How To Get Cash From a Mastercard Gift Card [Decoded] How To Get Cash From a Mastercard Gift Card [Decoded]

How To Get Cash From a Mastercard Gift Card [Decoded]

How To Get Cash From a Mastercard Gift Card—Methods That Work

A Mastercard gift card is a type of prepaid card that stores limited funds and is not reloadable. Since the card is not linked to a bank account like a debit or a credit card, you cannot use it for direct cash withdrawals at ATMs. So, how to get cash from a Mastercard gift card? Are there safe and legitimate ways to do so, or should you stick to using the card for online and in-store purchases?

If you want to learn how to turn your Mastercard gift card or prepaid Mastercard into cash, you’re in the right place. In this guide, we’ll explore legitimate options to:

  • Cash out a Mastercard gift card
  • Convert a prepaid Mastercard to cash

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How To Convert a Mastercard Gift Card to Cash

Mastercard gift cards are open-loop cards that can be redeemed at any place that accepts Mastercard as a payment method. Despite their versatility, you may want to get cash off your card—which can be a little tricky.

The issue with cashing out your gift card is that you cannot use them at ATMs like traditional cards. If you really need the cash, you have to settle for roundabout methods that won’t necessarily give you the full value on the card.

Currently, you can get cash for your Mastercard gift card in three ways:

  1. Liquidating the card through various channels
  2. Transferring the funds from the card to your PayPal account
  3. Buying a money order with the gift card

Where To Liquidate a Mastercard Gift Card

You can liquidate your Mastercard gift card—plastic or digital—locally or through online channels.

To sell your gift card locally, get the word out to your friends, family, and acquaintances to see if anyone would be interested in your gift card for a discounted price. Many towns also have gift card kiosks that allow you to deposit your gift card and collect a reduced percentage of its value. These kiosks are usually self-service machines, but it’s no longer easy to find one because many of them have shut down during the pandemic.

As for online channels, you’ll find several websites that facilitate the sale or exchange of gift cards issued by various retailers and card networks. Let’s take a look at some options in the table below:




You can sell your gift card at Raise for up to 85% of its stored value. The website also lets you trade in partially used gift cards


GIFTDEALS provides two different platforms, CardSwapper and Prepaid2Cash, where you can sell your unused gift cards


Gameflip offers to buy unused, prepaid, and non-reloadable gift cards for discounted prices. You can also exchange your gift cards for popular in-game items like Roblox cards and Riot points


CardCash offers to buy gift cards for around 90% of their value, but many users have complained about the site being unsafe to use

The reliability of these websites is often questionable, so you should do your research before selling your gift card online.

Source: un-perfekt

Can You Get Cash Back From a Mastercard Gift Card Using PayPal?

If you’re looking for a more reliable way to cash out your gift card, you can always send the money to yourself via PayPal! For this to work, you need to have two PayPal accounts, i.e., accounts attached to different email addresses. Link your Mastercard gift card to one of the accounts and follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to the account linked to your Mastercard gift card
  2. Use the card to send money to your second account—the transaction carries a fee of around 3%
  3. Log in to your second account to verify you’ve received the funds—the amount will show up on your online wallet, but you can also transfer it to your bank account and cover the money transfer fees charged by your bank

While this method may be dependable, the multi-stage transfer charges are a turn-off for many users. Note that you can still cash out about 95% of your gift card’s value via such transfers, which is better than the discounted deals offered by gift card exchange websites.

If you don’t want to lose a part of your gift card balance in transfer charges, the next best option would be to forward it to:

  • Digital wallets like Venmo
  • Online gift card wallets on versatile e-commerce websites (like Amazon)

How To Get a Money Order With Your Mastercard Gift Card

If you want to convert your Mastercard gift card to cash, use it to buy a money order in your own name.

A money order is a paper document that works similar to a check—it allows the payee to get cash for the amount it holds. If you want the cash for yourself, you have to put your own name as the payee.

You can purchase a money order by giving cash or guaranteed funds to the cashier at designated places, such as:

  • Post offices
  • Retail stores like Walmart
  • Banks and credit unions
  • CVS pharmacies

Currently, you can also pay for money orders with cash, debit cards, and prepaid Mastercard or Visa cards (including gift cards). Certain locations, like Walmart, don't accept credit cards for these orders.

Once you have the money order, cash it out at any local bank. You can also store the document and cash it out at a future date, as funds on a money order never expire.

The purchase fees for money orders are usually between 65 cents to $1.50, depending on the location. There are also caps on the maximum value of money orders you can take out in a day.

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How To Get Cash From a Prepaid Mastercard

A select few prepaid cards can be used to withdraw cash at particular ATMs. Prepaid cards with ATM access are usually issued by top banks, financial institutions, and similar organizations. Some examples of ATM-enabled prepaid cards include Emerald Prepaid Mastercards and Brinks Prepaid Mastercards.

ATM-enabled prepaid Mastercards can generally be used at ATMs with Mastercard, Maestro, or Cirrus brand marks. You have to register or activate your card online to enjoy this feature.

You can expect a fee of $3–$4 per domestic withdrawal, while a withdrawal at a foreign ATM will typically cost you around 4% of the transaction value.

Source: Liliana Drew

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