Walmart Gift Card Exchange—What Works and What Doesn’t? Walmart Gift Card Exchange—What Works and What Doesn’t?

Walmart Gift Card Exchange—What Works and What Doesn’t?

Is There a Walmart Gift Card Exchange Program? Here’s the Truth!

Most Walmart gift cards are limited-use payment tools—you can only use them at Walmart or its associate stores. If you’re stuck with one you don’t need, you might want to trade it for a more desirable gift card from some other retailer. So, is a Walmart gift card exchange possible, or should you settle with what you have?

Walmart has a strict gift card policy that doesn’t support exchanges except in certain cases involving technical issues. If you want to exchange or even sell your Walmart gift card, you need to explore other legitimate options. In this guide, we’ll help you understand Walmart gift card trade-in alternatives, both at and beyond Walmart.

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Walmart Gift Card Exchange Policy Explained

As of 2022, Walmart’s gift card policy doesn’t allow the exchange of gift cards, irrespective of whether you are the recipient or the buyer. This rule applies to all gift cards sold by the retail giant, including:

The only time Walmart will exchange your gift card is for purely technical reasons related to:

  1. Card loss or damage—If the gift card you received is non-functional or has been lost or stolen, you can reach out to Walmart customer service and ask for a replacement card with the same features. In cases of fraud or theft, this option is available only if the card has balance on it
  2. Consolidation of Walmart eGift cards—If you have several Walmart eGift cards delivered to your email, you can print them all out and have them exchanged for a plastic card of a combined value. Plastic and eGift cards essentially have the same features and are equally accepted at online and brick-and-mortar Walmart stores, so this exchange is more of a convenience tool

Besides the exchange, Walmart's gift card policy also prohibits the use of gift cards for purchasing other gift cards.

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Can You Return Unused Gift Cards to Walmart?

Walmart doesn’t allow the return of gift cards unless required by state law. For example, according to the Walmart Visa gift card Cardholder Agreement, the card is not intended to be used by residents of Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, or Vermont. If you live in one of these states and get a Visa gift card, you can cancel your unused (unregistered and unactivated) card within 30 days of purchase and get a full refund. You do need to provide the original purchase receipt for that.

The company also prohibits cashbacks for small balances on used gift cards unless it is mandated by the state where the company operates.

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What To Do With Unwanted Gift Cards From Walmart

If you don't need a Walmart gift card at this time, you can always store it for future use as they never expire. In case you want some urgent payback on your gift card, you can consider:

  1. Exchanging it for another gift card
  2. Trading it for cash locally

Walmart Gift Card Exchange—Online Platforms

Gift card exchange websites give you the opportunity to swap your gift cards for those offered by other customers. You can find several websites to perform the exchange on, but you should practice caution when choosing one. If you’re new to the gift card exchange process, always choose platforms that have been around for a while and enjoy a good reputation and a steady customer base.

The table below will give you examples of some popular gift card exchange and sale websites:




CardCash is one of the most popular gift card marketplaces that helps you earn between 60%–92% of your gift card’s value, depending on the other exchange options available. If you have a plastic Walmart gift card, you may have to mail it in as specified by the website


The website lets you trade in over 150 brands of gift cards but may require a minimum denomination (usually $25) for each gift card you sell


GameFlip lets you sell prepaid and non-reloadable gift cards (like Walmart and Amazon gift cards) at a discounted price you choose. The website is gamer-friendly and lets you use your proceeds for getting gamecards and in-game items, among other items


Raise is an e-commerce platform that trades in fresh and used gift cards, coupons, etc.


ClipKard is ideal for selling and exchanging physical gift cards from departmental stores and popular restaurants. The website offers you different shipping options based on priority needs

Know that these websites change their sale and exchange policies fairly often. It’s recommended you read the fine print before using these platforms.

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Can You Trade In a Walmart Gift Card for Cash Locally?

Yes, you can trade your Walmart gift card for cash in your immediate community. We’ll look at two options to cash out these cards locally:

  1. Selling your gift card to people in your circle
  2. Working around Walmart’s return policy to get a cash refund

Who Buys Walmart Gift Cards Around You?

Walmart gift cards, like Amazon and Target gift cards, give the holder multiple purchase options. The versatility makes these cards immensely popular, so liquidating them in your immediate community should be easy.

If we’re talking Walmart gift cards, they are especially loved by the elderly and people with busy lifestyles, as these cards can be used for everyday transactions like gas purchases and grocery pickups with Walmart. Once you get the word out, you can connect with several residents who would be interested in getting the cards at discounted values.

How To Trade Gift Cards for Cash at Walmart

Walmart doesn’t let you trade gift cards for cash, but many customers have shared a hack you might want to try. What they do is work around the point-of-sale mechanism at Walmart—they make a purchase with gift cards and cash and get cash refunds by returning the item. This is practically a roundabout exploitation of Walmart’s return policy. You’ll get a clearer picture from the steps broken down below:

  1. Visit a Walmart store and pick a product that’s of greater value than your gift card
  2. Checkout the item, offering to pay for it with a gift card and cash. Make sure you use cash as that’ll register your purchase as a cash transaction
  3. Return the product to the store within 90 days to get a refund as per Walmart’s return policy

Since the transaction was recorded as “paid in cash,” you may get the whole amount as a cash refund. This indirect cash-out method may not work at every store as it’s basically a procedural loophole.

How To Get a Regular Supply of Gift Cards of Your Choice

Whether you want to buy everyday items or splurge on something luxurious, gift cards are handy payment tools, as long as you have the ones from the right retailer! You don’t have to wait for someone to read your mind and buy you a gift card you’d like—how about you start getting them for free?

Here are some cool ways to get your own stash of gift cards from your favorite brands:

  • Participate in market research—Being a consumer is a powerful tool. Many companies run surveys before launching core products in the market, and they compensate the participants handsomely with gift cards and other items. You can find such opportunities on dedicated survey websites and reward apps
  • Check out gift card giveaways—Gift card giveaways don’t guarantee prizes, but the current influencer culture makes them quite popular. Follow high-volume tags like #giveaways and #freebies on Instagram to stay updated on the latest giveaway announcements
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What Does Mode Mobile Offer?

Mode Mobile products are designed to boost your income—you get the best redemption items and cash through your regular phone usage. Doing simple activities like listening to music and charging your phone is enough to start earning with Mode Mobile! Our company offers two cutting-edge products:

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  2. Mode Earn Phone—It’s an advanced Android device that lets you earn twice as much as the app

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Processing power

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How To Get a Mode Earn Phone

You can get your own Mode Earn Phone in two ways:

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