How To Earn a Free Mastercard Gift Card [Top Deals] How To Earn a Free Mastercard Gift Card [Top Deals]

How To Earn a Free Mastercard Gift Card [Top Deals]

Legit or Not—Can You Get a Free Mastercard Gift Card?

A Mastercard gift card is one of the best payment tools in the market right now. It’s an open-loop instrument that can be used at online and physical payment terminals. So when you spot a discounted or free Mastercard gift card deal pop up on your feed, you’re bound to get excited!

While free stuff is cool, there’s always a transactional nature to such deals. If someone offers you free gift cards or prepaid Mastercards, it’s usually due to promotional reasons. Before accepting such an offer, you should ask yourself:

  • Is the deal legitimate?
  • Will it be worth my time?

In this article, we’ll explore some popular methods to score Mastercard gift cards for free and help you choose the best and most reliable one.

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Types of Mastercard Gift Card Deals Available [Latest]

You’ll find various retailers offering different types of Mastercard gift card and prepaid card deals, and not all of them are about getting the cards for free. Based on the current opportunities in the market, here are some legit ways to get gift cards for free or at discounted prices:

  1. Getting a no-fee Mastercard gift card
  2. Participating in gift card giveaways
  3. Buying gift cards on auction and barter websites
  4. Using get-paid-to (GPT) websites and reward-based apps to earn free gift cards

Mastercard Gift Cards With No Fees—How Common Are They?

While Visa and Mastercard gift cards have no usage fee, you do have to buy them at a price higher than their value. For example, you pay around $207 for a Walmart Visa gift card worth $200.

The total fee for Mastercard prepaid and gift cards vary according to their denomination and is typically between $3 and $10. Many retailers waive the purchase and activation fee on gift cards during promotional periods, allowing you to pay only for the value it holds. Certain retailers also offer discounts or cashback offers on gift card purchases. Two popular offerings in this category include:

  1. Staples Mastercard gift card promotion deals
  2. Chase deep-discount gift card offers

Staples $200 Fee-Free Mastercard Gift Card

Staples, one of the most expansive retailers of office supply and related products, occasionally offers $200 Mastercard gift cards with zero purchase fee as part of the company’s promotional program. Without the offer, these gift cards usually have a purchase and activation fee of $6.95.

In general, Staples launches their fee-free Mastercard and Visa gift card offers a couple of times a year, but there is no fixed pattern to it. As of now, these offers are only available at brick-and-mortar Staples stores until the stock lasts. You can buy no more than five of these gift cards from a store in a day. In case the offer has been exhausted, you may have to drop by your nearest outlet every now and then to keep tabs on active no-fee Mastercard gift card deals.

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Chase Gift Card Offers for Members

Chase sometimes offers Visa and Mastercard gift card discounts and cashbacks to selected users of their banking services. This is also a promotional deal associated with the sale of the bank’s reward-earning credit cards.

The overall takeaway on no-fee or discounted Mastercard gift card offers is that it’s not guaranteed you’ll find them at any given time, and keeping an eye out for them regularly can get tiring.

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How To Find Giveaways for Mastercard Prepaid and Gift Cards

Giveaways are time-bound promotional deals on social media where a brand promises to hand out a free product or service in exchange for gestures like:

  • Sharing a particular post
  • Following a page
  • Posting something with a brand-based hashtag

Mastercard gift cards and prepaid cards are highly sought after as giveaway prizes due to their handy features, including international and online usage. You can also use them like cash to:

To participate in gift card giveaways, you must follow relevant hashtags on Instagram, TikTok, and similar websites. Some popular hashtags that’ll help narrow down your search include #freemastercardgiftcard, #giftcardgiveaway, and #freegiftcard.

Can You Find Good Deals on Gift Card Sale Websites?

Gift card websites let you buy, sell, or exchange physical or digital gift cards at discounted prices. These sites are great for trading in single-store gift cards from retailers like Amazon, but you may not see many good offers related to Mastercard gift cards. Many users also complain about the slow and laborious purchase and delivery mechanism on these platforms. Some common gift card barter and auction websites include:

  1. CardCash
  2. Raise
  3. GC Spread
  4. Gift Card Granny

Before buying any Mastercard gift card from a barter or exchange website, always check the actual value of the card against the discounted price, as you may often find cards with a partial balance being sold on such platforms.

Do Get-Paid-To (GPT) Websites and Apps Offer Legit Rewards?

All the options that we’ve explored above have one thing in common—they’re unreliable. You won’t always find lucrative Mastercard gift card deals on these platforms. Hunting for gift card giveaways and discounted purchase opportunities on the internet is also pretty time-consuming.

If you’re looking for a straightforward and guaranteed way to get gift cards, you should check out get-paid-to (GPT) websites and free gift card apps.

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How Do GPT Websites Work?

GPT websites are platforms where you get paid to complete short online tasks, such as:

  • Taking surveys
  • Clicking on certain websites (paid-to-click tasks)
  • Enrolling in free or paid offers
  • Joining partner websites

These websites usually pay their users once they reach a payout threshold (for example, $10).

GPT websites essentially ask you to invest your time and energy for rewards. These platforms are ideal for people who spend a lot of time online. Some downsides of GPT websites include:

  • Unimpressive earning rate (you have to put in several hours to earn a decent payout)
  • An influx of junk and promotional emails
  • Slow-moving payments (several days may pass until you receive your rewards)
  • Unexplained disqualification from certain surveys

How Do You Earn Gift Cards With Reward-Based Apps?

Reward apps have a similar premise to GPT websites but are installed on your phone and offer a wider range of earning opportunities. From participating in surveys to shopping, reward apps help you find new ways to earn supplemental income.

Before choosing any reward app, you should understand its:

  • Earning potential—Not all reward apps have the same earning potential. Some will enable you to earn more with little effort, while others will steal your time and energy for petty pocket change
  • Payout options—You should ensure that a particular app’s payout options align with what you're looking for. Certain apps only offer cashbacks (not real money or gift cards) as rewards, so using them may not serve your purpose. A good reward-based app would give you numerous redemption options, such as Mastercard gift cards, single-store gift cards, reloadable prepaid cards, direct cash deposits, physical checks, etc.

If you want to earn a variety of prizes with little effort, try Mode Mobile products:

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How To Get a Mode Earn Phone

Are you ready to give your finances a boost with a brand new Mode Earn Phone? You have two options to get the phone:

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We collaborate with several partners to bring you diverse redemption options. Check out the table below to get a glimpse of some of the rewards we offer:

Redemption Option


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Physical goods

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