How To Use a Nintendo Gift Card—Redeem It the Right Way How To Use a Nintendo Gift Card—Redeem It the Right Way

How To Use a Nintendo Gift Card—Redeem It the Right Way

A Manual to Using a Nintendo Gift Card—Redeem It in a Few Easy Steps

A Nintendo gift card—also called a Nintendo eShop card—is the ultimate virtual currency for anyone who loves Switch games. Whether you seek power-ups to save Princess Zelda or want a Booster Course Pass for Mario Kart 8, all you need is a Nintendo gift card—but how do you redeem it?

While a Nintendo gift card opens the gateway to more than 1,000 new, retro, and indie games, you may be confused about using it on different systems, such as a Nintendo Switch, Wii U, or Nintendo 3DS. This handbook will clear all your doubts about how to redeem a Nintendo gift card on a PC or a console.

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Where and How To Use a Nintendo Gift Card—The Essentials

Nintendo gift or eShop cards—plastic or digital—are non-reloadable prepaid cards that can be used for purchases made at the company’s online store—the Nintendo eShop. You can only redeem the card online on various platforms (or devices) that enable access to the store, which include:

  • Nintendo’s website
  • Nintendo Switch consoles, such as:
    • Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite
    • Nintendo Switch—OLED Model
  • New Nintendo 3DS, 3DS XL, 2DS XL
  • Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL
  • Nintendo 2DS
  • Wii U (Basic and Deluxe)

You can use your Nintendo gift card to purchase games, add-ons, playable characters, expansion packs, in-game boosters, applications, or other digital content on the company’s online store. Currently, there are two ways to redeem a Nintendo gift card:

  1. Store the gift card funds on your Nintendo account—Go for this method when you don’t have a particular game in mind and want the funds for future use. As of 2022, you can store up to $250 ($350 CAD or $5500 MXN) in your account
  2. Use the gift card directly during checkout—Nintendo also lets you redeem the gift card code during checkout. This is your only option to redeem a card if your account has reached its maximum capacity for storing funds 

You can execute these redemption methods on both PCs and gaming consoles as long as you’re using your gift card code for a single Nintendo account only.

Source: Enrique Vidal Flores

How To Redeem a Nintendo eShop Gift Card on a Computer

You can redeem a Nintendo eShop gift card by accessing any browser on a computer or a smartphone. The table below breaks down the steps for different redemption methods:

Redemption Method

How To Use a Gift Card on Nintendo eShop—Steps

Storing gift card funds on a Nintendo account

  1. Sign in to your Nintendo account
  2. Navigate to the Nintendo store
  3. Click on SHOP ALL from the expanded menu
  4. Scroll down and click on the Redeem Code tab (alternatively, you can visit the redemption page directly by clicking here)
  5. Enter the 16-digit redemption code
  6. Hit Next
  7. Enter your password again, if prompted
  8. Click on Redeem—the gift card balance will show up in your account

Using a gift card during checkout

  1. Log in to your Nintendo account
  2. Go to the Nintendo store and choose a game (or other digital content)
  3. Re-enter your password, if asked
  4. Navigate to Payment Method on the checkout screen
  5. Select Nintendo eShop Card
  6. Enter your gift card code in the text box
  7. Click on Add Funds—the gift card balance will automatically be applied to your purchase

Note that a Nintendo gift card code is located:

  • At the back of a physical Nintendo gift card
  • In the delivery email of a digital one

Source: Enrique Vidal Flores

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How To Redeem a Gift Card on Nintendo Switch and Other Consoles

Like with Xbox, the UI of Nintendo consoles tends to change with new updates, but the process of redeeming a gift card remains roughly the same. Refer to the table below to learn how to add a gift card to Nintendo Switch:

Redemption Method

How To Redeem a Gift Card on Nintendo Switch—Steps

Storing gift card funds to a Nintendo account

  1. Go to the Nintendo Switch home screen
  2. Navigate to the Nintendo eShop (or Nintendo Store) tab
  3. Select Enter Code from the main menu
  4. Type in the 16-digit code
  5. Bump the Plus (+) button on your console to confirm—the balance will be converted to eShop credits for your account

Using a gift card during checkout

  1. Pick out the game you want to buy
  2. Click on Proceed to Purchase
  3. Select the Nintendo eShop Card option on the payment page
  4. Type in your gift card code—a pop-up screen will flash your card’s balance
  5. Enter the corresponding gift card amount to pay for your purchase and:
    1. If the gift card doesn’t cover the cost of the game, add your credit card or PayPal info
    2. If the gift card value exceeds the order total, choose if you want to transfer the balance to your account or keep it on the card
  6. Enter your password
  7. Hit Add Funds and Purchase and then Close

Is the Gift Card Redemption Process Same for All Nintendo Consoles?

You can redeem your gift card on other Nintendo consoles (Wii U, 2DS/3DS, etc.) that allow you access to the Nintendo eShop. Know that these consoles only give you the option to add funds to your account—you cannot redeem the gift card directly during checkout. The redemption process is pretty much the same—all you have to do is go to the HOME menu, navigate to the eShop tab, and locate the Redeem Code option. If you’re using a Nintendo 2DS or 3DS console, you can also add funds by scanning the QR code on the back of a physical eShop card.

Note that Nintendo will shut down the Nintendo eShop on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS by March 2023, and you can redeem a gift card on these systems only until August 29, 2022.

Where To Get Nintendo Gift Cards for Free

You can buy Nintendo’s gift cards from various brick-and-mortar and online stores—including Walmart, GameStop, and Target—and find them for cheap on gift card resale and exchange websites. If you want to get Nintendo gift cards for free, though, you have to find the most lucrative opportunities to earn them on the side.

Many reward-based apps and websites are ready to pay you for tasks like answering surveys, writing reviews, and even playing games. Find a reliable platform and complete the earning tasks—you can get rewards like:

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  5. Airtime
  6. Shopping discounts
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