How To Use an Amazon Gift Card on Steam How To Use an Amazon Gift Card on Steam

How To Use an Amazon Gift Card on Steam

How To Use an Amazon Gift Card on Steam—A Comprehensive Guide

Everyone loves Amazon—it’s a one-stop-shop for whatever you need, so an Amazon gift card is always a welcome present. If you are a gamer, you can use your gift card balance to treat yourself to games offered by various platforms—including Steam—and some alluring gaming feats. 

Are you unsure how to use an Amazon gift card on Steam? Our guide can help! We’ll do our best to explain what the redemption process on this platform looks like and help you get the desired in-game items and perks in no time! 

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How To Use an Amazon Gift Card on Steam

It seems that not many people know that it is possible to use an Amazon gift card to buy Steam games. Since Amazon sells Steam games, you can purchase them with your Amazon gift card the same way you would do it with any other credit card.

To buy Steam games with an Amazon gift card, you first have to redeem it. After that, you can use the gift card balance on your Amazon account to make a purchase. 

How To Redeem Your Amazon Gift Card To Buy Steam Games

You can redeem your Amazon gift card via the Amazon mobile app or the Amazon website—check out the instructions in the table below:

Amazon Gift Card Redemption via Desktop

Amazon Gift Card Redemption via Mobile App

  1. Visit the Amazon website and log in to your account
  2. Hover over the Account & Lists menu and select Account from the submenu
  3. Click on the Gift Cards option on the Your Account page
  4. Press the Redeem a Gift Card button
  5. Type in your gift card claim code in the provided field and click on Apply to Your Balance
  1. Open the app and tap on the User icon
  2. Scroll down until you see the Gift Card Balance section and tap on Redeem Gift Card
  3. Choose Enter Claim Code to type in your gift card claim code or Scan Your Claim Code to scan your card instead of manually entering the code
  4. Hit the Apply to Your Balance tab

Once you redeem your gift card, the funds will automatically be used to pay for your next order

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How To Buy Steam Games With an Amazon Gift Card 

Source: Hamed Taha

With the funds from your gift card on your account, you can use the gift card balance to purchase whatever you like, Steam games included. Here is how to buy a Steam game with an Amazon gift card:

  1. Go to the Amazon website
  2. Search for the game you want
  3. Add Online Game Code or PC Code Steam after the name of the game

Amazon will list the results so you can take your pick. The important part is that when you choose the game you want, the listing references Steam using the following wording or anything similar:

  • Steam PC [Online Game Code]
  • PC Online Game Code—Steam
  • PC Code—Steam game

Once you make the purchase, you will receive the activation code you can then paste into Steam and enjoy your game.

How To Activate Steam Games You Buy From Amazon

When you purchase a Steam game you like, an activation code and a digital order will be added to your account. Here is how to access the code and activate the game on Steam:

  1. Go to your Amazon account
  2. Click on Digital Content and Devices
  3. Select Digital Games and Software
  4. Find the Steam game you purchased and look for Activation Code or Activation Key
  5. Open the Steam app on your PC and go to Games
  6. Click on Activate a Product on Steam
  7. Click Next when the Activation Wizard opens
  8. Copy the activation code from Amazon and click Next, then Finish

Can You Convert an Amazon Gift Card Into a Steam Gift Card?

While you may find conflicting information on some other websites, the official Amazon website states that you cannot convert your Amazon gift card into a Steam one. According to Amazon’s gift card policy, you cannot purchase other gift cards with Amazon gift cards, nor can you exchange them.

The reason why you might want to turn your Amazon gift card into a Steam gift card is that there are typically no country restrictions on Steam gift cards, which is not the case with the Amazon ones. If you have an Amazon gift card issued in the United States, you can only use it for purchases on the U.S. website, whereas you can redeem a Steam gift card anywhere.

If you’re interested in getting a Steam gift card——whether for yourself or as a present—you can buy it on Amazon.

Source: James Yarema

How To Buy a Steam Gift Card on Amazon

While you cannot exchange or convert your Amazon gift card to a Steam gift card—at least not the official way—you can still buy a Steam gift card on Amazon. Follow these steps to make a purchase:

  1. Go to Amazon
  2. Type Steam gift card in the search box
  3. Add the gift card to the cart
  4. Complete the purchase

Once your Steam gift card arrives (whether via email or to your door), you can use it to purchase Steam games, software, hardware, and other items available on Steam.

To use your Steam gift card, you first need to redeem it. Here’s how to do that:

  1. Visit the Redemption Page on Steam
  2. Log in to your Steam account
  3. Click on your account name and select Account Details
  4. Click on Add Funds to Your Steam Wallet
  5. Select Redeem a Steam Wallet Code
  6. Enter the code from the gift card you received
  7. Enter your address, city, state, country, and ZIP code

With the funds in your wallet, you can buy the game you want. 

Although buying a physical gift card from Amazon is a viable option, you need to know that Steam gift cards are usually more expensive than the gift card value you purchase. That’s because Steam gift cards aren’t sold by Amazon but by third parties, and naturally, they want to make a profit.

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