How To Add a Mastercard Gift Card to PayPal How To Add a Mastercard Gift Card to PayPal

How To Add a Mastercard Gift Card to PayPal

Using a Mastercard Gift Card on PayPal—A Simplified Guide

A Mastercard gift card can be conveniently exhausted online and in stores, but what about using it with payment systems like PayPal? Adding your Mastercard gift card to PayPal would make sense, especially if you’re a regular user of this payment platform. 

In this article, you will learn how to link your Mastercard gift card and prepaid Mastercard with your PayPal account.

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How Can I Add a Mastercard Gift Card to PayPal?

According to PayPal’s user agreement, you can currently add gift cards from the following four merchants only:

  1. Mastercard
  2. Visa
  3. American Express (AMEX)
  4. Discover

If you want to exhaust your Mastercard gift card balance for a PayPal transaction, you can:

  • Provide the card details directly during checkout
  • Add the card to your personal account beforehand

Based on the experiences shared by PayPal users, adding a gift card to your account comes in super handy, especially if the gift card holds a considerably large balance and you want to exhaust it over multiple online transactions. Here’s how you connect your Mastercard gift card to PayPal:

  1. Log in to your PayPal account
  2. Navigate to your PayPal Wallet
  3. Click on Link a card
  4. Enter your card details as prompted, such as:
    1. Card number
    2. Name on the card (if you don’t have a personalized gift card with your name, add whatever’s printed in place of the name, e.g., “A GIFT FOR YOU”)
    3. Expiry date
    4. PIN
  5. Click on Save

Once you’ve punched in your card details, you will be taken to the issuer’s page for verification. You’ll receive an authentication code on a phone number (or email, in case it’s an eGift card) linked to your card. Enter the code on the verification page, and your gift card will be ready to use on PayPal. It will appear along with the other debit or credit cards you’ve added to your account.

What To Do After I’ve Used My Gift Card

Gift cards are only good until they’ve balance left on them. Once you exhaust the balance, it’s better to remove the Mastercard gift card from your list of cards to prevent confusion during transactions. Follow these steps to remove a card:

  1. Go to your PayPal Wallet or Payment Methods
  2. Select the Mastercard gift card and hit the Edit button
  3. Click on Remove Card

Many users complain about being unable to remove a card if their account has a negative balance. In such cases, you must take steps to bring your balance to zero or higher before proceeding with the card removal.


How Can I Use a Prepaid Mastercard on PayPal?

A prepaid card essentially works similar to a gift card, the only difference being that prepaid cards can be reloaded with cash indefinitely. PayPal allows linking your account with any prepaid card as long as it has a Mastercard, Visa, Amex, or Discover logo on it. The process of adding the card is the same—log in to your PayPal account and link the prepaid Mastercard to it like you would any other card.

Remember that, unlike gift cards, most prepaid cards impose numerous fees and charges, such as balance inquiry fees and transaction fees. Always ensure your prepaid card has enough balance to cover both—the value of a transaction and the fees associated with it.

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PayPal Is Not Accepting Prepaid Mastercard—What Can I Do?

If you are struggling to use your Mastercard gift card or prepaid card on PayPal, the reason could be a verification or a transaction issue. Refer to the table below for solutions:

Reason for Card Refusal


Verification failure

Your card won’t load to your PayPal account if there is a hiccup during the verification process, usually related to:

In such cases, you need to contact the issuing bank for support. The service phone number is usually provided at the front or back of a Mastercard

Incompatible transaction

Certain prepaid or gift cards may be unfit for select situations, such as:

  • Foreign transactions (although many Mastercard prepaid cards are enabled for international usage these days)
  • Recurring bills (PayPal doesn’t allow connecting limited-value cards for recurring bills, but certain cards, like the Emerald Prepaid Mastercards, may be acceptable because they come with features that make year-round usage possible)

If PayPal doesn’t accept your card, try redeeming it at popular e-commerce websites like Amazon or Walmart. In case the card is rejected everywhere, you may have to reach out to Mastercard customer service for help.

Can I Transfer Money From a Prepaid Mastercard to PayPal or Bank Account?

Many users are curious whether they can top-up their PayPal Cash account balance with their prepaid Mastercard or gift card. Currently, there is no option to do so, but only because it would be redundant. PayPal cash and linked cards can be used interchangeably at various payment terminals. As long as you add your card to your account, you are free to exhaust its balance towards any eligible transaction. If you want to reload your PayPal Cash account, you can do it only through a linked bank account.

Adding your Mastercard balance to your bank account may be a bit complicated but is still doable if you have two PayPal accounts (essentially accounts linked to different email addresses).

To execute this, follow the steps below:

  1. Link your gift card to one PayPal account and your bank account to another
  2. Transfer the balance from your gift card to the first PayPal account 
  3. Move the money from the first PayPal account to the one connected to your bank account
  4. Cash out the money

PayPal charges about 3% for such transfers, which have to be paid out of your gift card or prepaid card, as the case may be.


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