How To Check a Mastercard Gift Card Balance [Detailed Guide] How To Check a Mastercard Gift Card Balance [Detailed Guide]

How To Check a Mastercard Gift Card Balance [Detailed Guide]

How To Check Your Mastercard Gift Card Balance [Available Methods]

If you’ve lost track of how much money is left on your Mastercard gift card, you’re not alone. While these cards can be redeemed at multiple online and in-store terminals, you usually don’t get transaction notifications or balance-update texts for them.

Knowing your Mastercard gift card balance will help you manage the remaining funds. The problem is that there is no singular way of checking your gift card balance—you must follow the specific instructions rolled out by the particular merchant that issued the card. If this sounds too confusing, don’t worry! In this guide, we will present all available methods of checking the balance on a Mastercard gift card and a prepaid Mastercard. We’ll also reveal an efficient way to earn free gift cards by performing everyday activities on your phone!

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How To See How Much Money Is on a Mastercard Gift Card

The process of checking the balance on your gift card depends on who issued the card. Currently, Mastercard and Visa gift cards are offered by a variety of merchants, including:

Most issuers let you check the balance on your card via one or more of the following methods:

  1. Calling a service number
  2. Using a designated website or an app
  3. Visiting a store

Mastercard Gift Card Balance Check—Phone Number You Should Dial

You can check your Mastercard gift card balance by calling:

  • The number provided by the card issuer
  • Mastercard customer care

Refer to the table below to get more info on each option:

Contact Option


Number designated by the card issuer

This number is generally printed on the front or back of your Mastercard gift card. As for eGift cards, you can find the number in your delivery email. Dialing these numbers usually gets you to an automated calling system, so you may not hear from an actual representative. Follow these steps to get your balance information:

  1. Dial the customer care number
  2. Wait for a response from the automated system
  3. Provide your card number and PIN when directed to hear your balance details

You’ll get your gift card balance information in 5–10 minutes

Mastercard customer care

If you cannot find the customer care number specified by the issuer, you can call Mastercard Assistance Center at 1-800-627-8372. It’s a general support number that deals with a variety of customer issues. You can ask a live agent about your gift card balance directly, but the wait time is usually around 40–50 minutes

Don’t call unverified customer care numbers to avoid the risk of sharing your valuable card details with potential scammers on the other end of the line.

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How To Check Mastercard Gift Card Balance Online

If you find calling customer care time-consuming, you should try checking your gift card balance online—via the app or website specified by the card issuer. For example, you can check your Mastercard Vanilla gift card balance on the OneVanilla website—the web address is usually provided at the back of the card.

Follow these steps to check your Mastercard gift card balance online:

  1. Go to the designated website or app
  2. Sign up or create an account (if asked)
  3. Navigate to the balance check tab
  4. Enter your card details—card number, expiration date, and PIN

After you submit the details, the gift card balance will pop up on the screen, usually along with the transaction history. Note that for the feature to work, your card has to be activated and registered beforehand.

A word of caution—you’ll find a host of third-party websites offering to provide you with your gift card balance details, but not all of them are legit. People have lost around $3.8 million in gift card frauds in 2021 alone, and scammers usually operate by baiting you with texts and fake websites. If you have to check your gift card balance, it’s wise to do so only on the website printed on the card.

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How To Perform a Mastercard Gift Card Balance Check at Stores

You can check your Mastercard gift card balance at stores by making a small purchase, say between $1 and $5. Use the card in question during checkout. The cashier will print out a receipt for the purchase, which should display the remaining balance on the card. Keep in mind that the card will be declined if it doesn’t have sufficient funds.

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How To Check Balance on a Prepaid Mastercard

A Mastercard prepaid card technically works like a gift card with a reload feature, so both these cards have similar balance-checking methods. That being said, prepaid cards do offer you more options to stay up-to-date on your balance.

The table below outlines various available methods of checking your prepaid Mastercard balance:




Most prepaid cards offer both calling and texting options to check your balance. You’ll find the relevant numbers printed on the card


You generally need to have an account on the app or website to access all features of your prepaid Mastercard. You can easily check your balance and transaction history via your account


If you bought your prepaid card from a retail location (like a drugstore or a gas station), you can visit the retailer in question and ask them to check the balance. The cashier will run your card and let you know how much balance you have left


Most prepaid cards can be used at select ATMs for cash withdrawal or balance inquiries. There is usually a service fee involved—for example, you have to pay $1.50 every time you check the balance on an Emerald Prepaid Mastercard

How To Use Up the Last Few Dollars on a Mastercard Gift Card

Mastercard gift cards are not reloadable, and you cannot transfer the balance to a bank account either. If you’re stuck with a Mastercard gift card with a small balance, you don’t have to let it go to waste. You can:

You can also donate your gift card to a local or international charity of your choice.

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