Where To Get a Free Roblox Gift Card Where To Get a Free Roblox Gift Card

Where To Get a Free Roblox Gift Card

Best Ways To Get a Free Roblox Gift Card

Roblox is an expansive gaming platform where you can enjoy over 40 million games for free. While joining it is free of charge, many of the items and accessories that enrich the experience require in-game purchases. The most convenient way to access premium features and exclusive items is by using a Roblox gift card.

Do you want to enjoy Roblox games to the maximum but don’t want or can’t afford to spend money on a Roblox gift card? If so, you landed on the right page—we’ll show you how to get a free Roblox gift card the easy and legitimate way. In this article, you will also learn how to use your gift card online and how you can earn free gift cards with minimum effort using Mode Mobile’s services.

What Are Roblox Gift Cards?

Roblox gift cards offer you access to special perks that make Roblox games much more enjoyable to play. You can lose yourself in one of the 40M+ games the platform offers for free, but these reward cards can help you take your gaming to the next level.

You can buy one of the Roblox gift cards with a fixed value—e.g., $10, $25, or $50—or opt for a custom amount card with anywhere up to $200. Regardless of the gift card denomination you choose, Roblox will grant you a bonus virtual item exclusive to that month.

You can redeem the gift card for:

  1. Robux—the virtual currency with which you can purchase in-game items, abilities, and avatar accessories
  2. Roblox Credit—the dollar value of each gift card you can use to purchase one of three Roblox Premium memberships or Robux

Check out the following table to find out how much you’ll need to set aside for a specific amount of Robux:


Robux Amount











Why Mode Earn App Is the Best Reward-Based App on the Market

Unlike similar platforms, the Mode Earn App offers you a bunch of additional opportunities to earn points that other platforms don’t, such as:

  • Unlocking your screen
  • Charging your phone
  • Participating in special, limited-time deals and offers

Another element that makes this platform the best reward-based app is that earning remains consistent—you don’t have to put in extra time and effort to get tangible results.

Source: Mode Mobile

The problem with GPT websites is that they enforce daily and weekly limits to how many tasks you can perform. Additionally, many have high thresholds—you have to hit the $20 or $25 mark before you’re allowed to redeem the points you gathered. We don’t impose such obstacles—our platform enables you to earn supplemental income at your leisure. With the Mode Earn App, you can earn up to $600 a year!

Get Access to Capital With the Mode Earn App

The Mode Earn App is easy and safe to use. It’s available worldwide and free to install. Millions of users have singled it out as their go-to app precisely because of the numerous benefits it offers gamers. With our app, you can earn free reward cards and virtual in-game points for:

  • Fortnite
  • Mode
  • AMC games
  • Eneba
  • PlayStation
  • Garena Free Fire
  • PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds
  • Mobile Legends

We’re continuously updating our partnerships, so you should check our redemption items list regularly to make sure you don’t miss any exciting gaming prizes we have to offer. While the Mode Earn App is perfect for gamers, it also caters to people of varying interests. Besides game-related perks and benefits, it grants you access to discounts and gift cards and prepaid cards for a variety of products from top brands and financial institutions.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by! It takes only seconds to download the Mode Earn App from the Google Play store to start earning your supplemental income with zero hassle.

Where To Get Free Roblox Gift Card Codes

Scammers know how valuable Roblox cards are for gamers, so they’ll use any means necessary to try to lure you into potentially dangerous schemes. Free Roblox gift code generators are the worst offenders. Remember that unused or unredeemed Roblox card codes don’t exist. No one is skillful enough to hack the Roblox website to obtain them.

Source: Mikhail Nilov

If something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Legit platforms ask you to invest a bit of time and effort into earning money and rewards. Websites that seemingly ask for nothing, but offer you free perks in return are always scams you should steer clear of. They’ll grant you a fake code and steal your personal data and financial information in exchange.

The same rule of thumb applies to individuals who contact you inside a Roblox game, offering you free codes or Robux. Never give them your personal details as this can jeopardize your online safety and lead to bigger problems down the way.

How To Get Free Roblox Gift Cards

It is difficult to find Roblox gift cards for free the safe and legitimate way. The Roblox community is teeming with scams, from fraudulent websites to Roblox players offering you free Robux.

It is important to protect yourself online—engage your VPN, don’t ignore the messages your antivirus sends you, and stay clear of scam websites.

Fortunately, there are also plenty of legit, risk-free ways to obtain a free Roblox gift card, including:

  1. Giveaways
  2. Get-Paid-To (GPT) websites
  3. Reward-based platforms

Win a Free Roblox Gift Card in a Giveaway

Many people have made a name for themselves in the Roblox community—Discord users, Twitter gamers, and YouTubers. Chances are you’re already familiar with some of them.

These Roblox fans often stage gift card giveaways you can enter for a chance to earn a free Roblox card. You’ll usually be required to follow them on social media and like and share their content to be eligible.

Source: Amy B

Perform Easy Tasks To Earn Free Roblox Gift Cards

Numerous Get-Paid-To (GPT) websites offer you a chance to earn free Roblox and other gift cards for performing easy activities, such as:

  • Answering polls
  • Clicking on ads
  • Searching the web
  • Entering contests
  • Printing coupons

Keep in mind that you should always rely on trustworthy sites. In most cases, those are the ones that let you join for free. One of the biggest issues with these platforms is inconsistency—earning points becomes increasingly more difficult and time-consuming after a while. To see the results of your effort and get a gift card, you would have to join several websites and spend even more time on the mentioned activities.

Get a Free Roblox Gift Card Using a Reward-Based App

Free reward-based apps work on the same principle as GPT websites—you perform various activities to earn points that you can later redeem for rewards, such as a free Roblox gift card. Most platforms of this kind enable you to collect redeemable points for playing mobile games, completing surveys, or watching ads.

Source: Mode Mobile

The biggest downside of this method is that gift card apps usually aren’t that versatile—you can earn rewards by performing one or two activities, which makes you lose interest quickly.

That’s where Mode Mobile stands out! Our two products—the Mode Earn App and Mode Earn Phone—allow you to collect reward points by performing a myriad of interesting tasks.

You can earn a variety of cool prizes, including:

  • Gift and prepaid cards
  • In-game points and diamonds
  • Physical goods
  • Stocks
  • Airtime

How the Mode Earn Phone Can Help You Earn Gift Cards Even Faster

Every Mode Earn Phone comes with the Mode Earn App already installed to bring you even greater opportunities for earning gift cards. It’s a perfect option for budget-conscious people who want to make the most of their daily habits. 

It functions in much the same way as the app itself. The main difference is—every action you take using this revolutionary device earns you twice as many points as you would get using the app alone on any other smartphone or tablet.

Source: Mode Mobile

The Mode Earn Phone offers you an Earn-As-You-Go widget with 16 modes for earning redeemable points, including:

  • Games mode
  • Music mode
  • Watch mode
  • News mode
  • Charge mode
  • Share mode
  • Cash mode
  • Task mode

Every minute you spend playing games from top studios or listening to over 100,000 radio stations enables you to earn more rewards and money.

There are two ways for you to get a Mode Earn Phone:

  1. Pay a monthly $9.99 subscription—billed quarterly after a free trial
  2. Make a single $109 payment

Once you choose the subscription plan, you’ll receive a brand new phone with the latest updates every 18 months!

Get a Mode Earn Phone To Get Deals of a Lifetime

We have come up with additional income-earning opportunities, such as our Deals tab that covers a range of activities for you to participate in and get valuable rewards. These are limited-time offers, but they come with a bunch of enjoyable tasks to take advantage of, including such hobbies and interests as:

  • Home
  • Crypto
  • Finance
  • Entertainment
  • Food
  • Technology
  • Education
  • Health and beauty

Source: Mode Mobile

To earn cash and rewards using our Deals tab, you’ll be asked to do such pleasurable activities as:

  • Installing and playing new games
  • Taking surveys
  • Accepting game challenges, e.g., clearing a specific level
  • Referring friends
  • Installing partner apps
  • Watching customized ads

Far from existing only to house the app, the Mode Earn Phone is a high-quality mobile device on its own. The latest model—MEP2—is equipped with the following features, thanks to which it can serve as a regular smartphone:




Android 11

Rear camera

13MP + 2MP + 2MP

Front camera



128GB + 4GB (64GB SD in box)


Face and fingerprint ID unlock

Featured image source: Mode Mobile

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