Make Money Online: Best Ways For Beginners Make Money Online: Best Ways For Beginners

Make Money Online: Best Ways For Beginners

Who doesn’t love to earn some extra cash? And what if you are able to learn some ways that’ll help you make money online? If you are a novice who has just completed your studies or have no experience in knowing how to make money, this article will be quite beneficial to you. 

Most people get a bit scared when it comes to earning money online since there are many fake sites that trick people into losing their money. But with these simple ways to earn money, you never have to get worried. Let’s have a look at them. 

Best ways to make money online for beginners

Start Freelancing

One of the easiest ways to make money online is by freelancing. People who don't know what freelancing is might wonder what it's all about. In simple terms, freelancing is working for yourself, i.e., one doesn't work as an 'employer' to any individual or organization. 

Almost every kind of profession provides you with freelancing opportunities. Be it photography, writing, editing, teaching, or coding, you can choose your field of work. Are you wondering where you could find freelancing work? 

There are many registered freelancing work websites that provide you with abundant work. All you'll need to do is register yourself on one of the websites, and you are good to go.

Go for Data Entry Jobs

Another online job that you can try your hands on is the data entry job. All you need to have is knowledge of Microsoft Excel and other Microsoft tools. 

There are a lot of companies that offer you data entry jobs and also allow you to earn a reasonable amount at the end of the month. Also, there are various trusted sites that you can get yourself registered to and get an ample amount of data entry work. 

Go for Online Tutoring

If you love teaching, then online tutoring is the perfect online job for you. For the past few years, there has been a substantial increase in the demand for online teaching platforms. Through online tutoring, you can earn Rs 200 – 500 per hour! Students all over the world are in search of good teachers, and if you’re good with your subject, you can earn a handsome amount. There are various registered online tutoring sites where you can create an account and start to reach out to various students. All you need to be is good at what you teach. 

Start your YouTube Channel

We all know some of the famous YouTubers, don't we? But do you know how much they earn? Reports have revealed that well-known YouTubers earn lakhs of rupees at the end of each month. 

At first, you might not be able to earn such huge amounts, but once you are able to capture the market, you can earn thousands of bucks at the end of the month. 

All you need to do is create content that keeps your viewers engrossed. This will help you to attract a large number of subscribers and followers. 

Take part in Online Surveys

Whenever a survey pops up in the middle of the video you are watching, you get irritated, isn't it? But most of us don't realize that online surveys are a great way to earn money. 

Online surveys help a company to know what the customers think/want. As a result, these surveys are quite important for any company. So these companies hire people who would conduct the surveys for them and pay them $1 to $20 depending on the type of survey one is conducting. 

All you need to do is create an account with these survey companies and choose the kind of surveys you want to do.


Have you heard of the term 'dropshipping'? Dropshipping is a process where a product is obtained from a third party by the seller and delivered to the customer. 

The advantage of being associated with dropshipping is you don't have to pile up stocks or pay for raw materials. 

You'll need to create a domain or an e-commerce site. It will help you advertise and serve as a link between your customers and the third party (manufacturer). The commission from the manufacturer and the difference in the Selling Price would help you get a standard amount at the end of each sale.


Do you love writing? If so, then you can try your hands on blogging. To be a successful blogger, one has to have a flair for writing. Since there are various aspects on which one can write blogs, you have to find your niche where you could excel. 

But while writing blogs, you have to keep one thing in mind. You can’t copy your writing from any source. You can surely go through various other articles. But in the end, you have to create the blog using your creativity. Only then can your blog stand out from others and attract viewers. 

You can also go through the existing blogs of various bloggers to get an idea about how to write one. This'll allow you to get an edge over the other newbie bloggers. 

Video editor

One of the jobs whose demand has gone uphill in the past few years is the video editor. If you are able to make a mark of your own, it won’t be hard for you to earn a hefty amount of money. You can start your journey as a video editor either by being a freelancer or creating your own website. You can also go through a few online courses to get an edge over your competitors. 


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