How To Use Uber Eats Gift Card—A Complete Guide How To Use Uber Eats Gift Card—A Complete Guide

How To Use Uber Eats Gift Card—A Complete Guide

Explained—How To Use an Uber Eats Gift Card

Whether you want a quick snack or a full meal, Uber Eats can deliver it from your favorite restaurant to your doorstep. While you can use credit cards or cash to pay for your order, you can also use Uber and Uber Eats gift cards. The question is—how to use an Uber Eats gift card to pay for your order?

In this guide, we’ll explain how Uber Eats gift cards work, where and how to use them, and where to get them for free. This article will also show you how to monetize the time you spend on your phone using Mode Mobile’s products.

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Uber Eats Gift Cards—Important Info

Uber Eats gift cards are physical or digital cards with pre-loaded amounts of money that you can use to pay for both Uber and Uber Eats services. On Uber Eats, you can order from your favorite restaurants and pay the bill using your gift card balance. You can also use the funds to pay for Uber rides.

Uber Eats gift cards are available in denominations of $25, $50, $100, and $200 and can be delivered via mail, email, or text.

How To Redeem an Uber Eats Gift Card

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Before you can start paying for services with your Uber Eats gift card, you have to redeem it by adding it to your Uber Eats account—here’s how you can do this:

  1. Open the Uber Eats app on your phone—Android or IOs
  2. Tap on the Account tab on the lower right side of the screen
  3. Click on Wallet
  4. Tap on Add payment method—any payment methods added previously, such as a debit/credit card or PayPal, will be displayed on this Payments page
  5. Select the Gift Cards option
  6. Enter the gift card code (no spaces)
  7. Hit Add

Once you complete the steps, your gift card will be added to your Uber Eats account, and you can use it to pay for meals—just select Gift Card as your payment option when ordering meals on the app.

Using Uber Eats Gift Cards—FAQ

Gift card policies vary from company to company. To use the gift cards effectively, you should be familiar with a company’s terms and conditions when it comes to redeeming their cards.

The following table highlights some of the most frequently asked questions (and answers) about using Uber Eats gift cards:



Are Uber Eats gift cards reloadable?

No. Once the gift card balance is depleted, the card becomes invalid. Still, you can add up to $1,000 in gift card credits to your account

How can I send an Uber Eats gift card?

When purchasing a gift card, enter the recipient’s email for a digital gift card or their mail address for a physical copy

Can I transfer my gift card balance to another account?

No. Once you add the gift card to your account, it cannot be sent or transferred to another person

I’m having trouble using my Uber Eats gift card. What could be the problem?

If you’re experiencing issues redeeming your Uber Eats gift card or selecting it as a payment method, here are some of the reasons this might be happening:

  • The gift card was purchased in a different country from where you’re trying to use it
  • The gift card may have already been redeemed (especially if you bought a second-hand gift card)
  • You may be trying to use the card on a family profile—switch to a personal account to use the gift card online

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The Mode Earn App is a free-to-download app available on Google Play. The app is also completely free to use, with no hidden charges included. The current earning model enables you to make up to $600 a year in cash or rewards by completing various activities on your phone. The following table highlights the different earning tasks and redemption items the Mode Earn App offers:

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Redemption Items

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  • Watching short videos
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  • Checking the weather
  • Locking and unlocking your phone
  • Reading the news
  • Answering surveys
  • Installing partner apps
  • Referring friends 

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Earn Thousands of Dollars a Year Using the Mode Earn Phone

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If you’re looking to double your earnings, consider getting the Mode Earn Phone. This unique Android-powered smartphone lets you earn at a double rate, meaning that you can earn $1,200+ a year by using the device.

The Mode Earn Phone comes with an in-built Mode Earn App and an earn-as-you-widget with 16 earning modes, including:

  • Games Mode
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  • News Mode
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  • Share Mode

The Mode Earn Phone is not only a money-making machine—the Mode Earn Phone MEP2 (the latest model) comes with amazing features, such as:

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  • 128 GB storage (expandable)

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How To Get the Mode Earn Phone

You can get your Mode Earn Phone in two ways:

  1. Buy the phone—Make a one-time $109 purchase
  2. Subscribe to the phone—You’ll get a one-month free trial, after which you will be required to pay a monthly subscription of $9.99, billed quarterly. If you maintain your subscription, you will receive the latest model every 18 months

Regardless of how you get your Mode Earn Phone, you’ll be able to earn back your investment and cover the data plan cost within just a few months of using the phone.

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How To Check the Balance on an Uber Eats Gift Card

When your gift card balance runs out, Uber Eats automatically deducts the amount from your credit card. If you want to avoid surprise charges, you need to monitor your gift card’s balance. You can check the balance through the app by doing the following:

  1. Open the Uber Eats app
  2. Tap the Account tab on the lower right side of the screen
  3. Click the Wallet option

Your gift card balance will be displayed under Uber Credit. If there’s no balance, the Uber Credit tab will disappear.

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Where Can You Get Uber Eats Gift Cards?

You can purchase both physical and digital versions of Uber Eats gift cards from the Uber Eats website. Buying directly from the company allows you to customize the gift card with a personal message and custom design.

Besides the company website, Uber Eats gift cards are sold by several authorized third-party retailers, including:

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Target
  • PayPal
  • Best Buy
  • Kroger 
  • Walgreens
  • Sam’s Club

You can purchase physical Uber Eats gift cards only from the company or brick-and-mortar stores like Walmart and Target. E-commerce platforms like Amazon mainly sell digital Uber Eats gift cards, which are instantly delivered via email or mobile.

Where To Get Discounted Uber Eats Gift Cards

If you’re buying Uber Eats gift cards for yourself, you won’t enjoy discounts on meals or trips as the cards are sold at face value. This means that a $50 Uber Eats gift card is sold for the same amount whether you purchase it from the company or one of the authorized retailers. To save a few bucks, you need to get a discounted gift card.

You can find cheap Uber Eats gift cards on gift card exchange and resell websites. These platforms offer unwanted or slightly used gift cards, usually at discounts of up to 10% of the card’s current value. An example of a platform that offers cheap Uber Eats gift cards is Raise, a gift card reselling website.

The major problem with these websites is that they may be unsafe or unreliable. You may pay for a gift card only to discover it contains less than the quoted amount or that it doesn’t work. 

If you want to save even more money, you should look into methods of getting gift cards for free.

Where To Get Uber Eats Gift Cards for Free

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While there are plenty of platforms promising gift cards completely free of charge, you should keep in mind that getting free stuff (without any effort) is highly unusual. Legitimate free gift card websites and apps will usually require you to complete certain activities related to promotion or market research.

The most popular and reliable ways to get free Uber Eats and Uber gift cards and codes are:

  1. Survey websites
  2. Reward-based apps

Survey Websites

Survey platforms provide numerous questionnaires that users can complete to get rewards. For each completed survey, you get points. Once you have enough points, you can exchange them for free gift cards and other rewards.

Note that not all survey websites offer Uber Eats gift cards. At the moment, you can find them on the following sites:

  • Survey Junkie
  • Swagbucks
  • Univox Community
  • Ipsos iSay

Still, survey websites are not ideal for getting free gift cards mainly because they have low pay rates. You may spend several hours a day completing surveys only to earn less than $5.

Reward-Based Apps

Reward-based apps are a much more reliable and versatile method of getting free Uber Eats gift cards. They are similar to survey platforms in that you get rewarded for performing a task. The key difference is that reward-based apps provide more earning opportunities. Apart from completing surveys, these apps also offer rewards for watching ads, playing games, and completing other activities.

Still, not all reward-based apps may be worth your time. You should find an app that provides:

  • A high earning rate
  • Plenty of earning activities
  • Versatile rewards, including gift cards, open-loop prepaid cards, and cash

You should also choose an app that offers the desired gift card—if it doesn’t, make sure it has cash rewards and open-loop gift cards (e.g., Mastercard, Visa, or Amex cards) that you can use to get an Uber Eats gift card or any other item you desire.

Mode Mobile provides reward-based products that meet all the criteria—the Mode Earn App and the Mode Earn Phone. Both enable you to earn amazing prizes fast and with minimal effort.

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