How To Use a Domino’s Gift Card—A Simplified Guide How To Use a Domino’s Gift Card—A Simplified Guide

How To Use a Domino’s Gift Card—A Simplified Guide

How To Use a Domino’s Gift Card—An Easy Ordering Guide

There’s no denying that a pizza from Domino's is the ultimate comfort food. Everyone loves a cheesy slice, and it’s the safest snack to get when you’re having friends over.

If you’re trying to figure out how to use a Domino’s gift card for your next order, this is the guide for you. While using the restaurant chain’s gift card is a neat way to pay for any online or in-store order, the redemption process isn’t explained well on Domino’s app and website. Our guide will give you a thorough insight into how these gift cards work for online, phone, and in-store orders.

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Do You Need To Activate a Domino's Gift Card To Use It?

Not all Domino’s gift cards need to be activated. The ones purchased from Domino’s website or authorized e-commerce retailers like Walmart and Amazon become active within minutes of the transaction taking place. That being said, if you buy a Domino’s gift card from a local grocery or drug store, it may require activation. Most of the time, the retailer activates the card within a day of purchase, but in certain cases, you have to visit a local Domino’s restaurant to activate your card.

Keep in mind that if your Domino’s gift card needs to be activated, the necessary steps will be mentioned on the packaging or receipt of the card.

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How To Redeem a Domino’s Gift Card

A Domino’s gift card is a non-reloadable payment card (with a face value between $5 and $100) that can be used to purchase any item on the restaurant’s menu. Currently, the only way to redeem the gift card is to use it directly during checkout—meaning you cannot add the card to your Domino’s account. The redemption process depends on how/where you choose to place an order:

  1. At a restaurant
  2. On Domino’s app or website
  3. Over the phone

Remember that you cannot use a Domino’s gift card on third-party food delivery apps like DoorDash and Grubhub.

How To Redeem a Gift Card at a Domino’s Restaurant

Dominos gift cards issued in the U.S. can be used to make a purchase at any Domino’s restaurant in the country. You can redeem your gift card by presenting it at the point of sale. If you received a Domino’s eGift card, take a printout of the card from the delivery email.

Once you give your gift card to the cashier, they will scan its barcode to complete the payment. Sometimes, the scanner may fail to recognize the card, especially in the case of email printouts. If that happens, request the cashier to enter the 19-digit gift card number and 4-digit security code manually. You can pay a part of the bill with a debit or credit card in case the gift card doesn’t cover the value of your order.

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How To Use a Domino’s Gift Card Online

You can redeem a Domino’s gift card while completing a purchase on the company’s website or app. Here’s how to order Domino’s Pizza items online with a gift card:




  1. Log in to your Domino’s Pizza account
  2. Select items for your order
  3. Click on your cart to checkout
  4. Add your delivery or pickup instructions
  5. Proceed to order
  6. Click on Yes, I have a Domino’s Gift Card or Promotional Card on the payment screen
  7. Enter your gift card code as prompted
  8. Click on Apply Card—your gift card value should be deducted from the total value of your order

Android or iOS app

  1. Log in to your Domino’s Pizza account
  2. Choose between Carryout or Delivery on the home screen
  3. Add the desired items to your cart
  4. Proceed to checkout
  5. Tap on Apply Gift Card(s) to Your Order when you’re directed to the payment screen (note that, with the current app UI, it appears quite tiny and is easy to miss)
  6. Enter your gift card credentials
  7. Press Apply Card—the gift card balance will be applied to your order

Know that the option to tip the delivery person disappears the moment you use a gift card for your online Domino’s order. The option is currently available only when you select Pay By Debit/Credit Card on the payment screen. It seems like a technical oversight on Domino’s part that may be fixed later, but if you’re using a gift card online and want to tip, you’ll have to do so in cash for now.

How To Redeem a Domino’s Gift Card Over the Phone

You can also pay with your Domino’s gift card if you choose to order over the phone—here’s how:

  1. Call a Domino’s restaurant near your location
  2. Choose between a delivery or pickup order
  3. Specify the contents of your order
  4. Provide your gift card number and security PIN to the staff via the phone

Note that some Domino’s restaurants have switched to an automated phone ordering system, which means you’ll have to type your gift card credentials on your phone during checkout.

If you encounter any hiccups while redeeming your gift card (on or off the internet), reach out to Domino’s customer service at 1 (734) 930-3030.

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How To Check Balance on a Domino’s Gift Card

There are three methods of checking your Domino’s gift card balance. Consult the following table for more details:


How To Check Domino’s Gift Card Balance

Using an online balance checker tool

Open any browser on your PC or phone and go to Domino’s gift card balance checker page. Enter the following details to get your balance:

  1. Gift card number
  2. PIN
  3. Email address used for your account
  4. Phone number attached to your account

You may have to enter a CAPTCHA code to verify you’re not a robot

Visiting a Domino's restaurant

Give your gift card to the cashier—they will check the balance by using a barcode scanner or entering the card credentials in the point-of-sale machine

Calling Domino's customer care

Call 1 (734) 930-3030 to reach out to a customer care executive who can check the balance on your Domino’s gift card

If you’re running low on balance, you can always look for deals offering cheap or free Domino’s gift cards.

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