How To Use a Walmart Visa Gift Card—The No-Fuss Guide How To Use a Walmart Visa Gift Card—The No-Fuss Guide

How To Use a Walmart Visa Gift Card—The No-Fuss Guide

Breaking Down How the Walmart Visa Gift Card Works

A basic Walmart gift card, while a practical present, can only be used at Walmart and its associate stores. If you’re looking for a level-up from your basic card, the Walmart Visa gift card is what you need!

Walmart Visa gift card is a stored-value card that can be used anywhere in the U.S. where Visa debit cards are accepted.

While the Walmart Visa gift card promises awesome usage flexibility, getting it from someone out of the blue can leave you with questions about its activation and registration

We have prepared this simplified walkthrough to cover all the technicalities related to this card. Stick with us till the end to learn how to get Walmart and other popular gift cards for free!

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What You Should Know About Visa Prepaid Gift Cards Offered by Walmart

Walmart’s Visa gift card comes with a few convenient features:

  • Flexibility—Most payment portals accept cards issued under the Visa network, making Walmart Visa gift cards versatile payment tools
  • No expiration—Walmart gift cards don’t expire, and the benefit technically extends to their Visa cards as well. Know that the Walmart Visa gift card, like all Visa gift cards, will have an expiry date printed on the card, usually seven years from the purchase date. If your card expires, Walmart offers you a replacement card for no extra fees to honor its no-expiry policy

Here’s some other useful information about Walmart Visa gift cards:

  1. Reloads—Unlike regular prepaid Visa and Mastercard cards, a Walmart Visa gift card is non-reloadable, and you cannot use it to withdraw cash at an ATM or for recurring bills. Once you spend the balance, Walmart recommends you destroy and discard the card in a safe manner. This prevents possible misuse by scammers
  2. Returns—Walmart doesn’t take returns on unwanted gift cards. According to their Visa cardholder agreement, this card is not meant for residents of Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, or Vermont. In case you are from one of these states, you can get a refund when you present a purchase receipt
  3. Item returns and residual cashback—If you return an item you purchased with your Walmart Visa gift card, you’ll get credit on your card. You can’t get cashback for the unspent balance on your card unless you live in U.S. states that have different cashback laws

Do You Have To Activate or Register Your Walmart Visa Gift Card?

Most Walmart gift cards are activated automatically upon purchase, although you may need to register your card in certain cases for security reasons. As of 2022, you should register your card when it:

  • Is worth $250 or more
  • Belongs to a bulk purchase of 25 or more gift cards

Registering your card, whether plastic or digital, will help you:

Here’s how to register a Walmart Visa gift card:

  1. Go to the Walmart Visa Gift Card page
  2. Click on Register
  3. Provide the info on your Walmart Visa gift card (front and back):
    1. The 16-digit gift card number
    2. The 3-digit security code
    3. Expiration date
  4. Enter the activation/registration code sent via email or phone

Once you follow the prompts, your card will be registered and ready for use. Walmart suggests recording your card details somewhere for backup in case your card is stolen or misplaced. If you face issues during registration or your card gets declined even after registration, you should call the customer service number (usually toll-free) provided on the back of the card.

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How To Check a Walmart Visa Gift Card Balance

Unlike for other prepaid cards, checking a gift card balance service is free for Walmart Visa card users. You have two options:

  1. Check the balance on your Visa gift card on Walmart’s website
  2. Use Walmart’s automated phone system by calling 1-866-633-9096

Never share your card details with third-party websites or callers who offer to check your balance since they can be scammers in disguise.

How To Buy a Prepaid Visa Gift Card at Walmart

You can buy Walmart’s Visa gift cards both online and in stores using cash, PayPal, or other popular payment options:

Purchase Mode



You can buy a Visa gift card on Walmart’s website. Customers can choose between a regular plastic card delivered to an address or an eGift card delivered to an email


Walmart Visa gift cards are available at numerous Walmart stores in the U.S. Use this store locator to find the nearest sales point

You can buy a Walmart gift card with balances between $25 and $500. The amount can be spent over one or more transactions. You can also club a gift card with cash or debit and credit cards to complete a transaction.

Are There Any Fees on Walmart Prepaid Visa Gift Cards?

When it comes to the Walmart Visa gift card, these are the charges you should be aware of:

Type of Charge


Purchase fee

$3.44–$5.50 (depending on whether you’re buying a card with a fixed or variable denomination)

Maintenance fee

$0–$0.94 (depending on the associated bank)

The maintenance fee is charged each month only after you fail to purchase anything for 12 consecutive months. No amounts will be deducted once your gift card balance goes nil

Know that the rates above can be updated according to the issuer’s latest policy. 

If you receive a Visa gift card, it’s always prudent to check whether the issuing bank deducts maintenance fees. If they do, try spending the balance before it’s wasted on these charges.

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Can You Swap Your Regular Walmart Gift Cards for a Visa Card?

Since Visa gift cards are so handy, many wonder if they can exchange their basic Walmart gift cards for those with better benefits, such as a Visa or Walmart+ gift card.

Unfortunately, Walmart doesn’t allow the purchase of other gift cards with the ones you have. At best, you can turn to reputable gift card auctions or barter websites to trade your unwanted gift cards for other options, like an Amazon or eBay gift card.

Whether you want a particular gift card or not at the moment, never let it end up unused and forgotten. Instead, you can get some instant cash by selling them in your community or online at face value or a little less.

Can You Get Walmart or Other Gift Cards for Free?

You don’t have to wait until Christmas or your birthday to get gift cards. Why not step up and claim all the gift cards you like?

If you want free gift cards, some of the best ways to earn them are:

  • Giveaways—Many new startups and businesses launch giveaways offering Walmart and Amazon gift cards, among other prizes. You can participate in these giveaways by following related hashtags on Instagram. Some high-volume hashtags include #giveaway, #giveawaycontest, #competition, #contest, and similar
  • Trade-in programs—Some companies, like Walmart, have useful and mutually beneficial trade-in programs where you can exchange old electronic devices or other products for gift cards
  • Reward apps—Reward apps represent excellent earning opportunities for budget-conscious people. Users can do simple activities, like finishing a survey or trying an app, and get points that can be redeemed for gift cards and other incentives

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