Is the Walmart Gift Card Reload Possible? Is the Walmart Gift Card Reload Possible?

Is the Walmart Gift Card Reload Possible?

Is the Walmart Gift Card Reload an Option?

Gift cards are undeniably a great gift option because there are no limitations to your shopping choices except for the store where you have to redeem the gift card. If you love going shopping, you can use gift cards in stores. If you would rather shop from the comfort of your home, you can use them online.

One downside to gift cards is that they are a source of more plastic you have to dispose of when you spend the gifted amount—unless we’re talking about eGift cards. If you have a Walmart gift card with a few bucks on it left and you care about the environment, you might want to know if a Walmart gift card reload is an option.

This article will provide you with everything you need to know about reloading your Walmart gift card and show you how to get free gift cards for Walmart and many other retailers with Mode Mobile’s products.

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Is Reloading a Walmart Gift Card Online Possible?

Unfortunately for the planet, Walmart gift cards are not reloadable, neither online nor in stores, except in the case of a refund. If you purchase something using your gift card and decide to return it, the refund will be processed back to the gift card used to make the purchase.

This policy means that once you spend the entire balance, you can only purchase a new card.

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Why Is It Not Possible To Add Money to a Walmart Gift Card?

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Many stores and businesses sell reloadable gift cards. In some cases, you can even add funds to an unspent gift card and increase the existing balance.

Walmart used to be one of those businesses, but it stopped this practice. The reason was the increasing concern over scams. Even gift cards can be used for all kinds of fraudulent activities that resemble credit card scams. For example, scammers can clone them or exploit programing errors on the merchant’s side, resulting in a data breach.

If you want to have a reloadable card for shopping at Walmart, you can apply for a Walmart MoneyCard.

What Is a Walmart MoneyCard?

A Walmart MoneyCard is a reloadable debit card that comes with multiple benefits. Green Dot issues this card, and it can be either Visa or Mastercard, which means that you can use it practically anywhere in the world.

A Walmart MoneyCard is an excellent option for people who frequently shop at Walmart stores and online. When you apply for this debit card, you get cashback rewards whenever you make a purchase from this retailer.

Here is how much money you can get back:

  1. 3% for purchases made on Walmart’s website
  2. 2% at Walmart fuel stations
  3. 1% at Walmart stores

These benefits translate to up to $75 credited to your account at the end of the reward year. You also get a high-yield savings account with a 2% interest rate. If you deposit money to your savings account via the mobile app, you will automatically enter a competition and get a chance to win a $1,000 prize and almost a thousand more cash prizes every month.

The downside is the monthly maintenance fee of $5.94, but you can waive it if you receive payroll via this account or deposit $500 or more every month.

How Does a Walmart MoneyCard Differ From a Walmart Gift Card?

The main difference between a Walmart gift card and a Walmart MoneyCard is that gift cards are stored-value cards (SVC). It means that the funds you can spend are stored on the card itself, not on an account managed by a bank. When you use a gift card as a payment method, there is no need for the payment collection terminals to access any bank networks. The funds are withdrawn from the card directly. This is where the scam concern comes from.

Funds on a prepaid debit card are not stored on the card itself but in an external account. When someone uses these cards to pay for something, a payment collection terminal has to communicate with the network hosted by the financial institution that maintains the account. For this reason, scams are much less likely, and you can transfer the funds to your prepaid card whenever you want and as much as you want.

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How To Reload a Walmart MoneyCard

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To reload your Walmart MoneyCard, you can always transfer money from your bank account online, but there are several other ways to get this done. You can see the most convenient methods in the table below, along with the steps you need to take:

Reloading Method

Steps To Take

Walmart MoneyCard App

  1. Create a secure deposit code 
  2. Show the code to a cashier at a Walmart store
  3. Deposit between $20 and $1,500

Walmart Rapid Reload

  1. Go to the nearest Walmart store
  2. Inform the cashier that you want to deposit money to your Walmart MoneyCard
  3. Swipe your card at the register


  1. Buy a MoneyPak
  2. Go to the MoneyPak website
  3. Create a secure login
  4. Verify your mobile phone number
  5. Enter your prepaid card number—it will be loaded with the funds available on your MoneyPak

Deposit checks

  1. Open the Walmart MoneyCard app
  2. Log in
  3. Select Deposit
  4. Click on Deposit a Check
  5. Sign the back of the check and add “for mobile deposit only”
  6. Follow the other on-screen instructions to finalize the process

Can You Reload a Walmart MoneyCard With Direct Deposit?

It is possible to use direct deposit to reload your Walmart MoneyCard. You can deposit your paycheck or government benefits, such as:

  • Pension payments
  • Social Security benefits
  • Supplemental Security Income
  • State unemployment benefits
  • Veterans' benefits

If you want to deposit your paycheck or government benefits to your Walmart debit card directly, you first have to check if your payroll or benefits office offers this option. If it does, get your deposit account number and bank routing number and provide them to your payroll or benefits office.

Can You Reload Your Walmart MoneyCard With a Walmart Gift Card?

You can't reload a Walmart MoneyCard or any other debit or credit card with any kind of gift card. Essentially, this process can be considered money laundering, which is illegal. The same goes for buying another gift card with a Walmart gift card.

You can only use a Walmart gift card to buy gas from Murphy USA gas stations and purchase products from Walmart stores, the Walmart website, or Sam's Club.

You can try to get cash for your gift card and then use that money to reload the debit card. Some states require retailers to give cashback for the remaining balance on gift cards, but in most cases, it is for balances of up to $10. If your state is not one of them, you can try gift card exchange websites, such as:

The only problem with this option is that you won't receive the exact amount on the gift card. For a gift card in high demand, you can get up to 90% of its value.

Source: Sophia Müller

This is one way to get into some extra cash to reload your Walmart card, but you can do better than that. You can make some additional income while doing fun activities on your phone and even get free Walmart gift cards the same way. You won't have to worry about reloading your old gift card or the environmental impact you make.

How Can You Make More Income and Get Free Gift Cards by Using Your Phone?

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