A Brief Guide on How To Use a Grubhub Gift Card A Brief Guide on How To Use a Grubhub Gift Card

A Brief Guide on How To Use a Grubhub Gift Card

How To Use a Grubhub Gift Card and Get One for Free

Grubhub is one of the most popular food delivery platforms in the United States, allowing over 32 million users to order from more than 320,000 restaurants throughout the country. They achieved this by providing fast delivery, an easy-to-use app, and various promo codes.

If you know someone who’s a fan of Grubhub, you can make their day by gifting them a Grubhub gift card. If you’re a fan yourself and have received this gift card, you need to know how to use it online.

In this article, we’ll show you how to use a Grubhub gift card and how to send one to someone else. We’ll also explain how you can get a free gift card by using Mode Mobile’s products.

How To Use a Grubhub Gift Card

You can use a Grubhub gift card to pay for an order you’ve placed on the app or the company’s website. While you can use the gift card to place an order from every vendor partnered with Grubhub, it doesn’t work the other way around—specific restaurant cards aren’t usable on Grubhub.

You can redeem a gift card to pay for a portion of the order, and you’ll need to pay for the rest with another payment method. Unlike promo codes that can be used one at a time, you can also combine various gift cards for the same purchase.

You can redeem a Grubhub gift card in the two following ways:

  1. In advance
  2. At checkout

How To Redeem a Grubhub Gift Card in Advance

You can redeem a Grubhub gift card ahead of time. This way, you’ll add gift card funds to your account balance so that you can use them later on. It’s a preferred method if you don’t want to order something on the spot, and you won’t have to keep your gift card for later.

The process is similar if you use the app or if you’re on a PC, but there are some differences—as shown in the following table:

How To Use a Grubhub Gift Card on App

How To Add a Gift Card to Grubhub via Desktop

  1. Tap on My Grubhub
  2. Tap on the gear icon in the top-right corner
  3. Select Gift cards
  4. Choose Redeem a gift card
  5. Enter your gift card information
  6. Tap on Add to my account
  1. Log in to your account
  2. Click on your profile name in the top-right corner
  3. Select Gift cards
  4. Choose Redeem a gift card
  5. Enter your gift card information
  6. Click on Add to my account

Once you add your gift card balance, you can select it as a payment method at checkout.

How To Use a Grubhub Gift Card at Checkout

You can avoid the entire redemption process and redeem your gift card on Grubhub directly during the checkout section.

Note that you’ll still have to provide your credit card information to place an order. If you’re using an app, you won’t have to enter the same information again if you've added a credit card to your account.

Check out how to apply a Grubhub gift card during checkout, depending on whether you’re using the app or the website:

How To Pay With a Gift Card on Grubhub App

How To Pay With a Gift Card on Grubhub Website

  1. Add items to your order and go to checkout
  2. Tap on Add a gift card
  3. Enter your gift card information
  4. Tap on Add to my account
  1. Add items to your order and go to checkout
  2. Select Pay with a gift card
  3. Enter your gift card information
  4. Click Add to my account

The gift card will be applied to your order, lowering the total for the value of the gift card.

Grubhub Gift Cards—FAQ

Check out the table below to better understand how Grubhub gift cards work:

Frequently Asked Questions


Does a Grubhub gift card expire?


How can you check your gift card balance?

Visit the balance-checking page and enter your gift card code

Why does your credit card get charged when you order with a gift card?

Grubhub uses your credit card to authorize your order. Once your order is processed, they will charge your gift card and void all transaction charges

Can you buy Grubhub gift cards in bulk orders?

Yes. If you need gift cards in excess of $2,000, you’ll need to create a corporate account and use a wire transfer, corporate credit card, or ACH

Why is Grubhub not using my gift card?

The most common reasons include:

  • You’ve entered a wrong gift card code
  • You don’t have a saved credit card
  • The gift card has already been redeemed

Where can you buy a Grubhub gift card?

You can use Grubhub’s website, Amazon, Target, PayPal, Kroger, and Safeway

Can you use a Seamless gift card on Grubhub?


What is the value of a Grubhub gift card?


How To Send a Grubhub Gift Card to Someone Else

If you know someone who loves to order food via Grubhub, a gift card might be the perfect present for them.

You can buy a dedicated Grubhub gift card for someone else and send it to them via email or shipping, depending on whether you choose a digital or physical gift card. Either way, you can visit Grubhub's website and choose the Send a gift card to a friend option.

If you want to send a digital gift card, you need to:

  1. Enter the recipient’s and your name
  2. Choose Send a digital card
  3. Select a design or upload a photo
  4. Select gift card value
  5. Add a message (optional)
  6. Enter the recipient’s email address and delivery date
  7. Provide your information and a payment method
  8. Click on Place your order

To send a physical card, take the following steps:

  1. Enter the recipient’s and your name
  2. Choose Send a physical card
  3. Select gift card value
  4. Add a message (optional)
  5. Enter the recipient’s shipping address
  6. Choose a shipping method (price varies from free to $32.76)
  7. Enter your information and a payment method
  8. Hit Place your order

How To Print Out a Grubhub Gift Card

Source: Antoni Shkraba

If you want to be the one who hands the gift card to your friend or family member, you can do so with the print option. The purchasing process is similar—you can use Grubhub’s website and personalize the gift card. The difference is that you need to send the gift card to yourself and choose “Print” when asked how you want your gift card delivered.

Don’t forget to type in the name of the recipient instead of your own. You can also add a personal message to the card if you want. The rest is the same—once you receive the digital gift card via email, you need to access the card and print it out.

How To Get a Free Grubhub Gift Card

Grubhub is nominally free to use, but you can’t do anything with it except pay for orders. The same goes with many online platforms that are free to use but involve in-app purchases (most common with freemium games, such as Roblox and Clash of Clans).

If you’re budget-conscious, ordering food on Grubhub every day isn’t an option for you. Still, you don’t have to deny yourself a fancy meal even if you don’t have the money for it—you can get a free gift card.

It’s important not to fall victim to scams in your effort to win a free gift card. You’ll find thousands of websites offering free gift card codes and huge signup bonuses, but they only serve to infringe on your privacy.

Still, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to get a free gift card, but you need to work for it. For instance, you can land a free gift card by participating in a social media giveaway—many traveling and food influencers offer Grubhub gift cards in exchange for a follow, like, or comment. The problem with giveaways is the luck factor—not everyone gets the gift card, despite the effort.

Another option is using free gift card apps that allow you to monetize your phone use and earn rewards by completing specific tasks on your mobile device. When you select an app, make sure to pick one that is trustworthy, offers consistent rewards, and provides a variety of activities you can choose from to earn money.

Earn Free Gift Cards Safely With Mode Mobile

Mode Mobile connects you with hundreds of businesses and allows you to earn money through your everyday phone use. With Mode Mobile, you can earn a supplemental income by completing over a dozen different activities, such as:

  • Reading the news
  • Watching videos
  • Playing video games
  • Listening to music
  • Charging your phone
  • Completing surveys
  • Installing partner apps
  • Locking the phone
  • Checking the weather
  • Taking deals
  • Surfing the internet

Each time you finish a task, you’ll get reward points that you can exchange for:

To use Mode Mobile’s platform, you need to download the Mode Earn App or get the Mode Earn Phone.

Mode Earn App—Earn Money at Your Leisure

When you’re choosing a free gift card app, you must check whether they’re reputable to avoid getting scammed. If nobody uses and reviews the app, there’s probably a reason for it.

With the Mode Earn App, security is not an issue. It has been downloaded over 30 million times all over the world. With over 2.6 million user reviews, the app has a score of 4.4/5 stars on Google Play.

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When you install the app, it monitors your phone activity and gives you reward points automatically when you complete a certain task. With the Mode Earn App, you’ll be able to make up to $600 a year by using your phone.

Install the Mode Earn App for free and start making money today!

Make Money, Not Bills—Get the Mode Earn Phone

Want to make the most out of what Mode Mobile offers and get a free phone along the way? The Mode Earn Phone is the perfect choice for you.

The Android device is the first of its kind—it’s a phone built to make money. With a built-in widget that provides 16 different reward-bringing modes and the pre-installed Mode Earn App, you’ll be able to earn over $1,200 yearly by using this revolutionary phone.

The more you use the phone, the more you’ll get from it. This means that you can cover your data plan costs and pay off the device within months if you use the phone no more than 4 hours a day.

To make earning easier for you, Mode Mobile has built a phone that can stand its ground against the best. You’ll have no trouble leaving your old device behind and switching to Mode Earn Phone completely.

Every 18 months, the company releases a new, updated device that follows the latest technological advancements. The current model, Mode Earn Phone MEP2, has the following specs:

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You can get a Mode Earn Phone by:

  1. Making a one-time payment of $109
  2. Starting a free trial followed by a $9.99 monthly subscription fee (billed quarterly)

If you remain a loyal subscriber, you’ll receive a new Mode Earn Phone model whenever it gets released.

Get the Mode Earn Phone and make your phone pay for your dinner, clothes, and games!

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