How To Use a GameStop Gift Card Online [Broken Down] How To Use a GameStop Gift Card Online [Broken Down]

How To Use a GameStop Gift Card Online [Broken Down]

A Quick Rundown on How To Use a GameStop Gift Card Online

A GameStop gift card is coveted by gamers as it allows you to buy all kinds of game-related merchandise. Redeeming the card can be tricky, though, if you’re not aware of the steps involved in the process. This manual will help you decipher how to use a GameStop gift card online and at brick-and-mortar stores.

Since the gift cards issued by GameStop have confusing usage terms, we’ll also clarify:

  • Where to use a GameStop gift card online (relevant websites)
  • Whether your gift card is eligible for online shopping
  • If you need to activate your GameStop gift card
  • What products to purchase with it

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Where Can You Use a GameStop Gift Card?

GameStop offers physical and digital gift cards that can generally be redeemed at their e-commerce website or one of their brick-and-mortar stores—but that’s not all. As of 2022, the company also allows you to redeem GameStop gift cards at their subsidiary or associate stores. Refer to the table below for more details:

Where To Redeem


Brick-and-mortar stores

You can redeem your GameStop gift card at any of the following U.S. stores:

  • GameStop
  • ThinkGeek
  • EBGames
  • EBX
  • Planet X

Know that the non-GameStop stores on this list either have their businesses acquired by or merged with GameStop. As of 2022, most of these stores have been remodeled to have a GameStop banner

Online stores

You can apply your gift card for online purchases made at:

As far as purchases are concerned, you are free to use your GameStop gift card to buy practically anything the company sells, which includes:

  • Video games
  • Consoles and accessories (Xbox One, Nintendo, Oculus, etc.)
  • Hardware components for PCs
  • Electronics (like Apple smartphones, GoPro cameras, and DJI drones)
  • Gift cards from other companies (such as Roblox, Google Play, Xbox, Steam, and Spotify)

The only purchase restriction, according to some users, is that you cannot pre-order unreleased games using your GameStop gift card, although the company is yet to shed light on the issue.

Source: Artem Podrez

How To Redeem a GameStop Gift CardOnline and In-Store

Redeeming a GameStop gift card at a store is hardly an issue because a cashier assists you throughout the process. It’s the online redemption method that can be a bit perplexing for first-time users. Let’s explore both options inside and out.

How Do You Redeem a Gift Card at a GameStop Store?

To redeem a GameStop gift card at an eligible retail location, all you have to do is hand the card to the cashier during checkout. Depending on the card type, the cashier will either scan its barcode or ask you to provide its security PIN. Most GameStop stores allow using more than one gift card at a time.

In the case of digital GameStop gift cards (also called virtual gift certificates), GameStop requires you to take a printout of the email delivery letter to the store. The cashier will key in the relevant redemption code from the letter to complete your purchase. According to GameStop’s gift card policy, the cashier must then tear up and dispose of the letter and give you a physical gift card for any balance left on your virtual card. To check your gift card balance, you can choose between the following options:

  1. Visit your nearest GameStop store and ask a cashier to run your card through the machine
  2. Enter your gift card credentials on GameStop’s balance checker portal
  3. Call GameStop’s customer care helpline at 1-800-883-8895

Source: Mike Mozart

How Do You Redeem a GameStop Gift Card Online?

You can make a purchase on the GameStop website by providing your plastic or virtual gift card details during the checkout process. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Log in to your GameStop account and add the product(s) to your cart
  2. Click on Proceed to Checkout
  3. Scroll down when you reach the payment page and select the Add Gift Card option
  4. Enter your 19-digit gift card number and 4-digit security PIN—the card balance will be applied to your order
  5. Repeat the above step if you have another gift card
  6. Add a credit card or debit card as a secondary payment option (if your gift cards don’t cover the value of the order)
  7. Review the order summary
  8. Place the order

Currently, you can add a maximum of two gift cards for a single order. A common mistake shoppers make is entering their gift card credentials in the Add Promo Code section during checkout. The Promo Code section is meant for redeeming promotional or discount coupons offered by a specific retailer or acquired via the GameStop PowerUp Rewards program—so your gift card credentials won’t work there.

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Can You Redeem All GameStop Gift Cards Online?

You can redeem all digital GameStop gift cards online, but the same cannot be done with the company’s plastic gift cards. You cannot use a physical GameStop gift card online if it’s missing the following:

  • A 19-digit card number (certain cards have an 11- or a 16-digit card number or a single redemption code)
  • A security PIN at the back of the card

If your GameStop gift card cannot be applied online, you have no option but to redeem it at an eligible retail store.

Besides GameStop gift cards, you can also use Mastercard, Visa, or American Express gift cards for your online purchase. If you’re using one of these, don’t select the Add Gift Card option on the payment screen—instead, go for the Add a Debit or Credit Card option and link your card like a traditional bank card.

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Using GameStop Gift Cards Online—Common Issues Resolved

Still got doubts? We have compiled some common queries around redeeming GameStop gift cards online and presented them in the table below:



Where is the card number on a GameStop gift card?

The card number and the security PIN are usually located on the back of a plastic GameStop gift card. You have to scratch off a silver strip to uncover the PIN

How do I activate a GameStop gift card?

GameStop gift cards are almost always activated at the point of sale, but certain retailers hold off the activation if you opt for a pickup delivery. In such cases, you need to call GameStop customer service at 1-877-676-4263 to activate your card

How do I add money to a GameStop gift card?

A GameStop gift card is not reloadable like a prepaid card—it’s only good until it has a balance. The company’s gift cards don’t expire

Can I return GameStop gift cards for cash?

You cannot return your GameStop gift card for cash, but some stores let you exchange it for a gift card offered by another retailer. If you want to cash out your gift card, you can sell it online or at gift card kiosks for a discounted price

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