Where Can I Get a Cabela’s Gift Card—Answered Where Can I Get a Cabela’s Gift Card—Answered

Where Can I Get a Cabela’s Gift Card—Answered

Where Can I Get a Cabela’s Gift Card—A Complete Guide

Cabela’s is one of America’s most beloved brands when it comes to outdoor recreation. The company specializes in hunting, fishing, and camping activities and has numerous stores and resorts dedicated to the open air.

While you can get all your outdoor gadgets and tools from the store, they can easily get expensive. But thanks to Cabela’s gift cards, you can save a few dollars.

If you’ve been wondering, Where can I get a Cabela's gift card?—this article is for you. We’ll highlight the different locations where you can buy Cabela’s gift cards, as well as the methods of getting them for free. You’ll also learn about Mode Mobile’s products—the most reliable ways of earning supplemental income and free gift cards.

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Where To Get Cabela’s Gift Cards

In 2017, Cabela’s was acquired by Bass Pro Shops—a more established outdoor company—for a whopping $5.5 billion. Because of this, Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s gift cards are sold, redeemed, and used at the same locations. One of the most convenient places you can buy Cabela’s gift cards is from the company’s physical and digital storefronts. There are more than 150 physical stores across the U.S and Canada where you can purchase Cabela’s gift cards.

Alternatively, you can also visit the company’s website and buy gift cards of any denomination between $10 and $500.

While both gift card variants have their benefits and downsides, digital gift cards have the edge for the following reasons:

  • They’re delivered to the recipient’s email within an hour
  • They can be customized with personalized messages and designs for different occasions
  • Digital gift cards are more secure—they rarely get lost

Where Else Can I Purchase a Cabela’s Gift Card?

Apart from Cabela’s or the parent company, Bass Pro Shops, there are numerous third-party vendors that sell Cabela’s gift cards. This mainly includes general retail stores, like Target, which are known for selling gift cards from popular brands, such as Xbox, Apple, and iTunes. The following table highlights the major third-party retailers that sell Cabela’s gift cards online and in-store:

Where To Find Cabela's Gift Cards


Brick-and-mortar stores

  • Home Depot
  • Walmart
  • H-E-B
  • Kroger 
  • Sam’s Club
  • Target 
  • Fairplay Foods
  • Safeway Inc.
  • ShopKo
  • Fred Meyer Hypermarket
  • Hess Corporation
  • Rite Aid
  • Walgreens 

Online retailers

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Kroger
  • Staples
  • Fred Meyer
  • eGifter
  • Gyft.com
  • Sam’s Club
  • Raise 
  • Stop and Shop

One of the main benefits of purchasing gift cards from third-party vendors is that they frequently offer discounts. For instance, Sam’s Club is currently offering about 5% on Cabela’s gift cards worth $100.

Source: Headshatter

Earn Cash, Gift Cards, and Other Rewards With Mode Mobile

Source: Mode Mobile

Want to earn high-demand gift cards and versatile prizes? Mode Mobile is the perfect solution. The company enables you to supplement your income by performing various daily activities on your smartphone, including:

  • Listening to music 
  • Surfing the internet
  • Watching ads
  • Completing specified game missions and levels
  • Locking and unlocking your phone
  • Checking the weather
  • Completing surveys
  • Installing new apps
  • Referring friends

Mode Mobile offers two solutions for performing basic phone activities:

  1. Mode Earn App
  2. Mode Earn Phone

Mode Earn App—The Easiest Way To a Free Gift Card

The Mode Earn App is a safe and easy-to-use reward-based app for Android-powered devices. The app is available on Google Play for free and stands out as one of the best and most popular free gift card apps on the digital app store—it has been downloaded over 30 million times and reviewed by more than 2.6 million users, earning an impressive rating of 4.4/5 stars. The app has mainly been praised for its:

  • Efficient earning and payout structure
  • Fully secure earning environment
  • Highly responsive customer support

When you download the Mode Earn App, it automatically runs in the background and monitors your phone use, rewarding you points for completed activities. Once you have enough points, you can exchange them for a range of prizes, such as:

The app’s current earning model allows you to earn rewards of up to $600 every year in cash and other prizes—all you have to do is use the app every day.

Install the Mode Earn App now and start collecting free rewards!

Double Your Rewards With the Mode Earn Phone 

The Mode Earn Phone is a unique smartphone that doubles up as a superb money-maker. The Android-powered device comes with the Mode Earn App already installed. Still, there’s a key distinguishing factor between using the app and the phone to earn rewards—the Mode Earn Phone enables you to gather points at twice the rate of the app, meaning you can earn more than $1,200 a year.

The Mode Earn Phone features a built-in earn-as-you-go widget that has 16 versatile earning modes, including:

  • Games Mode
  • Lock Screen Mode
  • Music Mode
  • Weather Mode
  • News Mode
  • Fitness Mode
  • Task Mode
  • Watch Mode
  • Charge Mode

When it comes to specs, the Mode Earn Phone goes toe-to-toe with some of the best smartphones in the market. It features a sleek, striking design and is equipped with a large crystal-clear HD+ screen. Apart from that, the phone has the following standout features:

  • High-quality (triple-lens) back camera and selfie camera for rich photos
  • Octa-Core ARM Cortex processor to ensure lag-free earning experience
  • Fingerprint and Face ID unlock
  • Compatibility with all major GSM carriers worldwide

Source: Mode Mobile

How To Get the Mode Earn Phone

There are two methods of getting a Mode Earn Phone:

  1. Buy the phone with a one-time payment—You can get the current model, Mode Earn Phone MEP2, at an upfront cost of $109. You can earn back this investment and cover data plan costs within three months of using the phone for four hours (on average) every day
  2. Subscribe to the device—At a rate of $9.99 per month (billed quarterly), you can get your hands on the Mode Earn Phone MEP2. The device will be delivered to you, and you’ll have a one-month free trial, after which you’ll start paying the monthly fee. If you keep your subscription, you will receive a new phone model every 18 months

Buy or subscribe to the Mode Earn Phone today and start earning amazing rewards by purely using the device!

Where Can I Get Cabela’s Gift Cards for Free?

While you can save a few coins by purchasing discounted gift cards, you can get free and brand-new gift cards thanks to three major internet-savvy strategies:

  1. Participating in social media giveaways
  2. Completing online surveys
  3. Using reward-based apps

Social Media Giveaways

Product and merchandise giveaways have become one of the most popular marketing strategies used by companies to boost brand awareness. Giveaways are popular, particularly on Instagram and TikTok, and are often quite easy to participate in.

To enter, participants usually have to complete a simple task like commenting on a photo and tagging a friend or following a specified account.

You can find the latest Cabela’s social media giveaways by searching for relevant hashtags, such as:

  • #cabelasgiftcard
  • #cabelasgiftcardgiveaway
  • #cabelaspromo
  • Online Surveys

    Another way to earn free gift cards is by completing questionnaires and polls on survey websites. These platforms work in a simple way—users register, answer questions, and get rewarded with various prizes, including gift cards and cash.

    You can get Cabela’s gift cards for free on popular survey websites like Swagbucks and Prize Rebel.

    Reward-Based Apps

    Reward-based apps help users earn a variety of prizes for completing different tasks on their phones, like watching ads, shopping, and playing games.

    When you complete the specified activities, you earn reward points that can be redeemed for various prizes, such as shopping discounts, cashback, and gift cards from renowned brands like Nike or gaming platforms like Roblox.

    There are numerous reward-based apps to choose from on mobile app stores—picking the right one is the difficult part. You need to evaluate several reward-based apps by reading user reviews and checking the number of downloads to find out their earning potential and whether they are secure. Some apps may be developed by hackers who want to:

    • Sell your information to advertisers
    • Access your computer
    • Get your bank details

    Overall, your best course of action is to avoid scammy apps that promise rewards and cash without requiring you to make any kind of effort or invest your time. Legitimate and reliable apps will always require you to complete specific tasks to earn prizes.

    Where Can I Use a Cabela’s Gift Card—Online and In-Store

    Source: Blake Wisz

    Cabela’s gift cards can be redeemed and used for purchasing merchandise, food, and beverages at Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s stores, restaurants, and catalogs.

    You can also use the company’s gift cards online in the following digital stores:

    Besides these locations, you can use your gift card at Bass Pro Resorts:

    • Big Cedar
    • Big Cypress
    • Buffalo Ridge
    • Top of the Rock

    Cabela’s Gift Cards—Frequently Asked Questions

    Companies have varying terms and conditions for using their gift cards. To effectively use a Cabela’s gift card, there are several key details you should know about. Find the answers to the most common questions about Cabela's gift cards in the table below:



    How do I check my Cabela’s gift card balance?

    There are two options for checking your gift card balance:

    1. Visit the Cabela’s or Bass Pro Shop websites and enter your gift card number and PIN
    2. Call customer service at 1-800-494-1100

    Can I redeem the gift card for cash?

    No, except where required by law

    Can I reload my Cabela’s gift card?


    Do Cabela’s gift cards expire?

    No. Cabela’s gift cards don’t have an expiration date and can be redeemed at any time

    What happens if the card is not working?

    • For cards purchased directly from the company website, call 1-800-237-4444 or connect to the Live Chat
    • For cards purchased from a third-party retailer, return to the merchant to get a refund

    Keep in mind that the gift card policies are prone to change—you should always check the company’s website to avoid any potential issues.

    Featured image source: Jordan Heinrichs

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