

Where Do They Sell eBay Gift Cards Online, and What Types Exist?

Most online gift card retailers sell eBay gift cards, but eBay itself doesn’t currently offer them.

When buying eBay gift cards from an online merchant, you can normally choose what type of card you want, your options being:

  1. Virtual eBay gift card
  2. Physical card

Virtual eBay Gift Card

A virtual eBay gift card exists digitally and is delivered to your intended recipient via email or text message.

The advantages of a virtual eBay gift card over a physical one are that it:

  • Is delivered instantly, with no waiting time for a card to arrive in the mail
  • Cannot be lost or stolen unless your computer is hacked

While many digital gift cards are not usable in-store, this doesn’t apply to eBay, as it’s an entirely online platform.

If you want to get an eBay gift card delivered quickly or are worried about the security of a plastic card, a virtual eBay gift card is the right choice.

Physical Card

Physical eBay gift cards look like the gift cards provided by other platforms, such as Amazon, Roblox, iTunes, or Fortnite.

Most online card vendors will allow you to choose a physical card—some of them even allow you to personalize it with a custom message, a photo, or a greeting to your intended recipient.

Physical eBay gift cards are delivered via mail, so you may have to wait several days for delivery.

Where To Buy eBay Gift Cards In-Store

Physical eBay gift cards are also widely available in retail outlets.

Larger stores such as Walgreens, Target, CVS, Kroger, Dollar General, GameStop, and Family Dollar sell eBay gift cards in any denomination from $25–$500.

As of 2022, Walmart does not offer eBay gift cards.

eBay publishes a full list of retail outlets where you can buy physical gift cards, and the list gets updated as stores are added.

Source: succo

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Can You Get Cheap eBay Gift Cards?

eBay gift cards should cost exactly the face value of the card—a gift card to the value of $25 should only cost $25.

You should be wary of anyone offering cheap eBay gift cards.

If you opt for a physical gift card to be delivered to somebody else, you might be charged a minimal fee for shipping, but virtual eBay gift cards should incur no extra charges.

If you find a website offering cheap eBay gift cards or gift card codes generated for free, you’re probably looking at a scam attempt.

Most gift card code generators or cheap gift card sites are developed by hackers who want to:

  • Get your personal details and sell them to advertisers
  • Gain access to your computer
  • Hack your personal details, such as bank account numbers or financial information

Your best course of action is to avoid any site that claims to offer something for nothing—you could be setting yourself up for a cyber attack.

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    How To Get Your Hands on the Mode Earn Phone

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    How To Use eBay Gift Cards

    Once you manage to get your hands on a free eBay gift card, you should know how to use it, as well as what usage restrictions apply.

    eBay gift cards are easy to use—they normally don’t require registration or activation, and they can be redeemed at checkout.

    To apply a gift card to your eBay purchase, you first need to find the card’s redemption code:

    • On virtual cards, the code is in the email you received
    • Physical cards usually have a security coating on the back—you should scratch this off to reveal the redemption code

    Once you have your redemption code, you can select the item you want to buy on eBay and:

    1. Go to the eBay checkout
    2. Enter your shipping and payment details
    3. Find the Add coupons field at the bottom of the payment page
    4. Type in your redemption code and hit Apply
    5. Check whether the total funds on your gift card can cover the purchase
    6. Hit Confirm and pay

    If the item you’re purchasing costs less than the available balance on your eBay gift card, any leftover cash on your gift card will remain available for your next purchase.

    If you’re trying to buy something more expensive than the value of your gift card, your default payment method—linked to your eBay account—will be charged the outstanding amount.

    Know that you can redeem up to four gift cards for a single transaction on eBay.

    As an example, if you want to buy an item for $100 and have four gift cards, each worth $10, you can apply them all and pay the outstanding balance of $60 using your default payment method.

    Are There Any Restrictions on Using eBay Gift Cards?

    You can use an eBay gift card to buy almost anything available on the platform, with the following exceptions:

    • Bullion
    • Paper money or coins
    • Virtual currency
    • Coupons
    • Other gift cards

    How To Check Your eBay Gift Card Balance

    If you’re unsure of how much money is available on an eBay gift card, you can check the balance like so:

    1. Navigate to eBay’s gift card balance checker
    2. Enter your 13-digit gift card redemption code

    Be sure to check your balance before you start bidding or spending on eBay—you should remember that any offer to buy represents a binding contract for you to purchase the item. If you pull out of the deal due to a lack of funds on your gift card, you could land yourself in trouble.

    Featured image source: Mode Mobile

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