Where Can I Get Steam Gift Cards? [Explained] Where Can I Get Steam Gift Cards? [Explained]

Where Can I Get Steam Gift Cards? [Explained]

Pay To Play—Where Can I Get Steam Gift Cards?

In the days when he was completely ignoring everyone’s prayers to release Half-Life 3, Gaben and the rest of his Valve team worked on Steam. Released in 2003, Steam became the most popular game distribution platform in the world.

Today, Steam has over 120 million active monthly users. While they don’t offer some of the most popular games, like Fortnite, League of Legends, or Roblox, they still have over 50,000 video games available, including CS:GO, GTAV, and PUBG.

If you’re one of the 120 million people that use Steam all the time, you know that, while individual games are usually not that expensive, virtual receipts can pile up quickly. In this article, we’ll talk about Steam gift cards and answer the following questions:

  1. Where can I get Steam gift cards?
  2. How can I get a free gift card?
  3. How can I redeem a gift card?

Where Can I Get Steam Gift Cards?

Like any other gift cards, Steam gift cards (also called Steam wallet codes) allow you to essentially buy credit for your or a friend’s Steam account. The funds will be added to your account balance, also called Steam wallet. You can use the wallet funds to buy:

You can get a Steam gift card by either buying them from a variety of stores or by earning them for free through surveys, giveaways, and free gift card apps.

Where To Purchase Steam Gift Cards

Source: Andrea Piacquadio

You can buy a gift card directly through Steam but note that you can only do so if you wish to give money to someone else. When you purchase the card via Steam’s website, you need to enter your friend’s username and choose the value of the gift card, ranging from $5 to $100.

To buy someone a gift card successfully, you’ll need to meet the following criteria:

  1. You need to be friends with that person on Steam for at least three days
  2. You can’t use existing Steam wallet funds to buy a gift card

While you can still buy games for your friends directly, a gift card allows them to be more versatile with their funds. In other words, they can use it for microtransactions and games of their choice.

Aside from buying a gift card on Steam’s website, you can do it in a variety of online and physical stores across the United States, including:

Note that you can buy a Steam gift card in these stores—you can’t use a retailer’s gift card to buy items on Steam. The only exception to that is using Amazon gift cards for Steam purchases.

Where To Get Steam Gift Cards for Free

The good news is that you can earn free Steam gift cards by completing actions and getting rewarded for your efforts. Getting a free gift card may sound dodgy at a glance, but many companies are ready to pay money for your time helping them do market research, test their product, or spread the word about their brand.

The three most common ways you can get a free gift card are participating in giveaways, completing surveys, and using a free gift card app.

How To Earn Rewards and a Steam Gift Card With Mode Mobile

Source: Mode Mobile

Mode Mobile offers you one of the safest ways to earn supplemental income—which can come in the form of free Steam gift cards. All you need to do is either install the Mode Earn App or get the Mode Earn Phone and start earning money through your everyday phone use.

The Mode Earn App allows you to choose from multiple reward-bringing activities, as well as decide on how you want to use those reward points. Check out the table for more info:

How You Can Earn Reward Points

What You Can Spend Reward Points On

  • Surfing the internet
  • Charging your phone
  • Watching video ads
  • Checking the weather
  • Taking timed deals
  • Reading news articles
  • Installing partner apps
  • Locking your phone
  • Listening to music
  • Completing surveys
  • Playing mobile games
  • Free gift cards
  • Cash (through PayPal)
  • Cryptocurrency
  • In-game rewards
  • Stocks
  • Physical goods

Participating in Giveaways

Giveaways have always been employed as a marketing shtick to get people talking about a product or a brand. They’ve only grown in popularity through the use of social media. Participating in a giveaway won’t give you a guarantee that you’ll get a gift card, but you’ll have a chance, and nothing hurts to enter one.

Many video game developers sponsor gaming influencers (mostly streamers and YouTubers) to run giveaways on their channels and social media profiles. Entry requirements are usually simple, such as liking a post, leaving a comment, and following a certain profile.

If none of the influencers you follow run a Steam giveaway, you can find out about them by searching for specific hashtags, such as #SteamGiveaways, #SteamGiftCards, and #SteamGiftCardGiveaway.

Completing Surveys

One of the most widespread methods of earning free gift cards is completing online surveys.

Surveys allow companies to do their market research faster and get first-hand information from consumers. As an individual, you can complete these surveys that don’t require you to have any skills or prior knowledge—you only need to give your honest opinion.

Depending on the duration of a survey and how suited for the questions you are (i.e., if you fit the profile a company seeks answers from), your rewards will vary. Once you earn enough points by completing several surveys, you can exchange them for a Steam gift card.

You can find hundreds of survey-based websites but bear in mind that they are not as rewarding as you might think. Surveys can take 30+ minutes and give you about $1 in return. Think of it more as pocket money than actual income.

Using a Free Gift Card App

If you’re not familiar with free gift card apps, you’ll be forgiven for thinking they’re a scam. Sure, some of them are, but you can find many reputable apps that let you earn real rewards in exchange for completing a variety of tasks.

While some of these apps also include surveys, they are not limited to filling out questionnaires and can help you earn a significant supplemental income you can use to acquire a Steam gift card.

The way these apps work is that they monitor your behavior and monetize your actions. Every time you complete a certain task that the app is asking you to do, you’ll earn rewards for it. These tasks can vary from playing video games to shopping in your favorite stores (usually works by giving cashbacks).

Choosing an App

Apps vary in the number of tasks they offer rewards for and the amount of money you can earn. Before you pick an app, you should see which one suits your hobbies the best and which one offers the best return for your time invested.

You should also be wary of the scammy apps that offer huge signup bonuses and demand personal and financial information up front. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

The best way to avoid getting scammed is to do your research and check how reputable an app is. To do that, find out how many users the app has and what the reviews say before you decide to download the app and enter your personal information.

For instance, Mode Mobile’s Mode Earn App boasts over 30 million downloads worldwide. The app has 4.4 stars on the Google Play store, with over 2.6 million users leaving reviews.

Source: Google Play

How To Redeem a Steam Gift Card

Regardless of whether you purchase a Steam gift card or get it for free, you need to redeem it before you can start using the funds. Both digital and physical gift cards need to be used online.

To redeem a Steam gift card, you need to:

  1. Visit the Redemption Page on Steam
  2. Log in to your Steam account
  3. Click on your account name and select Account Details
  4. Click on Add Funds to Your Steam Wallet
  5. Select Redeem a Steam Wallet Code
  6. Enter the code from the gift card you received
  7. Enter your address, city, state, country, and ZIP code

Once you complete the process, the funds will appear in your Steam wallet, and you’ll be able to use them instantly.

Turn Your Device Into a Money-Maker—Download the Mode Earn App

The Mode Earn App will run in the background on your device and monitor your activities.

Any time you complete a task outlined in the app, the Mode Earn App will automatically allocate reward points to your account. Once you reach enough reward points, you can redeem them for a variety of items, including a Steam gift card.

With the Mode Earn App installed on your device, you can earn up to $600 a year by completing various tasks.

Download the Mode Earn App for free from Google Play today!

The Mode Earn Phone—Device Built To Generate Income

The Mode Earn Phone is the first-ever Android device built to reward its owner for using it! The phone comes with the pre-installed Mode Earn App and offers you 16 modes you can use to earn supplemental income. These modes include:

  • Music Mode
  • Games Mode
  • Lock Screen Mode
  • News Mode
  • Charge Mode
  • Task Mode
  • Fitness Mode
  • Crypto Mode
  • Surf Mode

With the Mode Earn Phone, you can double your gains and earn over $1,200 per year. All you need to do is decide on the payment model, choosing between:

  1. A one-time payment of $109
  2. A free trial with a subsequent $9.99 monthly subscription fee, billed quarterly

If you opt for the subscription model, you will automatically receive a new model when it comes out (a new model is available every 18 months).

Thanks to its earn-as-you-go payment model, you’ll be able to pay the phone out and cover data plan costs within months by using the phone no more than four hours a day. Achieving this goal won’t come as a struggle thanks to the impressive specs of the newest model—Mode Earn Phone MEP2:

Source: Mode Mobile

Buy or subscribe to a Mode Earn Phone today and get Steam gift cards for free in no time!

Featured image source: Mode Mobile

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