How To Score an Uber Eats Gift Card for Free [Best Hacks] How To Score an Uber Eats Gift Card for Free [Best Hacks]

How To Score an Uber Eats Gift Card for Free [Best Hacks]

Saving Lunch Money? Learn How To Get an Uber Eats Gift Card for Free

Uber Eats is one of America’s most popular on-demand food delivery services. While it’s surely time-saving to order your favorite meals from the comfort of your couch, the service comes at a rather premium price. That can change if you manage to snag an Uber Eats gift card for free. You can use it to pay for any order you make on the app—it would practically be a free, home-delivered meal!

No matter what brand of free gift cards you want, finding them on the internet is a tricky ordeal. You’ll come across numerous online ads for websites that promise you a free gift card only to never deliver it.

This guide will explore all authentic ways to collect Uber Eats gift cards for free. That’s not all—you’ll also learn about Mode Mobile’s products that help you earn all kinds of gift cards and cash rewards for doing ordinary tasks on your smartphone!

Getting Free Uber Eats Gift Cards—What You Should Know

There is no such thing as a free lunch”—the statement couldn’t be any truer when you’re seeking a free Uber Eats gift card!

Uber Eat gift cards are sold at all major retail locations and e-commerce platforms. There’s usually no purchase or activation fee associated with these cards, meaning you only pay for the face value of the card. You may also find Uber Eats gift cards for cheap at gift card resale and exchange websites. There are certainly ways to get free Uber Eats gift cards, but you must learn to differentiate between safe and unsafe methods. For example, you may have noticed websites offering free Uber Eats gift card code generators on the internet but know that they cannot be trusted. These websites typically persuade visitors into doing risky tasks in exchange for gift cards, which include downloading malware, sharing sensitive personal data, and providing root access to smartphones.

Legitimate free gift card offers usually require you to invest your time and energy into tasks related to sales promotion or market research. Based on the current opportunities available on the market, the most reliable methods of finding Uber Eats gift cards for free are:

  1. Participating in promotional offers
  2. Using survey websites
  3. Trying reward-based apps

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Looking for Profitable Earning Tasks? Choose Mode Mobile

If you want to make the time you spend on your phone worthwhile, choose Mode Mobile’s products—the Mode Earn App and the Mode Earn Phone. These products help you collect reward points for not one or two but dozens of stress-free earning tasks, many of which are already a part of your daily phone habits. With Mode Mobile, you can get rewarded for basic tasks on your smartphone like:

  • Streaming music
  • Playing games
  • Charging your device
  • Checking the news
  • Browsing the internet
  • Answering surveys
  • Watching short videos
  • Locking and unlocking your phone
  • Trying and rating new apps

Once you collect enough points, you can redeem them for a variety of rewards. The company introduces new redemption items regularly—some of the current options are:

Redemption Option


Gift Cards

Versatile rewards

Game-based rewards

Financial assets

  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Stocks

Physical goods

  • Mini-drones
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Headphones


  • Airtime
  • Shopping discounts
  • Charity donations

Take advantage of Mode Mobile’s reward offers by downloading the Mode Earn App or using a Mode Earn Phone.

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How To Find Promotional Offers for Free Uber Eats Gift Cards

Promotional offers include gift card giveaways or contests for free Uber Eats gift cards and are generally organized by retailers looking to boost sales. You can participate in such offers by:

  1. Buying a particular product or service
  2. Completing promotional tasks, such as:
  • Bringing referrals
  • Advertising products on social media
  • Writing product reviews

One of the more recent offers of this kind was launched by Caesars Entertainment—the company gave new customers a $250 Uber Eats gift card as a signing bonus for one of their services, but the offer has since expired. Luckily, you can find similar offers in plenty during the holiday season. The best way to hunt them down is to keep an eye out for them on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Steam. You can do so by following relevant hashtags, such as:

  • #freeubereatspromocode
  • #freeubereats
  • #ubereatsgiveaway
  • #ubereatsgiftcard
  • #ubereatsusa

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  • How To Earn a Free Uber Eats Gift Card on Survey Websites

    If you want a more reliable method of winning gift cards, go on paid survey websites. These websites seek your opinion as a consumer, which in turn helps companies improve their future products and services.

    Check out the table below to get an overview of some survey platforms that offer free Uber Eats gift cards (as of 2022):



    Branded Surveys

    This platform allows you to earn points by participating in a variety of surveys, polls, and partner-site programs. You can withdraw rewards when you’ve earned points worth $5, although users from the U.S. may not always get an Uber Eats gift card as a redemption option

    Survey Junkie

    The platform offers both Uber and Uber Eats gift cards in exchange for the points you score by answering various surveys. The earning rate may be super slow, though. You get $0.01 for every point earned—it may take a while to earn enough for a gift card payout

    Univox Community

    Univox Community provides regular survey offers tailored to your demographic profile. The minimum payout threshold for the platform is $25

    Ipsos iSay

    The platform awards users for taking all kinds of surveys and polls. You need a minimum of 500 points to collect rewards like:

    The downside of taking paid surveys is that it can be time-consuming (and sometimes boring), and the time investment to rewards ratio is typically not ideal.

    Source: Robert Anasch

    How Do Reward-Based Apps Get You Free Uber Eats Gift Card Codes

    If you don’t have enough free time to answer surveys, consider earning an Uber Eats gift card code for free by downloading a reward-based app. These apps can be installed on Android or iOS smartphones, making it easier for users to earn on the go. The best part is that your earning opportunities are not limited to answering surveys—you can also collect rewards for other phone-based activities, such as playing games, shopping, sending promotional emails, and watching ad videos.

    Some reward-based apps that offer Uber Eats gift cards as prizes are summarized in the following table:


    Earning Tasks


    • Taking surveys
    • Shopping
    • Dining out


    • Answering quizzes
    • Watching videos


    • Completing surveys
    • Participating in sweepstakes


    • Giving opinions
    • Testing new services
    • Playing games

    Know that all reward-based apps may not be worth your time. They can have you glued to your phone all day doing time-consuming, eye-straining tasks for a paltry sum. If you want to use these platforms, go for the ones that offer:

    Source: Mikhail Nilov

    The Mode Earn App Adds Value to Your Phone Habits

    The Mode Earn App offers users a free service to earn rewards with minimal effort. You can download the app from Google Play—it has a sturdy 4.4-star rating on the digital store and millions of regular users.

    Earning through the Mode Earn App is an absolute breeze. All you have to do is install the app on your Android device, and it automatically starts allocating points for completing eligible tasks. The app’s earning structure is one of the best in the market because of:

    • Engaging user-customized task options
    • Time-efficient and high-earning activities
    • Regular income-boosting opportunities
    • Quick, issueless payouts
    • Secure earning environment

    One of the app’s best features is the option to earn by playing music or tuning in to the radio. Listen to your favorite songs during your daily commute or while you finish household chores, and you can pocket enough to get a brand new gift card in a couple of days.

    Source: Google Play

    You can earn up to $600 every year by exploiting various earning options on the app—but if you want to double your rewards for the same tasks, pick a Mode Earn Phone.

    Hungry for Double Rewards? Get a Mode Earn Phone

    The Mode Earn Phone is a full-featured Android-based smartphone that adds some serious value to your daily phone activities. Get the phone and start garnering rewards at a double rate for all eligible tasks.

    The Mode Earn Phone enables users to earn more than $1,200 in a year as it comes with:

    1. A preloaded Mode Earn App—It tracks all your earning activities
    2. An earn-as-you-go widget—It makes earning simpler by giving you 24/7 access to 16 earning modes, including:
      1. Music Mode
      2. Cash Mode
      3. Games Mode
      4. Task Mode
      5. News Mode
      6. Surf Mode
      7. Lock Screen Mode
      8. Weather Mode
    3. Stellar specs—The Mode Earn Phone has the best-in-class features that improve user experience. Here are some of the top specs you can expect with the phone’s latest model:
      1. Octa-core Cortex A55 processor
      2. Face and fingerprint ID
      3. A crisp 6.5-inch display
      4. Multi-network compatibility (GSM/HSPA/LTE)
      5. 128 GB storage (expandable)

    Source: Mode Mobile

    There are two ways to get a Mode Earn Phone:

    1. Order the phone for $109—a one-time price
    2. Start a one-month free trial—once the trial is over, you’ll incur a subscription fee of $9.99 every month, billed quarterly

    If you go for the second option and continue the subscription, you’ll get a newly launched model of the Mode Earn Phone every 18 months.

    Buying or subscribing to the Mode Earn Phone is always a plus, as you can easily earn back the device’s cost within a couple of months. You can also earn an extra $50 if you refer the phone to someone—the Mode Earn Phone is a gift that never stops giving!

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