Walmart Gift Card Purchase Restrictions [Explained] Walmart Gift Card Purchase Restrictions [Explained]

Walmart Gift Card Purchase Restrictions [Explained]

Walmart Gift Card Purchase Restrictions and Usage Terms You Should Know About

If you’ve been holding on to Walmart gift cards not knowing what you’re supposed to buy, you’re not alone. Can they be applied to every single product cataloged by the company, or are certain items off the table?

Understanding the Walmart gift card purchase restrictions and other terms of usage will help you shop with confidence and avoid unnecessary confusion or delays during checkout. This guide covers all important aspects of this matter, including the rules related to:

  • Number of cards you can use in one transaction
  • Return of the products purchased with a gift card
  • Walmart gift card expiration

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What Can You Buy—General Walmart Gift Card Terms and Conditions

According to Walmart’s gift card policy, you can use their basic gift card to buy anything at the store, website, or app unless mentioned otherwise on the card. Besides Walmart stores, you can also spend the card on the products or services from:

  1. Sam’s Club—Sam’s Club is owned and operated by Walmart, and it accepts this company’s gift cards as a payment method. The catch is, if you don’t have a Sam’s Club membership, you’ll have to pay a 10% service fee for every purchase
  2. Select gas stations—You can use your Walmart gift card to fuel up at:
    1. Walmart and Sam’s Club gas stations
    2. Murphy gas stations located near the Walmart stores (Murphy Express stores excluded)
  3. Walmart Marketplace and Neighborhood Markets—You can exhaust your gift card balance at any of these Walmart sub-stores for groceries, prescription meds, and much more 
  4. Vudu—If you like streaming, you can also use your Walmart gift card to pay for videos and subscriptions at Vudu's website or app

There is, unfortunately, one purchase restriction applicable to all Walmart gift cards. As of 2022, you cannot use your gift card to buy other gift cards—be it the ones sold online or at the store. Walmart gift cards have to be used for their intended purpose, so returning or exchanging them isn’t an option as well.

Purchase Restrictions on Particular Walmart Gift Cards

If you have anything other than a basic Walmart gift card, you should check the front or back of the card for info on specific purchase restrictions. Some cards don’t allow the purchase of particular items, including:

  • Cigarettes
  • Tobacco
  • Firearms
  • Alcohol
  • Lottery tickets

Those gift cards are usually suitable as presents for minors.

Check out the purchase restrictions (or the lack of them) for other types of Walmart gift cards below:

  1. Walmart specialty gift cards—These gift cards are issued in collaboration with third-party retailers like iTunes or Subway. They can only be used at participating outlets of the retailer mentioned on the card
  2. Walmart Plus gift cards—These cards can only be used to pay for a Walmart Plus membership
  3. Walmart Visa gift cardsThey are not regular gift cards and can be used anywhere Visa cards are accepted. These cards can be used beyond Walmart and literally have no purchase restrictions as long as they are registered and activated.

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Many shoppers have been confused about being unable to use Walmart gift cards for grocery pickups. The truth is, groceries were never a restricted item, but buying them through Walmart’s standalone grocery app was impractical. The app was designed in a way that wouldn’t let you use regular gift cards during checkout.

The Walmart grocery app has since been discontinued. The company currently offers a consolidated grocery and shopping app that allows you to add gift cards as a payment option.

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Earning Tasks

Redemption Options

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  • Listening to music
  • Surfing the net
  • Trying new apps
  • Finishing surveys
  • Reading the news
  • Watching short videos
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  • Airtime
  • Prepaid Mastercards
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  • Crypto
  • Stocks
  • Donations to select charities

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How Much Money Can You Put On a Walmart Gift Card?

Walmart gift cards have a value limit—you can put anywhere between $5 to $500 on each card. The user can exhaust the value over multiple transactions or a single one.

Can You Use Multiple Gift Cards for a Purchase at Walmart?

Yes, you can redeem several gift cards at once for both online and in-store Walmart purchases.

How To Combine Walmart Gift Cards for Online Purchases

If you want to exhaust your gift cards online, you must start with adding individual card details to your account. At present, you can add up to five gift cards (both plastic and digital) to your account, but the balance cannot exceed $1,000 at a time. 

To use the cards, follow these steps:

  1. Add your product(s) to your cart and proceed to pay
  2. Click Gift Cards on the Payment Method screen
  3. Select your saved gift card(s) or add a new one

If the order is worth more than the total value of gift cards added, you may have to use a debit or credit card as a secondary payment option. Once the payment is complete, you can check your transaction history to confirm your gift card has been exhausted.

How Many Walmart Gift Cards Can You Use in Store?

Walmart stores currently don’t have an upper limit on the number of gift cards you use during checkout. All you have to do is give them to the cashier during checkout.

If you want to use your eGift cards for in-store purchases, take a printout of each card you want to use and give it to the cashier so that they can scan the barcodes more easily.

According to Walmart’s eGift card policy, you can also bring your eGift cards to the store and get a single plastic gift card for the total value.

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Walmart Gift Card Policy—Purchase Returns and Cashback Rules

If you return a product you purchased with your Walmart gift card, you’ll receive the credit back on the card. If you made the original payment with both gift card and cash, the store manager may agree to refund you the entire amount in cash.

Note that you shouldn’t expect cashback for a tiny balance left on your used Walmart gift card unless required by law. Certain U.S. states have statutes that require retailers to refund low-value gift cards. You can find the relevant states with corresponding maximum cashback thresholds in the table below:


Cashback Threshold











New Jersey




Rhode Island






How Long Do Walmart Gift Cards Last?

Walmart gift cards are not reloadable, so they’ll last you as long as they have balance. 

One of the most defining features of a Walmart gift card is it doesn’t expire. If you have a high-denomination gift card that you don’t intend to use in the near future, it would be wise to record its credentials somewhere safe. This will help you redeem the card in case it’s lost, stolen, or misplaced.

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