Where Can I Use My Nike Gift Card? [An Updated Guide] Where Can I Use My Nike Gift Card? [An Updated Guide]

Where Can I Use My Nike Gift Card? [An Updated Guide]

Where Can I Use My Nike Gift Card—Online and Store Options Sorted Out

Whether you fancy a new pair of kicks or are on the hunt for running accessories, you can score all kinds of head-turning streetwear merchandise with a Nike gift card. While owning this card is fun, you might be stuck on something as basic as “Where can I use my Nike gift card?” If that’s the case, you’re not alone.

To redeem any gift card, you must know how it works inside and out, which essentially means understanding the gift card policy of the retailer in question. If reading into technical policy terms is not your cup of tea, let this guide back you up with info on:

  • Where to use a Nike gift card
  • How to use a Nike gift card—online and at stores

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Where Can I Use a Nike Gift Card?

Nike gift cards are available in plastic and digital formats and are issued by Nike Retail Services, Inc. According to the company’s gift card policy, they can be redeemed at selected online and brick-and-mortar stores only. Check out all eligible platforms and locations in the table below:


Where Can a Nike Gift Card Be Used?

Physical stores

Nike gift cards can be redeemed at all retail stores owned by:

You can also use the gift card at certain other affiliate or subsidiary stores, but the policy doesn’t specify the names of eligible stores explicitly


You can redeem your Nike gift card online on the following platforms:

  1. Nike’s website
  2. Converse’s website
  3. Nike’s Android and iOS apps

A common misconception many customers have is that Nike gift cards can be used at Hurley. The truth is that the company’s gift cards used to be redeemable at Hurley’s website and stores—but not anymore, as Hurley is no longer a subsidiary of Nike and was bought by Bluestar Alliance LLC in 2019.

As far as the features are concerned, know that Nike gift cards:

As of 2022, you can redeem Nike gift cards bought in the U.S. for purchases made in the U.S. and Puerto Rico only.

Source: Deybson Mallony

How To Redeem a Nike Gift Card—Online, at Stores, and via Phone

Nike gift cards, both plastic and digital, can be used to purchase anything in the range of footwear, apparel, and equipment offered by the company, including Apple gear and customized merchandise. You cannot use your gift card to buy another gift card, though.

The redemption process for Nike gift cards varies depending on whether you’re using the card for a store, online, or phone purchase.

How To Use a Nike Gift Card at a Store

Using a Nike gift card at an eligible retail store is quite simple. All you have to do is provide the card to the cashier during checkout—they will punch in your card credentials and apply its value to your purchase. According to Nike’s gift card policy, you can use up to ten gift cards for a single transaction. Make sure to collect your card if it has some balance left on it.

Source: Freddy Do

How To Enter a Nike Gift Card Number Online

You can enter your Nike gift card number online directly at the payment window. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Log in to your Nike or Converse account
  2. Add the product of your choice to your shopping bag
  3. Click on the Checkout button
  4. Provide your delivery or pick-up info
  5. Scroll down to the payment section
  6. Check the box that says Do you have a gift card, product voucher, or promo code? (an expanded menu will pop up)
  7. Enter your gift card number in the text box below Gift Card or Voucher number—the system will verify your card before it displays the PIN text box
  8. Type in your PIN—you can find it:
    1. On the back of a plastic gift card
    2. In the delivery email of a digital gift card
  9. Hit APPLY
  10. Repeat the process to add another gift card (if needed)
  11. Add any credit or debit card (if your gift card balance doesn’t cover the order total)
  12. Check the order summary—your gift card value should be deducted from the total value of the order
  13. Place the order

Currently, there’s no way to store a gift card in your Nike account. If you have some balance left on your card, you can apply it to your next purchase.

How To Redeem a Nike Gift Card via Phone

Nike also lets you order products by calling their official sales helpline, 1-800-806-6453, between 4 a.m. and 11 p.m. on any day of the week. Here’s how to use your gift card for a phone purchase:

  1. Dial 1-800-806-6453 and wait to be connected to a sales representative
  2. Disclose the particulars of your order (including your intent to pay with a gift card)
  3. Provide your gift card number and PIN to the representative

Source: Alin Surdu

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How To Check the Balance on a Nike Gift Card

You can check the balance on your Nike gift card by:

  1. Visiting the nearest eligible store (the cashier will run your card through the POS machine and tell you the balance)
  2. Calling 1-800-806-6453
  3. Using Nike’s online gift card lookup tool

Where To Buy a Nike Gift Card

Nike gift cards are great presents for sports aficionados and fitness enthusiasts. You can buy them directly on Nike’s website for denominations between $25 and $500. The website enables you to choose customized designs, and you don’t get charged processing or activation fees.

If you purchase a physical Nike gift card, it will be shipped to you (or another recipient) in a miniature shoebox packaging. The company’s digital gift cards are typically delivered to the recipient’s email within two hours after the purchase.

Besides Nike, you can sometimes find these gift cards on gift card resale and exchange websites, usually at discounted prices.

Can I Get a Nike Gift Card for Free?

You don’t have to wait for someone to buy you a Nike gift card—you can also get it for free by:

  • Participating in social media giveaways—Social media giveaways are usually organized by small businesses and influencers. You can find giveaways for gift cards and gift card codes of various brands, including Nike, Google Play, Roblox, Xbox, Spotify, Steam, and DoorDash. You can track down giveaways for Nike gift cards using hashtags like #nikegiftcardgiveaway and #nikegiftcardcodesfree
  • Using reward-based platformsReward-based apps and websites pay you with gift cards, cashbacks, and other rewards for completing online activities like answering surveys and reading emails. Not all platforms will have the gift card you desire, though. If a particular platform doesn’t offer Nike gift cards, ensure it gives rewards that can be used to buy them. Those include:

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