A Brief Guide on Where To Get Costco Gift Cards A Brief Guide on Where To Get Costco Gift Cards

A Brief Guide on Where To Get Costco Gift Cards

Where To Get Costco Gift Cards—Paid and Free

Costco is a membership-only retailer—if you’re not a member, you won’t be able to buy items from Costco except in the pharmacy section. The annual membership fee at Costco is not negligible either—it goes from $60 to $120. If you know someone who is budget-conscious but still wants to shop in Costco, a gift card may be the perfect present for them.

In this article, we’ll show you where to get Costco gift cards and how to use them. We’ll also explain how you can get a free gift card easily with Mode Mobile’s products.

Can You Get Into Costco With a Gift Card?

Costco membership fees can put a significant dent in your wallet. The good news is that you don’t have to pay the membership fee or carry a friend who’s a member around to shop in Costco. If you have a Costco gift card, you can buy any product in the store. All you need to do is show your gift card at the entrance and prove it has funds on it.

Where To Get Costco Gift Cards

As of 2022, Costco doesn’t offer its gift cards through other retailers, such as Walmart, Amazon, or Target. You can buy a gift card (called Costco Shop Card) online or in stores. Note that you need to be a member to buy the Costco gift card—or at least ask someone with a membership to buy it for you.

A Costco gift card can carry a value between $25 and $2,000. Here’s how to purchase the card:

  1. Visit Costco’s website
  2. Log in to a member’s account
  3. Select an amount
  4. Choose a shipping method
  5. Proceed to checkout

Costco sells only physical gift cards. It can take 7–10 business days for the card to arrive (3–5 if you select an express shipping option). The gift card will come without any funds on it, and you need to call a toll-free number to activate it.

How To Redeem a Costco Gift Card

While only members can buy a Costco gift card, you don’t need to be a member to redeem it. You can use the gift card online or in-store. If you go to a physical location, all you need to do is hand over your gift card to the cashier once you’re ready to pay for your items.

To redeem your gift card online, you can browse the store for items and add them to your cart. Once you’re ready to check out, you need to:

  1. Go to your cart
  2. Select Add in the Costco Shop Card section
  3. Enter the gift card’s number
  4. Enter the gift card’s PIN code

You’ll find both the gift card number and the PIN code on the back of the card. Some cards have a thin covering over the 4-digit PIN code that you need to scratch off.

Gift cards are reloadable in-store, but note that only members can use this option.

Source: Marques Thomas

Mode Mobile—A Fast and Secure Way of Getting a Free Gift Card

With Mode Mobile, you’ll be able to monetize your phone use and make a supplemental income of $600–$1,200+ a year by doing leisure activities like playing video games or listening to your favorite songs.

Companies rely on you (the customer) to test out their products and services so they can grow their business, and you don’t get any piece of the cake. Mode Mobile has partnered with many businesses to make sure you get your part of the deal and get rewarded for helping them with market research and reaching new customers.

You can use Mode Mobile’s services by:

  1. Downloading the Mode Earn App
  2. Getting the Mode Earn Phone

In both cases, you’ll earn reward points for completing various activities on your phone, and you’ll be able to use those points to get gift cards and other items. Check out the table below to see what activities Mode Mobile offers reward points for and what you can get for completing them:

How To Get Reward Points

What You Can Exchange Your Reward Points For

  • Checking the weather
  • Surfing the internet
  • Listening to music
  • Locking the phone
  • Watching videos
  • Reading the news
  • Installing partner apps
  • Completing surveys
  • Playing video games
  • Taking deals
  • Charging the device

How To Get a Costco Gift Card for Free

When you go to a Costco store or visit the website, you’ll always find something you didn’t even know you needed. It’s easy to get careless, and your budget can take a big hit in the blink of an eye.

Costco gift cards allow you not to give up on the items you want because your wallet doesn’t cover them or you can’t afford to become a member—they alleviate your expenses, but only if you receive them as a present. If you buy them for yourself, it’s still your money spent.

The good news is that you can get a Costco gift card for free even if your friends don’t buy you one—you only need to work for it. Don’t fall for a scam such as a free gift card code generator as these websites are built to infringe on your privacy and make you install malware. Whenever you see something offered for nothing in exchange, know that it’s probably a scam.

Participating in Giveaways and Surveys

Instead of risking getting scammed, focus on legitimate ways to get a free gift card. For instance, you can always find Costco gift card giveaways on social media. All you need to do is leave a like, follow a page, or comment on a post to participate. The chances of getting picked are low, but it’s worth a shot.

You can also create an account on a survey website. These websites offer rewards for completing surveys about a specific product (or service) or your general shopping habits. Businesses need this information during market research and are willing to pay for your answers.

The problem is that surveys usually don’t pay too well. You can spend 30+ minutes filling out a questionnaire to receive less than $3.

In both cases, you need to make sure you don’t fall for a scam and pick a legitimate source. Note that no reputable survey website will:

  • Ask for personal information
  • Offer huge signup bonuses of $100+
  • Promise a full-time income
  • Hand out free items

Get cash back from Kashkick when you read emails, complete surveys, take quizzes, refer your friend, and subscribe to special promotions!

Getting a Gift Card With Free Gift Card Apps

Another way to get a free Costco gift card is by using a free gift card app. With these apps, you can earn reward points for completing simple tasks on your phone. What tasks (and how many of them) are available depends on the app you use. You should pick an app that offers the most earning options or one that is compatible with your habits.

When you get enough reward points, you can exchange them for a free gift card. If you’re looking for a Costco gift card specifically, check out which app has a partnership with that company. It makes little sense to earn reward points if you can use them for a Roblox gift card that you don’t want.

You can also sign up for an app that offers cash prizes and prepaid gift cards that you can use to make purchases in multiple stores and buy various gift cards—including Costco’s.

You should also focus on the credibility of an app as it’s easy to stumble upon a scam here as well. Always go through as many user reviews as possible and see how many people use the app. If the reviews are negative or non-existent, you should stay away.

Mode Earn App—Join Millions in Making Money via Phone Use

From the moment you install the Mode Earn App on your phone, you’ll start receiving reward points automatically whenever you complete an eligible task. The more time you spend using your phone, the more you’ll get—you can end up earning up to $600 a year.

If you’re worried about getting scammed by a free gift card app and rely on user reviews to see how good an app is, you can rest assured the Mode Earn App is the right choice. The app has over 2.6 million reviews on Google Play and a rating of 4.4/5 stars.

Source: Google Play

The app has been downloaded over 30 million times from all over the world. You, too, can install the Mode Earn App for free and start making money doing your favorite activities on your phone.

Double Your Income With the Mode Earn Phone

The Mode Earn Phone is Mode Mobile’s Android device built to help its users make a substantial supplemental income with minimal effort. The phone comes with the pre-installed Mode Earn App and an earn-as-you-go widget and enables you to earn twice as much as you would when using the app on another device. The widget offers 16 different earning modes you can take advantage of:

  1. Crypto Mode
  2. Finance Mode
  3. News Mode
  4. Watch Mode
  5. Fitness Mode
  6. Surf Mode
  7. Cash Mode
  8. Weather Mode
  9. Lock Screen Mode
  10. Games Mode
  11. Task Mode
  12. Charge Mode
  13. Music Mode
  14. Data Mode
  15. Save Mode
  16. Share Mode

You’ll be able to earn over $1,200 a year with the Mode Earn Phone. All you need to do is get your Mode Earn Phone by:

  1. Making a one-time payment of $109
  2. Starting a free trial and then paying a monthly subscription fee of $9.99 (billed quarterly)

If you use the phone for four hours a day on average, you’ll be able to pay off the phone and cover data plan costs within a couple of months.

Earning won’t be a chore as the device comes with hardware that can go toe-to-toe with other high-end Android phones. You’ll be able to ditch the old phone and replace it with this one for your everyday needs, such as making phone calls, messaging, and taking photos.

Mode Earn Phone Specs

Mode Mobile releases a new, upgraded version of the phone every 18 months to stay up-to-date with the latest trends. The current model, Mode Earn Phone MEP2, has the following specs:

Source: Mode Mobile

If you subscribe to the phone and remain a loyal user, you’ll receive a new model when it comes out. Get the Mode Earn Phone and start making money every day with ease.

Featured image source: Omar Abascal

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