Where Can I Get a Victoria’s Secret Gift Card? [Revealed] Where Can I Get a Victoria’s Secret Gift Card? [Revealed]

Where Can I Get a Victoria’s Secret Gift Card? [Revealed]

Where Can I Get a Victoria’s Secret Gift Card—Answered

Be it fancy lingerie or comfy yoga pants—a little finery from Victoria’s Secret can make any woman feel like a goddess. The brand has something for every body type, so you absolutely cannot go wrong when you present a Victoria’s Secret gift card to a loved one!

If you're wondering—Where can I get a Victoria’s Secret gift card?”—you’re not the only one. Most people feel lost trying to find this gift card at common superstores like Walmart and Target. That obviously doesn’t work because gift cards from Victoria’s Secret are only available with a select few retailers. Don’t stress—this guide will tell you:

  • Where to get Victoria’s Secret gift cards
  • How and where you can use them

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Where Are Victoria’s Secret Gift Cards Sold?

Some of the best places to get Victoria’s Secret gift cards are the digital and physical stores of the company itself. You can go to a nearby Victoria’s Secret outlet or visit the company’s website to buy a gift card of any denomination between $10 and $500.

While Victoria’s Secret stores offer only plastic gift cards, the website gives you the option to order both physical and digital variants. There’s another benefit of buying a gift card on the company’s website—you can schedule the delivery of the card on a special date! Here’s how to send a Victoria’s Secret gift card to someone:

  1. Sign in to your Victoria’s Secret account (or create one)
  2. Navigate to the gift card sale page
  3. Choose between SEND BY MAIL or SEND BY EMAIL
  4. Pick a gift card design template
  5. Enter the following deets (whatever applies to your selection in Step 3):
    1. Names of the sender and the recipient
    2. Face value of the card
    3. Recipient’s address or email ID
    4. Delivery date
    5. A personalized message
  6. Click on ADD TO BAG
  7. Complete your payment to place the order

Victoria’s Secret usually doesn’t charge any extra shipping, processing, or activation fees for gift cards. That being said, if you don’t frequent the company’s online or brick-and-mortar stores, you may consider buying these gift cards from third-party retailers as well.

Source: Tamara Bellis

Where Else Can I Purchase Victoria’s Secret Gift Cards?

Almost every general retail store sells gift cards from popular brands like Apple, Macy’s, and Xbox, but third-party retailers that sell Victoria’s Secret gift cards are quite limited. Check out the most prominent ones in the table below:

Where To Buy Victoria’s Secret Gift Cards


Brick-and-mortar stores

  • CVS Pharmacy
  • H-E-B
  • Publix
  • Best Buy
  • Fairplay Foods
  • Safeway Inc.
  • Meijer
  • Fred Meyer Hypermarket
  • Fry’s Food Stores
  • Ralphs

Online stores

  • Amazon
  • Kroger
  • Staples
  • H-E-B
  • Giant Eagle
  • Dundle
  • Super 1 Foods
  • King Soopers
  • Ralphs
  • Riesbeck's Food Markets

Know that the list of participating retailers selling Victoria’s Secret gift cards keeps changing every few months.

Source: Tim Douglas

Where Can I Find a Victoria’s Secret Gift Card for Cheap?

You’ll rarely see discounts on Victoria’s Secret gift cards sold by the company or third-party retailers. If you want to save money while purchasing gift cards, try finding them on:

  1. Classified ad platforms—Do a quick search for Victoria’s Secret gift cards on heavily used ad platforms like eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and Craigslist. Sellers on such platforms usually offer a 2%–5% discount on these gift cards, but no one can guarantee you'll find one
  2. Secondhand gift card websites—These websites are marketplaces that enable the resale and exchange of unwanted gift cards for a commission. You can expect bigger discounts on these platforms, usually between 10% and 30%

Dozens of platforms sell secondhand gift cards, and all of them may not be reliable in terms of gift card delivery. Check out some credible gift card sale websites that include Victoria’s Secret gift cards in their catalog:


Discount on a Victoria’s Secret Gift Card


Around 10%


Up to 23%




Up to 6%



Keep in mind that buying secondhand gift cards can be risky, too, as you may end up with invalid gift cards or those with a balance lower than advertised. These websites are not authorized third-party retailers, so you’ll get no refund or customer support from Victoria’s Secret in case you receive faulty gift cards.

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How Can I Get a Free Victoria’s Secret Gift Card?

Want to save those pennies but not keen on buying secondhand gift cards? You’re in luck as you can now get free (and brand new) gift cards by:

  • Participating in social media giveaways—Victoria’s Secret gift cards are popular items for giveaways organized on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. To qualify for these giveaways, you need to complete promotional tasks like sharing a product or following a particular account. Find the latest giveaway deals by following these hashtags:
      • #victoriasecretgiftcard
      • #victoriasecretgiftset
      • #victoriasecretpromo
      • #victoriasecretfreebies
    • Answering surveys—You can earn gift cards by participating in surveys and polls on get-paid-to (GPT) websites. As of now, only PrizeRebel offers gift cards from Victoria’s Secret as compensation, and you may not qualify for many of their surveys based on your demographic background. Keep your options open by using other survey websites that offer cash and check payouts (and use the money to buy the gift card you seek or an actual product)
    • Installing reward-based apps—Reward-based apps help users earn prizes for activities like shopping, answering surveys, and watching ads. Before using any such app, evaluate if it has a fair earning potential (read app-specific reviews to see how users have responded)

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      Where Can I Use My Victoria’s Secret Gift Card?

      Got hold of a glittery Victoria’s Secret gift card but don’t know where to use it? You can redeem the gift card both online and at stores of Victoria’s Secret and its sister brands—PINK and Victoria’s Secret Beauty. You are free to spend the card on any merchandise but cannot use it to:

      • Buy another gift card
      • Cover your Victoria’s Secret credit card balance

      Many users say that the company’s gift card can also be used at Bath & Body Works as it’s owned by Victoria’s Secret parent company, L Brands. That may not be possible now as Victoria’s Secret was spun off as an independent company in the summer of 2021.

      If you’re not sure how to use a Victoria’s Secret gift card online, check out the necessary steps below:

      1. Go to the website and add products to your bag
      2. Proceed to checkout
      3. Scroll down to Offers and Payments on the checkout page
      4. Click on Gift Cards
      5. Enter your gift card number and security code
      6. Hit Apply

      You can check your gift card balance anytime on the company’s gift card page.

      Featured image source: Gustavo Fring

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