Where Can I Use an Apple Gift Card? [Updated Guide] Where Can I Use an Apple Gift Card? [Updated Guide]

Where Can I Use an Apple Gift Card? [Updated Guide]

Where Can I Use an Apple Gift Card—Answered

Receiving an Apple gift card feels fantastic until you realize you have no idea where to redeem it. You see the tech giant’s ever-expanding list of products and services, and the first thought that crosses your mind is—Where can I use my Apple gift card? If that’s the case, this is the one-stop guide you need.

Many users get frustrated while redeeming their gift cards on a particular Apple platform—they find it doesn’t work, but it’s only because they used the wrong gift card on the wrong platform. Certain unlucky users have also had their Apple accounts permanently disabled after a botched redemption attempt!

This article will provide updated deets on where to redeem an Apple gift card and other related info. We will also introduce you to Mode Mobile’s products that help you earn free gift cards and cash for streaming your favorite songs on your phone.

Where and How To Spend an Apple Gift Card—Why the Confusion?

Figuring out where to redeem an Apple gift card is easier when you know which version of the gift card you’re dealing with—an older Apple gift card or a newer one.

Apple Inc. originally used to issue product- or service-specific gift cards, such as App Store or iTunes gift cards, that could only be redeemed on designated platforms or stores. These gift cards created much confusion among buyers, with many purchasing the wrong gift cards that had no use to the eventual user—and having no option to get a refund for their purchase.

To combat the confusion, the company revamped its gift cards quite a bit in 2020—both in terms of function and design. The new Apple gift cards have embraced universality and can be used for “everything Apple.” They have also been restyled to have a plain, minimalistic background with a colorful Apple logo in the center—a far cry from the older versions that appeared splotched with flashy (usually fluorescent) colors.

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Both the older and newer versions of Apple gift cards are active and in circulation—find out where to redeem them in the sections below.

Where To Redeem Universal Apple Gift Cards

Universal Apple gift cards can be redeemed online and at brick-and-mortar Apple stores for various products and services. The table below summarizes some popular platforms within the Apple ecosystem and the corresponding redemption options:


What To Buy

Apple Store (retail and online)

All physical products and accessories, including:

  • Smartphones
  • AirPods
  • Apple watches

App Store on any Apple device

  • All apps
  • In-app purchases (for all kinds of apps like Pokemon GO, Roblox, Steam, and TouchRetouch)

Apple Music or iTunes

  • Songs (stream or download)
  • Subscriptions

Apple TV+

  • Movies or TV shows (stream or download)
  • Subscriptions

Apple Arcade

A gaming subscription

Apple Books

  • Physical books
  • E-books
  • Audio-books


Any of the following data storage plans:

  1. 50 GB
  2. 200 GB
  3. 2 TB

Apple One

Any tier of a bundled Apple subscription plan—Individual, Premier, or Family

Know that Apple forbids you from using the company’s universal gift card to:

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Where To Redeem Older Apple Gift Cards

There are four types of older Apple gift cards:

  1. Apple Store gift card
  2. App Store & iTunes gift card
  3. iTunes Store gift card
  4. Apple Music gift card

These gift cards can only be redeemed for specific products, subscriptions, or services at particular Apple storefront(s), as summarized in the table below:

Apple Gift Card—All Older Versions

Where To Redeem It

Apple Store gift card

  • Apple online store (website and app)
  • Apple retail stores

App Store & iTunes gift card

  • App Store
  • iTunes
  • Apple Music app

iTunes Store gift card

iTunes Store

Apple Music gift card

Apple Music app

A common mistake users make is redeeming an Apple Store gift card at iTunes Store or App Store, or vice versa—remember that inter-platform redemption is impossible with Apple’s older gift cards.

How To Get an Apple Gift Card Without Paying a Dime

Yes, you read that right! You can score Apple gift cards for free if you start taking advantage of the various earning opportunities available on the internet. One of the best ways to find free gift cards online is by using reward-based apps and websites. These platforms seek out your input as a consumer and ask you to do tasks like filling out surveys, writing reviews, and sending promotional emails. You get compensated in rewards like:

  • Gift cards (from brands like Apple, XboxNintendoGoogle Play, and many more)
  • Versatile-use prepaid cards or gift cards from credit card networks (AmexVisa, or Mastercard)
  • Discounts and cashbacks
  • Cash and checks

Before you use any reward-based platform, check its viability—ensure the platform:

  1. Has positive user reviews
  2. Offers a decent payout for your time invested
  3. Provides attractive rewards
  4. Has a low payout threshold (many websites don’t let you collect rewards until you’ve earned a hefty amount)

If you’re looking for easy tasks that bring a high earning rate, shift your attention to Mode Mobile. The company offers products that help you earn substantial side income for casual phone-based tasks. You don’t have to overextend yourself—Mode Mobile enables you to earn for the everyday activities you do on your smartphone, including:

  • Streaming music
  • Playing games
  • Reading the news
  • Checking the weather
  • Charging the phone
  • Surfing the internet
  • Answering polls and surveys
  • Watching short videos

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You can rack up reward points for these simple tasks and redeem them for cash or various in-kind rewards. You can earn with Mode Mobile by downloading the Mode Earn App or using a Mode Earn Phone.


What Is the Redemption Process for Apple Gift Cards?

Redeeming an Apple gift card at a physical Apple store is simple—all you have to do is present the card to the cashier. If you’re redeeming it online, you first need to add the card to your Apple account. Once the gift card balance shows up on your Apple ID, you can use it to make purchases seamlessly on any digital storefront of the company.

Here’s how to add a gift card to an Apple account on various devices:



iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch

  1. Press the App Store icon on your device
  2. Navigate to your profile or user account tab
  3. Log in to your account (if you haven’t)
  4. Select Redeem Gift Card or Code on the screen
  5. Enter the 16-digit gift card code manually or by using the device’s camera


  1. Click on the Apple icon on your Mac computer
  2. Go to your account and sign in (if you haven’t already)
  3. Hit the Redeem tab
  4. Type in the code manually or by using the PC’s camera

You can also redeem an Apple gift card on Windows and Android devices—click on this dedicated guide to learn how.

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Where To Find Apple Gift Cards

Apple gift cards are not only bought as presents for loved ones—many users also get them for personal use. Using a gift card is a convenient payment alternative for those who don’t feel comfortable adding their debit or credit cards to their Apple account.

You can buy an Apple gift card from several popular retail locations in your vicinity, such as a supermarket or a drugstore. You can also buy it online from:

  1. Apple's website or Apple Store app
  2. E-commerce storefronts like Walmart, Target, and GameStop
  3. Dedicated gift card websites like Gift Card Granny and eGifter
  4. Gift card resale and exchange websites (they usually offer secondhand Apple gift cards at slightly discounted rates)

Digital Apple gift cards are available in denominations of $10–$500, while plastic ones can be bought for any value between $25 and $2000.

Make Your Phone Time Worthwhile With the Mode Earn App

The Mode Earn App can turn the time you spend on your phone profitable. The app is free to download, free to use, and works on all Android devices. You don’t have to do tiring or time-consuming tasks to earn—install the app on your phone, and it will automatically award you points for completing eligible earning tasks like playing the radio or trying a new app.

You can redeem your points for rewards worth up to $600. Some of the app’s redemption options include:

  1. Gift cards—choose from top brands like Amazon, Starbucks, Walmart, Sephora, Target, eBay, and more
  2. Cash deposit via PayPal
  3. Prepaid Mastercards
  4. Assets like cryptocurrencies and stocks
  5. Electronics and gadgets
  6. Airtime
  7. Game cards and in-game items, such as Fortnite V-Bucks cards, PUBG gift cards, Playstation console cards)
  8. Airtime
  9. Shopping discounts
  10. Charity donations

The Mode Earn App has a steadily growing user base all over the world. It currently has a rating of 4.4-stars on Google Play (after over 30 million downloads) and more than 2.6 million positive user reviews.

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When it comes to user satisfaction, the app ticks all the right boxes by offering:

  • Dozens of engaging and time-efficient earning tasks
  • Quick, safe, and hassle-free payouts
  • Regular offers to amplify earnings (fitted according to a user’s engagement pattern)

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The Mode Earn Phone Goes the Extra Mile and Doubles Your Earnings

You can get the ultimate value for your consumer habits by using a Mode Earn Phone. The Android-based smartphone doubles your reward points for the same earning tasks.

You can earn over $1,200 with the Mode Earn Phone—twice of what app-only users can. The device enables double earnings with the help of:

  1. A preloaded Mode Earn App
  2. An earn-as-you-go widget that provides easy access to 16 earning modes, such as:
    1. Music Mode
    2. News Mode
    3. Games Mode
    4. Task Mode
    5. Fitness Mode
    6. Lock Screen Mode
    7. Charge Mode
    8. Watch Mode

Besides the earning benefit, you also get a high-end smartphone with a high-speed processor, performance-oriented hardware, and sleek camera and display. The Mode Earn Phone can be hooked up with all major carriers—pick any operator that works for you.

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You can either buy or subscribe to the Mode Earn Phone—check out the details:

  1. Purchase the latest model of the Mode Earn Phone for $109
  2. Subscribe to a Mode Earn Phone for $9.99 a month (billed quarterly). You’ll get a free trial period of one month. If you stick with the subscription plan, you’ll get a new model of the device every 18 months

Know that a Mode Earn Phone always pays for itself—use its earning modes well to recover your investment in under three months.

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