Can You Get Cash Back on a Walmart Gift Card? [Top Guide] Can You Get Cash Back on a Walmart Gift Card? [Top Guide]

Can You Get Cash Back on a Walmart Gift Card? [Top Guide]

Can You Get Cash Back on a Walmart Gift Card? Here’s the Whole Truth!

Walmart gift cards are some of the more versatile stored-value cards in the market. From home appliances to groceries, you can exhaust them towards a wide pool of products and services. In case you don’t have anything to buy right now, you may ask—can you get cash back on a Walmart gift card? 

While liquidating gift cards is a tempting prospect, the basic answers on the internet aren’t exactly transparent. Worst case scenario—you click on some shady website and lose your valuable gift card to some scammers.

If you want to take cash off your Walmart gift card, you must figure out the essentials that include:

  • The core gift card policy of Walmart Inc.
  • The current consumer practices around encashing gift cards

This guide will address all your doubts and help you cash out your Walmart gift card in a safe way!

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Getting Cash Back on Gift Cards—What Does Walmart's Gift Card Policy Say?

The Walmart gift card policy is pretty clear about cash returns and refunds. As of 2022, you cannot return this company's gift cards to any Walmart store or request a refund for them. This applies to:

  1. Basic Walmart gift cards
  2. Specialty Walmart cards launched in collaboration with third-party retailers like iTunes or SUBWAY
  3. Gift cards carrying Walmart plus membership benefits

Despite the company’s strict no-returns policy for gift cards, there is a little legal loophole you can work around. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, certain states in the U.S. require retailers to pay cash for gift cards that have a small balance left in them, usually between $0.99 and $9.99.

Which U.S. States Allow Cash Returns on Gift Cards?

The table below lists the states with statutory gift card cash back laws along with their corresponding maximum refundable amounts:


Maximum Amount Allowed for Cash Back











New Jersey




Rhode Island






If you have an eligible Walmart gift card from any of the jurisdictions mentioned above, visit your local store and ask for the residual balance in cash. If the store cashier or manager isn’t sure about the return, you can reach out to Walmart’s customer service and ask them to assist you with this matter.

Remember that Walmart’s gift cards are issued in denominations between $5 and $500. As far as encashing whole unused cards is concerned, you can only do so in California and Colorado, which allow cash returns for up to $9.99 and $5, respectively.

These state-wise cash back laws have been made to protect the interests of consumers who end up with petty balances on their gift cards that cannot be exhausted with regular purchases.

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Can Walmart Visa Gift Cards Be Converted to Cash?

Walmart’s Visa gift cards come in fixed denominations in the range of $25–$500 and are not reloadable. They offer higher usage flexibility than the regular gift cards issued by the company. Once registered, you can use your Walmart Visa gift card with multiple vendors that accept Visa as a payment method.

While you cannot use Visa gift cards to withdraw cash from an ATM, a popular way to convert them to real cash online is through PayPal. There are two ways to do that—you can:

  1. Add the Visa gift card as a payment method on PayPal and use it as real money to:
    1. Pay one-time bills
    2. Honor a purchase
  2. Top up your account balance with the Visa gift card and send the amount to another PayPal account you operate. The transfer charge would be about 3%. You can then withdraw the received amount through your attached bank or debit card as regular cash

Are There Other Ways To Liquidate Walmart Gift Cards?

If you want to cash out your Walmart gift card, you can check out one of the following three options:

  1. Trade the gift card with your family or friends
  2. Sell or exchange the gift card online
  3. Use the gift card with a cash purchase at a Walmart store

How To Trade Walmart Gift Cards With Friends and Family

Since Walmart gift cards are always in demand, selling them to people in your network should be easy. You can give them away at face value or discounted prices—it’s up to you. 

Remind the purchaser to activate the card before use (as per Walmart’s policy) in the following cases:

  • The value of the gift card is $250 or more
  • It is part of a bulk purchase of more than 25 gift cards

How To Sell or Exchange Gift Cards Online

If you don’t have anyone to trade Walmart gift cards with, you can always go online to find buyers at auction websites. You usually get around 80%–90% of the face value through such transactions.

In case you have several Walmart digital gift cards of small denominations, you can take printouts of them and take them to your nearest Walmart store. You can request the staff to put the consolidated value on a plastic gift card and then sell it online.

While Walmart doesn’t let you use your gift card to buy other gift cards sold by them, you can do so through legit gift exchange websites. These websites allow you to swap your Walmart gift cards for those from other retailers like Amazon, Starbucks, PayPal, and similar. Before going on any website trading in gift cards, ensure it is a reputable one and has a steady line of customers.

Source: Brooke Cagle

How Does Using a Walmart Gift Card Along With Cash Work?

There is a roundabout way to get cash out of your gift card by using Walmart’s return policy. It’s basically working your way around the point-of-sale system at Walmart stores to get a cash refund instead of a gift card credit. Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Visit a Walmart store and buy something of greater value than your gift card
  2. Use your gift card during checkout and pay the extra sum in cash (the cashier will record the sale as a cash transaction)
  3. Return the item within 90 days as per the store’s return policy. Since the transaction was recorded as in-cash, you’ll be refunded likewise

This method may work but is rather twisted and time-consuming. It’s better to sell your gift card through straightforward means online or offline.

What Happens if You Hold On to Walmart Gift Cards?

Walmart gift cards never expire and don’t have too many purchase restrictions, so holding on to them isn’t a bad idea. You can store them for years and redeem them whenever you feel like shopping at Walmart’s brick-and-mortar and online stores. Many customers conveniently use these gift cards to buy gas at Walmart gas stations, which usually offer cheaper rates than other fuel stations.

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