Redeem a Gift Card From Barnes and Noble Effortlessly Redeem a Gift Card From Barnes and Noble Effortlessly

Redeem a Gift Card From Barnes and Noble Effortlessly

How To Redeem a Gift Card From Barnes and Noble—The Ultimate Guide

Barnes & Noble is a reputable bookseller with branches in more than 30 countries around the world. Their collection ranges from recently launched novels to years-old classics. With services such as the e-book platform NOOK, Barnes & Noble aims to make reading easier and more accessible to everyone.

Barnes & Noble gift cards are convenient for shopping at the company’s online store or any of their 600 branches located throughout the U.S. without actually spending your cash. In this article, we will provide details on how to:

  • Redeem a gift card from Barnes & Noble online
  • Redeem a Barnes & Noble gift card in-store
  • Exchange a Barnes & Noble gift card for cash

You will also find out how to earn other popular gift cards, prepaid cards, and even cash with Mode Mobile.

Types of Barnes and Noble Gift Cards

Barnes & Noble has two different types of gift cards. The details of both are given in the table below:

Type of Gift Card



Physical Gift Card

  • Plastic gift card with a card number and a PIN code printed on the back
  • Shipped to you via a courier
  • Accepted online and in-store

2–3 days 

eGift Card

  • Virtual gift card sent through email
  • Comes with a card number and PIN code provided in the email
  • Accepted online and in-store


How To Redeem a Barnes and Noble Gift Card Online

Source: Barnes & Noble

Figuring out how to choose gift cards as a payment method when shopping on the Barnes & Noble online store can be confusing. Here is how you can use a gift card online when purchasing at Barnes & Noble:

  1. Go to the Barnes & Noble website
  2. Add the books you would like to purchase to the cart
  3. Click on the cart symbol at the top right corner of your screen 
  4. Click on Continue after reviewing the contents of the cart
  5. Sign in or continue as a guest when prompted
  6. Enter your shipping address
  7. Choose between the three shipping options (Standard, Express, or Expedited)
  8. Enter your credit or debit card details
  9. Select the Apply B&N Gift Card option
  10. Enter your gift card details

Note that you are required to enter the details of another payment method alongside the gift card. If your order can be covered by the gift card, your debit/credit card won’t be charged.

In case you have a Barnes & Noble account, you can also use your gift card as a payment option by following the steps below:

  1. Click on My Account on the website
  2. Go to Payment Methods
  3. Select Gift Cards from the left bar
  4. Enter your gift card details
  5. Select Add Gift Card

How To Use a Barnes and Noble Gift Card In-Store

The process of paying with a gift card is slightly different in person as you aren’t entering the card details yourself. If you have a physical gift card, here is how you can redeem it in-store:

  1. Go to the nearest Barnes & Noble store
  2. Hand over the card to the cashierthey will enter the card number and PIN on their computer

If you have an eGift Card, the process of redeeming it is nearly identicalhere’s how you can do it:

  1. Open the email sent to you by Barnes & Noble upon purchasing the card
  2. Show the card details from the attachment to the cashier—they will enter the information on the computer manually

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How To Check Your Barnes and Noble Gift Card’s Balance

Checking a gift card balance regularly is crucial if you want to avoid a potentially embarrassing situation at checkout.

Here are the steps to check how much money you have on the card:

Source: Barnes & Noble

  1. Click on the Gift Cards tab on the Barnes & Noble website
  2. Select the Check Gift Card Balance option
  3. Enter your card number and PIN

The website will display your card's balance. If you have previously saved a payment method on your Barnes & Noble account, it will automatically be applied to cover any excess amount after the balance from your gift card is deducted. 

Where Can You Use a Barnes and Noble Gift Card?

Barnes & Noble gift cards can only be used on their online store or in one of the company's physical branches.

You can purchase any available books, newspapers, or magazines from the website and use your gift card as a payment method. Subscription-based NOOK magazines and newspapers are exceptionsyou will have to use a separate payment method for these.

Can You Get a Barnes and Noble Gift Card for Free?

If you’re a fan of Barnes & Noble, why not try getting the store’s gift cards for free? Many new ways of getting free gift cards have appeared in recent years. The question is—which one is the least time-consuming, most profitable, and most reliable?.

If you are a regular customer of Barnes & Noble and shop on the platform often, the company may reward you with promotional gift cards. They function like regular gift cards but may also have:

  • Expiration dates
  • Delayed activation dates

This is not the most reliable way to go, though, as you won’t know when you may be selected to receive one.

Another valid option is through survey websites. They collect data for various companies and organizations and you get paid a small commission after you answer the provided questionnaires. The biggest issue with survey websites is their low pay rateyou may have to answer numerous, extensive questionnaires before you are able to earn a decent amount.

Reward-based apps are another legitimate option. You can earn points by completing different tasks on your phone, including watching ads and playing games, and exchange them for various rewards.

Note that many of these apps may not have Barnes & Noble gift cards as rewards. You will either have to search for services that have your desired gift cards or look for those that offer other forms of prizes, such as cash or prepaid Mastercard, Visa, or Amex gift cards, which you can use to buy a Barnes & Noble gift card.

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Can You Redeem a Barnes and Noble Gift Card for Cash?

A Barnes & Noble gift card is not everyone’s cup of tea—if that is the case with you, you might consider redeeming it for cash and spending the money on something more suitable to your taste. The question is—can you get cash for your Barnes & Noble gift card, and if so, how much?

You should know that Barnes & Noble doesn’t allow customers to exchange gift cards for cash in most states. However, there are third-party companies that will let you sell your gift card for cash. You may have to list your card at a discounted price to attract buyers. 

Here are some examples of popular platforms where you can sell your gift cards:

  • Raise 
  • CardCash
  • ClipKard
  • Gameflip

Some states require corporations to provide cashback for gift cards. Note that most allow cash redemptions only if the amount on the card is not above $5 (or, in some cases, $10), but never more than that. The table below shows which states have a gift card refund law and how much the allowed cashback is:

State With a Gift Card Refund Law

Maximum Gift Card Cashback Allowed



Rhode Island












New Jersey






Puerto Rico




If you live in any of the mentioned states, you can visit your local Barnes & Noble branch and talk to the store clerk about exchanging your gift card for cash. You should know that they are typically unfamiliar with state gift card laws, so you might have to provide proof of your claims. If you can’t travel to a physical store, you can also contact customer service via email or phone to get your issue resolved.

Featured image source: John Michael Thompson

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