Learn All About Personalized Mastercard Gift Cards Learn All About Personalized Mastercard Gift Cards

Learn All About Personalized Mastercard Gift Cards

An Exclusive Guide to Creating Personalized Mastercard Gift Cards!

Mastercard gift cards can be used online and in stores and are accepted virtually anywhere, which makes them convenient presents. While any recipient would love to receive such a versatile spending card as a gift, you may still want to add a personal touch to your gesture.

Going for personalized Mastercard gift cards is a definite level-up from basic gift cards if you’re looking to make receivers feel special. You get to spice up a bland gift card with pictures and messages of your choice—but where do you order these customized prepaid cards from?

This guide will answer all your questions about personalized Mastercard gift cards, including where to buy and how to customize them. We’ll also show you how Mode Mobile's products can help you earn all kinds of gift cards and cash prizes by using your phone!

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What Is a Personalized Mastercard Gift Card?

A personalized Mastercard gift card is similar to any other gift or prepaid card issued by this card company. It comes with general information—a card number, an expiry date, and a PIN that can be used to make purchases anywhere Mastercard or Visa cards are accepted.

What makes a personalized Mastercard gift card stand out is its customized appearance. Depending on the issuing merchant, you can customize a gift card with various elements, including:

  • Name—Most Mastercard gift cards usually have generalized tags, like A GIFT FOR YOU, printed on them. If you opt for personalized gift cards, you can get the name of the recipient printed or embedded on the front of the card, like a standard debit or credit card. Many retailers also let you add your name on the card (as the sender), something along the lines of From X To Y
  • Photo—You can add a personal photo or a design theme to make a Mastercard gift card correspond to a particular person or occasion
  • Message—Adding a purposeful message to your gift card increases its appeal and creates a lasting impact on the receiver. You can write your own message or choose among the generic ones, such as Thank You, Congratulations!, or Miss You, offered by the retailer. If you go for a plastic gift card, your message will most likely be printed on a small greeting card. In the case of Mastercard eGift cards, the message will be sent in the delivery email or SMS

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Where Can You Purchase a Personalized Mastercard Gift Card?

Mastercard gift cards are available for purchase both online and at brick-and-mortar stores, but currently, only online merchants offer the personalization option. Retail stores—like Walmart, Target, etc.—usually sell pre-packaged gift cards with standard designs. Note that certain banks and financial institutions may allow customization of their Mastercard gift cards upon request.

Most online retailers let you customize your gift card, especially if you’re buying digital ones, to some degree—like letting you pick a festival- or occasion-based template. Certain merchants offer immersive customization options, and we’ve compiled the most popular ones in the table below:




Mastercard offers a variety of personalized gift cards on its website. You usually get to choose a design template and message for your card, and if you opt for digital delivery, you can send the card to users all over the world


The website lets you:

  • Create a custom design
  • Add the receiver’s name (within 20 characters)
  • Write a personalized text (within 18 characters)


If you pick a Mastercard Perfect gift card, you can:

  • Use the intended user’s photo as the card background
  • Add a personalized message (up to two lines) to be printed on the card

These cards are available in denominations of $10–$500, but the value must be a multiple of five

Gift Card Granny

Gift Card Granny offers similar options as PerfectGift.com but lets you add a thoughtful, personalized greeting card to the gift card for an additional cost of $1.50

How To Create Customized Gift Cards From Mastercard

The process of creating a customized gift card depends on the website you're using. That being said, the general steps involved in the process are more or less the same—you should:

  1. Go to the vendor website of your choice
  2. Click on Buy a gift card or similar
  3. Choose between Visa or Mastercard gift card, if prompted
  4. Choose between a physical or digital gift card
  5. Enter the amount of your choice
  6. Click on Add a photo or Customize your card, as the case may be
  7. Select a design template from the website gallery or upload a photo from your device—many websites ask you to follow their guidelines related to the size and contents of the photo
  8. Go to the custom card text section and add one or more of the following:
    1. The receiver’s name
    2. Your name
    3. Message on the card
  9. Approve the final look
  10. Add other details as asked—for example, an additional greeting card message, the delivery date, time zone, etc.
  11. Enter the recipient's address, email, or phone number
  12. Pay for the gift card and place the order

Note that the order of these steps may vary on different websites. The process hardly takes five minutes if you have a clear idea of how you want to personalize the card.

Personalized Mastercard Gift Cards—Fees and Delivery

Personalization is usually free for digital cards—all you have to pay for is the value of the card and the purchase fee. If you’re buying a plastic gift card, you may have to pay additional fees for printing and shipping.

As far as delivery is concerned, digital Mastercard gift cards are delivered almost immediately after the purchase—there may be a slight delay due to the processing time. Plastic personalized gift cards are usually shipped after the day of purchase, although some merchants offer same-day shipping at an additional cost.

How To Use Personalized Mastercard Gift Cards

Customizing a gift card is merely for aesthetic or personal value—the user still has to register or activate the card to be able to use it, just like any other Mastercard gift card.

Once the card is activated, the recipient can use the unique card number and PIN to shop at stores or make online purchases at e-commerce websites. The card is also suitable for:

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Can Custom Mastercard Gift Cards Be Reloaded?

No, a Mastercard gift card cannot be reloaded, whether personalized or not—the user can redeem it at multiple locations until the card balance is exhausted. If you want the recipient to enjoy the benefits of reloadable cards, you have to gift them standard prepaid cards like an Emerald Prepaid Mastercard, a Greenlight Prepaid Mastercard, or a Walmart MoneyCard or Visa card. These cards can also be used to withdraw cash at select ATMs, which may come in handy for your intended recipient.

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