Free People Gift Card—Everything You Need To Know Free People Gift Card—Everything You Need To Know

Free People Gift Card—Everything You Need To Know

A Dedicated Handbook for a Free People Gift Card

Free People (FP) is one of the finest brands that represent frugal boho-chic fashion in the U.S. From billowy maxi dresses to laidback essentials, the company’s apparels reflect the quintessential hippie aesthetic and are the go-to wardrobe choice for many modern young women. Using a Free People gift card is a convenient way to shop in the company’s online and brick-and-mortar stores—and this guide will help you understand the ins and outs of this payment method. You’ll get the complete lowdown on matters like:

If you like keeping up with trends, you’ll love the earning opportunities that Mode Mobile provides (also showcased in this guide). The company’s innovative products reward many of your ordinary phone-based activities with cash and free gift cards from top clothing and lifestyle brands.

Free People Gift Cards—Where To Redeem

Free People gift cards can be used to purchase all clothing and lifestyle products offered by the company. These cards are available in plastic and digital formats and can be redeemed online or at physical Free People stores. Currently, Free People doesn’t allow inter-country redemption of gift cards—Free People gift cards purchased in the U.S. cannot be used for shopping in the UK or Canada.

Some users wonder whether Free People gift cards can be used at its parent company, Urban Outfitters Inc. As of 2022, FP gift cards are not redeemable with its parent or sister companies.

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How To Use a Free People Gift Card—Online and at Stores

Redeeming a Free People gift card is pretty straightforward. The following table summarizes the steps involved in the process:

Redemption Medium


Physical stores

  1. Visit any Free People store in your city
  2. Choose the items you want to buy
  3. Present your gift card during checkout—if you have a digital gift card, you can carry a printout of the card or show the gift card delivery email to the cashier

In most cases, the cashier will scan the barcode on the card to complete the payment, but sometimes, they may have to enter the gift card code manually


  1. Open Free People’s website or iOS app (there is no app for Android phones at the moment)
  2. Sign in if you have an account (know that Free People also offers a Checkout as a Guest option)
  3. Ensure the currency presented on the top corner of the screen is set to U.S. dollars (or the currency of the gift card you intend to use)
  4. Add the desired products to your cart
  5. Click on the Shopping Bag icon on the top left of the screen
  6. Hit the Proceed to Checkout tab
  7. Add shipping or pickup details to be directed to the payment page
  8. Click on Use a Free People Gift Card
  9. Type in your gift card number and security PIN
  10. Tap on Apply Funds to Your Order
  11. Review the payment summary and place your order

Keep in mind that the checkout screen in Step 6 also displays a Promo Code section—don’t enter your gift card number there as it's meant for redeeming discount codes

Mode Mobile Turns Your Regular Phone Habits Into Income

What if completing regular tasks on your phone could earn you that extra stash of cash you need for shopping? The team at Mode Mobile says—Why not?

Mode Mobile brings you the Mode Earn App and the Mode Earn Phone—products designed to help you collect rewards points for all kinds of activities you do on your smartphone, which can be:

  • Streaming songs
  • Charging the phone
  • Answering surveys
  • Checking the weather or the news
  • Playing games
  • Trying new apps
  • Watching short videos
  • Browsing the web

The reward points you get for these tasks can be redeemed for hundreds of dollars a year in cash and in-kind rewards. All you have to do is download the Mode Earn App—and if you want to earn at a double rate—buy or subscribe to the Mode Earn Phone.

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How To Check a Free People Gift Card Balance

There are three ways to check the balance on plastic or digital Free People gift cards, as explained in the table below:



Using a browser

Follow these steps to check your Free People gift card balance on any browser:

  1. Visit the Free People gift card info page 
  2. Select Check Gift Card Balance—a pop-up window will flash on the screen
  3. Enter your gift card number and PIN in the text box provided
  4. Click on Check Balance

Reaching out to customer care

You can find out your gift card balance anytime by calling (800) 920-5656. Other ways to reach Free People customer service include:

  • Sending a text of your query/issue at (800) 309-1500
  • Communicating via online chat

Visiting a store

You can drop by any Free People store and request the cashier to do a balance check on your card—they will scan the barcode and tell you how much is left on the card

Know that Free People gift cards cannot be reloaded. The company doesn’t mention an expiry date, but according to Federal Law, a gift card issued in the country must be valid for at least five years from the date of activation.

Source: Andrea Piacquadio

How To Purchase a Free People Gift Card

You can purchase a Free People gift card on the company’s website and app, as well as in its retail stores. You may prefer buying the gift card online as it gives you more options in terms of gift card designs and delivery modes. Here’s how to order a Free People gift card online:

  1. Visit Free People’s gift card sale page
  2. Select a physical or digital gift card design
  3. Pick a denomination between $25 and $1,500
  4. Enter the following details:
    1. Recipient’s name
    2. Their email ID or shipping address
    3. A personalized message within 200 characters
  5. Set a delivery time—you can go for instant delivery or schedule a delivery date up to three months away
  6. Complete the payment and place the order

Instant delivery of a Free People eGift card happens within an hour of purchase. If you order a plastic gift card, you can expect it to be delivered in five to seven business days. You can expedite the delivery by opting for paid shipping:

Shipping Type


Delivery Time



3–5 business days



1–2 business days 

Can You Get Free People Gift Cards for Cheap or for Free?

Free People gift cards are not available at third-party retail stores, but you can consider buying them for cheap on online gift card marketplaces, which include:

These platforms sell secondhand gift cards from many big companies like Shein, Apple, Nike, Roblox, Nintendo, Macy’s, Ulta, and Victoria’s Secret. Free People gift cards are not as popular as some of the others, but you can occasionally find them for 2%–10% discounts on websites like CardCash and Raise. Keep in mind that sales on these platforms are not regulated by the issuing retailers—you may not get a refund if you end up with an invalid gift card.

Source: Andrea Piacquadio

There are many web- or app-based platforms that reward users with free gift cards for doing tasks like answering surveys, trying and reviewing new products, and even playing games. The problem is that none of these platforms currently offer Free People gift cards for free. Don’t lose hope—you can still take advantage of the platforms which offer versatile rewards like Visa and Mastercard prepaid cards or even cash!

If you want an easy flow of extra cash for shopping, your best bet is Mode Mobile.

Get Lost in a Wonderland of Rewards With the Mode Earn App

The Mode Earn App is free to download and use—and converts any Android phone into a reward-earning device. You can earn up to $600 with the app—even the simplest of tasks like locking and unlocking your phone will bring points.

The app lets you redeem your earned points for gift cards from top retailers. Get gift cards to shop at Sephora or TJ Maxx, or choose from other options like:

Explore the app’s other available redemption options in the table below:


Redemption Items

Shopping essentials

Long-term investments

  • Stocks
  • Cryptocurrencies

Rewards for gamers

Physical goods

  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Airpods
  • Mini-drones


  • Airtime
  • Charity donations

The Mode Earn App has been downloaded more than 30 million times on Google Play and maintains an enviable rating of 4.4 stars—way higher than that of most other reward-based apps. Over 2.6 million users have reviewed the app, giving it credit for its:

  1. Multiple ways to earn (tasks are optional and tailored to a user’s interests)
  2. Consistent and profitable payout system
  3. Responsive customer support team
  4. In-app deals and offers that give a quick boost of points

The Mode Earn App, at its core, monetizes your regular consumer habits—download it to let your supplemental income bloom.

Source: Google Play

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Rewards Times Two—Earn Unbridled With a Mode Earn Phone

The Mode Earn App is great on any phone—but it’s a big-time money maker when combined with a Mode Earn Phone. The Android-based smartphone has a preloaded Mode Earn App and an earn-as-you-go widget—together, they help you collect reward points at a double rate.

Current Mode Earn Phone users can earn over $1,200 annually. The reward options remain the same, but the effort to earn is minimized because of the widget, which gives you instant access to 16 earning modes, such as:

  • Music Mode
  • Weather Mode
  • News Mode
  • Charge Mode
  • Fitness Mode
  • Surf Mode
  • Cash Mode
  • Games Mode

The Mode Earn Phone is full-featured and compatible with multiple cellular network providers. It packs premium specs like a 6.52-inch HD+ display, refined triple camera lens, face and fingerprint ID, and an octa-core processor, among others:

Source: Mode Mobile

The current model—the Mode Earn Phone MEP2—can be bought or subscribed to. Check out the details:

  1. Buy—pay $109 and get the phone home-delivered
  2. Subscribe—start with a one-month free trial and then pay a monthly subscription fee of $9.99 (billed quarterly)

Regular subscribers to the Mode Earn Phone can get their device replaced with the latest model of the phone every 18 months.

Technically, You Won’t Spend a Dime

The best part about getting a Mode Earn Phone is that you can recover its entire cost within two to three months of active use. The phone’s referral program is also quite attractive—you earn over $50 for every person who gets the device on your referral!

There’s power in generating income out of your leisurely phone time—buy or subscribe to a Mode Earn Phone and start nurturing your finances.

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