Showtime Already? Here’s How To Use a Fandango Gift Card Showtime Already? Here’s How To Use a Fandango Gift Card

Showtime Already? Here’s How To Use a Fandango Gift Card

Booking Without Glitching—Learn How To Use a Fandango Gift Card

Getting a Fandango gift card is an absolute bonanza for moviegoers as there’s nothing quite like the theater experience. Be it the next Marvel adventure or the umpteenth Fast and Furious flick—everything looks better on a big screen.

Unfortunately, there's plenty of confusion around how to use a Fandango gift card—or where to use it. Many users carry their gift card straight to the theater only to realize they cannot redeem it at the ticketing counter—a major bummer!

We have prepared this no-fuss guide to clarify:

  • Where Fandango gift cards work (depending on their type)
  • How to redeem them on various platforms

We’ll also throw the spotlight on Mode Mobile at the end of this article. The company’s products enable you to get free gift cards and extra cash for completing phone-based tasks like streaming music and playing games—it’s income through entertainment.

Where Are Fandango Gift Cards Accepted?

Fandango is a unit of NBCUniversal that focuses on providing movie ticketing and home entertainment services. There is uncertainty around where to use Fandango gift cards because of the variety of services offered by the company—across multiple subsidiary platforms like Vudu and M-GO.

To understand where you can redeem your Fandango gift card, you must first assess the type of card you have—a general Fandango gift card or one with a specific use. Use the table below to get familiar with the relevant redemption platforms for various gift cards issued by Fandango and its affiliates:

Type of Gift Card

Redeemable Platforms

General Fandango gift cards

Cards purchased before February 1, 2021, can be used to:

  • Order movie tickets on Fandango
  • Rent or buy digital content on Fandango, Vudu, and participating partner apps

Cards purchased on or after February 1, 2021, can only be used to buy movie tickets on Fandango’s website or app

FandangoNOW or FNOW gift cards

FNOW gift cards can be used to:

  • Purchase movie tickets on Fandango
  • Rent or buy content (or pay for associated fees) on Fandango and Vudu

Vudu and M-GO gift cards

These gift cards can only be used on Vudu’s app or website for all purchases, rental, and associated services

Digital movie cards

These cards are only redeemable on Vudu for a specific movie mentioned on the card

MTC ( cards

MTC cards are issued by Fandango-owned and can only be used for movie bookings on this particular website

Where Can You Not Redeem Fandango Gift Cards?

As of 2022, Fandango gift cards can only be redeemed online on the platforms we mentioned in the table above. Many customers make the mistake of trying to use their Fandango card at movie theaters or on media player hardware like Roku TV. That doesn't work out as these are third-party locations/products not controlled by Fandango. A theater or Roku TV may offer media-viewing services related to Fandango, but they don’t have a shared-payment network with the company.

Know that we have presented the redemption-related info in this section according to Fandango’s latest gift card policy, which can change anytime.

Source: Tima Miroshnichenko

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How To Redeem Fandango Gift Cards

The process of redeeming a Fandango gift card depends on whether you’re looking to buy movie tickets or stream media on Vudu. Let’s explore both scenarios. 

How To Use a Fandango Gift Card To Buy Movie Tickets

You can use Fandango or FandangoNOW gift cards to purchase movie tickets on the company’s website or app. You have to apply your gift card directly during checkout—here’s how you do it:

  1. Visit Fandango’s website or app and log in to your account (or create one)
  2. Select a movie title, date, and showtime of your choice
  3. Specify your booking details—number of tickets, seat location, etc.
  4. Click Next to get to the payment screen
  5. Scroll down and click on Use Gift Card or Promo Code
  6. Select Fandango Gift Card from the options
  7. Enter the following details:
    1. Card number or claim code
    2. PIN (if applicable)
  8. Hit Apply
  9. Enter the CAPTCHA code if prompted
  10. Review your order—your gift card balance should be applied to your order
  11. Click on Complete My Purchase

If your gift card balance doesn’t cover the entire value of your order, use a debit or a credit card to cover the rest. Store your Fandango gift card for future use in case your order value is less than the amount on your card.

The process of redeeming Fandango’s MTC ( gift card is similar—the only difference is that you’ll have to visit MTC's website to book your tickets.

How To Redeem a Fandango Gift Card on Vudu

If your Fandango gift card can be used on Vudu, you can redeem it by adding it to your account. All you have to do is:

  1. Sign in to your Vudu account
  2. Select your account from the homepage—where it says Hi, [your name]
  3. Navigate to Payment Methods from the drop-down menu
  4. Click on Add new Vudu/FandangoNOW gift card
  5. Specify your gift card credentials—card number, PIN, and ZIP code
  6. Hit Save

Once your gift card is added to your account, its balance will automatically be applied to your subsequent order(s).

Regardless of which Fandango gift card you’re redeeming, know that the company’s gift cards don’t expire. If you have some balance left on your card, you can check it anytime using the links provided in the table below:

Fandango Gift Card

Where To Check Its Balance

General Fandango gift card

Fandango gift card balance checker tool

FandangoNOW or FNOW gift card

Vudu gift card balance checker tool

Vudu and M-GO gift card

Digital movie card

MTC ( card gift card status checker

Where To Get Fandango Gift Cards

A Fandango gift card would make a great present for any cinema enthusiast. You can buy it from various online and brick-and-mortar stores, including:

If you purchase a physical gift card, you may have to pay an additional amount for processing, activation, and shipping fees. Virtual Fandango gift cards usually don't come with such charges and can be delivered to the recipient via email right away.

Can You Get Fandango Gift Cards for Free?

Getting Fandango gift cards for free is possible via survey websites and reward-based apps. These platforms allow you to collect various rewards for tasks like answering questionnaires, writing product reviews, and sending promotional emails. Every platform may not offer Fandango gift cards, though. If that’s the case, ensure the platform you choose offers versatile rewards—cash, checks, and Mastercard, Visa, or American Express prepaid cards—that can be used to purchase a gift card of your choice.

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