All About Virtual Prepaid Mastercards All About Virtual Prepaid Mastercards

All About Virtual Prepaid Mastercards

Get a Virtual Prepaid Mastercard and Splurge

Virtual prepaid Mastercards offer a helpful way to make purchases online. If you’re on a budget, want to make sensitive transactions online, or are interested in gifting money to a loved one, a virtual prepaid Mastercard could be the safe and secure way to go.

What is a virtual prepaid Mastercard, though, and how does it work? Get all the information about the virtual prepaid Mastercard in this article! We will also show you how to earn prepaid Mastercards, gift cards from various retailers, and other valuable rewards with Mode Mobile!

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What Is a Virtual Prepaid Mastercard?

You probably know the concept of a prepaid Mastercard—it’s a card that you can preload with a certain amount of cash and use for purchasing items anywhere Mastercards are accepted.

A virtual prepaid Mastercard works exactly the same way, except that it is entirely digital—you receive the card information electronically and use it to perform online transactions.

The advantages of a virtual prepaid Mastercard over a physical one are:

  1. They are more discrete
  2. You benefit from an extra level of security
  3. They can be used immediately
  4. You can create multiple cards

They Are More Discrete

Virtual prepaid Mastercards don’t reveal as many of your personal details as your personal debit card, meaning that your data is not as exposed when transacting online.

If you are making a sensitive purchase—such as gifting something anonymously—a virtual prepaid Mastercard enables you to perform the transaction without others being able to track it through your regular card statements.

You can also avoid the hassle of credit checks when you get a prepaid virtual Mastercard—as the amount you load on the card is prepaid, you will not need to prove your creditworthiness.

They Offer an Extra Level of Security

If you’re buying something online, you want to be sure that the vendor:

  • Doesn’t have access to your private details
  • Can’t take more money than they’re supposed to
  • Can’t perform additional transactions once your purchase has been concluded

Virtual prepaid Mastercards are the perfect fire-and-forget payment method.

Once the funds on the card are exhausted, the card details become invalid—any potential scammer will run into a brick wall when trying to get more money out of you.

Virtual cards are also difficult to steal—in comparison to a physical card that you carry around with you, no one can grab your virtual card out of your hand.

They Can Be Used Immediately

The major difference between virtual and physical prepaid Mastercards is the speed at which you can get and use them.

Once you’ve purchased the card online or received it via email, it immediately becomes available for use.

This means no more waiting for:

  • Physical card to arrive in the mail
  • PIN to be sent separately

You Can Create Multiple Cards

There is usually no limit to the number of virtual prepaid Mastercards you can get.

As an example, if you want to give each of your kids a certain amount to spend online, you can create multiple cards, one for each child.

They can each spend the available funds however they want—the most popular choices being:

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Earn a Virtual Mastercard Prepaid Card With Mode Mobile 

What’s better than a virtual prepaid Mastercard loaded with cash to spend? It’s a virtual prepaid Mastercard that you can get for free by using your phone!

Mode Mobile can make this happen—we are committed to helping you make money through your phone use, and we’ve created a free app to help you earn points and get amazing rewards.

Download the Mode Earn App to your Android device, and you can earn rewards by doing the things you would normally do on your phone.

The Mode Earn App is available for free on Google Play and has already been downloaded by over 30 million users.

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By doing whatever you would do on your phone daily, you can earn points that can be converted into rewards like virtual prepaid Mastercards.

You can earn rewards points by:

  • Playing your favorite games
  • Playing music or listening to the radio
  • Shopping online
  • Surfing the net
  • Inviting friends
  • Tracking your fitness levels
  • Filling out surveys
  • Watching short clips
  • Trying out partner apps

Once you’ve picked up enough points, you can start redeeming them for fabulous rewards, such as:

Want to claim your free virtual prepaid Mastercard and splurge? Download the Mode Earn App today!

How Exciting are the Rewards From the Mode Earn App?

With our current earning models, you can earn up to $600 a year with normal phone use.

You don’t even have to be actively using your phone to get points—you can earn as you charge the battery.

Listening to music, surfing, or checking the news all get you points, and we have teamed up with your favorite retailers to make sure you have ample opportunity to redeem the reward points you get.

Using the app every day makes your points pile up, but there’s a way you can double your points—by getting the Mode Earn Phone!

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What Is the Difference Between a Debit Card, Credit Card, and Prepaid Virtual Mastercard?

Depending on what you want to do with your money, the choice of card to use is relatively simple:

Card Type

When Do You Pay?

Spending Limit

Credit card

Buy first, pay later

As agreed with your credit card issuer

Debit card

Buy and pay simultaneously

Your current bank balance plus any agreed overdraft or credit facility

Prepaid card

Pay now, buy later

The amount loaded on your card

A prepaid card is a sensible choice if you want to budget your spending better.

You should remember that banks and credit unions make their money through the interest you pay on credit facilities or overdrafts. This often means that they will fall over themselves to offer you credit lines, which could lead to you getting into financial difficulties using a credit card.

Debit cards can also be risky—you can easily fall into the trap of making unplanned or impulse purchases, leaving too little left over for essentials.

A virtual prepaid card only lets you spend up to the amount loaded on it—this can be an excellent way to stick to a budget and avoid overspending.

How to Use a Virtual Prepaid Mastercard

Using a virtual prepaid Mastercard is simplicity itself. Once you have applied for a virtual prepaid Mastercard online, you will receive an email from the vendor with your card details.

These will include:

  • A 16-digit virtual card number (in most cases)
  • Your name as you have provided it to the vendor
  • A Card Verification Code (CVC) that is usually a 3-digit number unique to your card

You can then load your card with money from your:

  • Credit card
  • Bank or credit union account
  • Debit card

How much you load onto your card is up to you, and some cards offer a recharge function, allowing you to reload it with more funds if you’re running low.

Your card will be activated immediately, so there’s no need to make phone calls or verify your card online.

Who Accepts a Virtual Prepaid Mastercard?

Any vendor who accepts a Mastercard as a payment method should allow you to use a virtual prepaid Mastercard to cover your purchase. Keep in mind, though, that virtual prepaid Mastercards can only be used for online purchases.

With a virtual prepaid Mastercard, you can’t:

  • Get cash from an ATM
  • Make purchases in-store

Google and PayPal are also slightly finicky with virtual prepaid Mastercards, and you may have to find a different solution to pay for services on these platforms.

Virtual Versus Physical Prepaid Mastercards—Summed Up

The decision whether to get a physical or a virtual prepaid Mastercard depends on what you want to do with it.

Here’s a summary of the card’s characteristics that make them a better choice for specific types of transactions:

Transaction Type

Best Card


Online purchase


For sensitive online transactions, a virtual card offers better security

ATM cash withdrawal


You can’t use virtual cards at an ATM

In-store purchase


Retail stores don’t accept virtual cards for purchases

Gift to someone


Virtual cards are safer and less likely to get lost—particularly if the recipient is a child

Urgent transactions


If you need to use a prepaid card immediately, a virtual card is usually available in an instant—no need to wait for the mail to deliver the plastic

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The Mode Earn Phone is an Android handset that comes with the pre-installed Mode Earn App.

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