The Best Place To Get Gift Cards—A Brief Guide The Best Place To Get Gift Cards—A Brief Guide

The Best Place To Get Gift Cards—A Brief Guide

What Is the Best Place To Get Gift Cards?

Gift cards are amazing presents for any occasion, especially if you can’t think of a perfect gift or don’t know whether the giftee would appreciate that shirt that’s caught your eye. If you want to buy a gift card, where do you do it to get the best value?

In this article, we’ll show you the best places to get gift cards. We’ll also explain how you can earn free gift cards by using your phone.

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Where To Get Gift Cards

Today, every larger retailer offers gift cards, and even mom-and-pop stores have started selling them. If you’re looking for a specific store’s gift card, you can get them directly from the issuer.

You’ll receive a gift card you can redeem in a 1:1 value ratio, meaning that a $100 gift card will cost you $100. The exception to this is if you stumble upon a discount or a two-for-one deal.

You can also buy gift cards online on e-marketplaces, but make sure to read the terms and conditions. Many stores place restrictions—for example, you may only be able to use these gift cards online.

Aside from buying a gift card in the issuer’s store, you can buy them from:

  • Third-party retailers
  • Banks
  • Online resellers

Mode Mobile—The Best Place To Get Gift Cards for Free

Companies rely on consumers to make money. Whether they need you to complete a survey, buy their service, or use their products is beside the point—they gain something by your participation and involvement, and they keep all the profits. Mode Mobile allows you to reverse that trend and keep some of that huge money-cake for yourself.

With Mode Mobile, you’ll be able to earn rewards and free gift cards by using your mobile phone. To use Mode Mobile’s services, you need to:

  1. Install the Mode Earn App
  2. Get the Mode Earn Phone

Depending on the option you choose, you’ll be able to earn $600–$1,200+ a year in cash and various rewards. Take a look at the following table to see what tasks you can complete to get reward points and what you can redeem the accumulated points for:

Reward-Bringing Activities

Redemption Items

  • Surfing the internet
  • Checking the weather
  • Listening to music
  • Reading the news
  • Charging the device
  • Watching videos
  • Completing surveys
  • Playing video games
  • Locking the phone
  • Installing partner apps

Earn Money by Using the Mode Earn App on Your Phone

With the Mode Earn App, you can turn your everyday phone use into a money-making routine. The app allows you to earn up to $600 a year by doing something fun and easy, such as streaming songs and playing video games. All you need to do is install the app, and every time you complete a reward-bringing activity, the app will allocate reward points to your account automatically.

If you’re worried about the reputation of the app, don’t be. The Mode Earn App has been downloaded over 30 million times from all over the world, and over 2.6 million users have left a review on the Google Play store. The app also boasts a 4.4-star rating.

Source: Google Play

Download the Mode Earn App for free and start making money instantly.

Mode Earn Phone—Get the Most Out of Mode Mobile

The Mode Earn Phone is the first-of-its-kind Android device built to make money for its owner. The more you use the phone, the more money you receive.

The phone comes with the Mode Earn App pre-installed and an earn-as-you-go widget that allows easy access to 16 money-making modes:

  1. Music Mode
  2. Charge Mode
  3. Lock Screen Mode
  4. Data Mode
  5. Weather Mode
  6. News Mode
  7. Finance Mode
  8. Save Mode
  9. Task Mode
  10. Share Mode
  11. Fitness Mode
  12. Games Mode
  13. Watch Mode
  14. Crypto Mode
  15. Cash Mode
  16. Surf Mode

With this combo, you’ll be able to earn points twice as fast as with the app installed on a different device. You can end up earning over $1,200 yearly in products, gift cards, and straight cash.

To help you earn as many rewards as you can, Mode Mobile has built a device that can go toe-to-toe with all the latest Android devices out there. Better yet, the company releases a new, upgraded device every 18 months. The current model, the Mode Earn Phone MEP2, has the following specs:

Source: Mode Mobile

Here’s how you can get the Mode Earn Phone:

  1. Make a one-time payment of $109
  2. Start a free trial, followed by a $9.99 subscription fee (billed quarterly)

Buy or subscribe to the Mode Earn Phone and start earning thousands of dollars annually.

If you subscribe to the phone and remain a loyal user, you’ll receive the new phone every 18 months.

Best Stores To Get Gift Cards From

Most larger retailers sell gift cards (in-store and online) for companies and shops that aren’t their own. One issue with this is that the choice is often limited in terms of the companies and designs a particular wholesale store possesses. Still, if you don’t want to buy, say, a Roblox gift card online and have a local Walmart around, it’ll be easier to buy it there.

The following (online and brick-and-mortar) stores offer the best assortments of gift cards:

Best Places To Get Gift Cards—Open-Loop Gift Cards

Want to buy a gift card that’s not tied to a specific retailer but one that you can use anywhere? If so, you’ll need an open-loop gift card issued by a bank or payment network. These gift cards are not tied to any store, and you can use them as a method of payment everywhere as regular debit or credit cards.

This allows you not to be limited to what and where you can buy. In the United States, you can buy gift cards from American Express, Visa, or Mastercard.

Cheap Gift Card Ideas

You can find plenty of websites online where you can sell your unused and unwanted gift cards. If you’re looking to buy one, you can use these websites to get cheap gift cards. The price of gift cards on these exchanges is always lower than the cards’ face values. Depending on the website you use and the deal you stumble upon, you can save up to 35%.

Some of the most popular gift card exchange websites are as follows:

  • CardCash
  • Cardpool
  • Raise
  • Gift Cash
  • Gameflip
  • Gift Card Outlets

Best Places To Get Gift Cards for Free

Aside from giving them as presents, gift cards are amazing to have because you get to buy items from your favorite stores without spending a dime. They have little purpose, though, if you have to buy the gift card for yourself as it’s easier to buy the product directly. To avoid that, you can get a gift card for free.

Source: Mode Mobile

As always, when the internet and the word free are involved, you have to be careful and avoid getting scammed. Whenever you find a website that promises free gift card codes or $1,000+ sign-up bonuses, you can be sure they’re up to no good.

Still, that doesn’t mean getting a free gift card is impossible, but you’ll need to do something in return. The best ways to get a free gift card include:

  1. Completing surveys
  2. Participating in giveaways
  3. Using free gift card apps

Completing Surveys

Every company that wants to release a new product or service or make modifications to existing ones needs to do market research to see how consumers would react to the changes. These businesses benefit from consumer opinion and rely on surveys to get in touch with consumers.

You can cash in your opinion by getting rewarded for filling out these questionnaires. You’ll find hundreds of websites that offer you the chance to complete a survey in exchange for reward points you can eventually turn into free gift cards.

The most common survey types include:

  • Brand awareness surveys
  • Consumer insight surveys
  • Product-based surveys
  • Partner surveys

A major issue with online surveys is that they can take a lot of time to complete and rarely provide adequate rewards. If you’re using a legitimate website, you can end up spending half an hour on a survey that will give you less than $5.

Still, if surveys are your go-to, you should always opt for legitimate websites that don’t offer high rewards but will also not scam you. Avoid any website that promises huge sign-up bonuses or a steady income of $1,000 a month if you provide personal information first.

Participating in Giveaways

With so many influencers looking to increase their follower base, it’s never been easier to compete in giveaways on social media.

Chances of winning a giveaway are low, but it’s worth a shot as you don’t have to do a whole lot to participate. Usually, you only need to like a post, leave a comment, or follow the page that posts the giveaway.

If the people you follow don’t post giveaways, you can find some by doing a hashtag search of the brand you’re interested in. Depending on what you’re looking for, you can search for #DoorDashGiveaway, #UberGiftCards, #FreeAmazonGiftCards, #WatchNetflixForFree, etc.

Using Free Gift Card Apps

Similar to survey websites, gift card apps require you to complete a certain action to earn reward points. The difference is that these apps don’t focus on a single activity but offer multiple options of earning rewards. The number of reward-bringing activities and the points you can get per activity depend on the app you choose.

As always, be wary of scams and try to find an app that’s safe and reputable. Before you download an app, try to find reviews online. If an app has a small number of downloads and little to no reviews, avoid it and look for a more popular one.


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