Learn everything about the terms related to gift cards Learn everything about the terms related to gift cards

Learn everything about the terms related to gift cards

Online shoppers always try to look for opportunities to make their deals more affordable. At the same time, retailers and other sellers like to attract them in various ways to draw their attention and increase sales. The most common way of attracting customers is by offering gift cards, vouchers, discount coupons, and eCodes. Even offline stores in your locality also offer physical gift cards. So, these terms related to gift cards seem to be the same. But, in reality, they have some differences between them. However, whether it is a voucher, card, or code, the main aim is to save money in every deal.

Let us talk about these terms in detail. You can make the right decision and grab the best one for your purpose. 

Terms related to gift cards 

Gift cards

Online gift cards are specially designed cards with a value stored in them. Different companies, retailers, and banks have issued them to shoppers. Instead of using cash, you can use a card to purchase things. The cost of your chosen things should not be higher than the card value. On special occasions and holidays, gift cards are a popular gift option.

Companies and retailers offer gift cards to shoppers to promote their products and services. It is the best trick applied by them to keep customers loyal to them. However, the gift card will be valid to customers only for a particular period.

In some cases, you can avail of gift cards for free. There are also opportunities to win a gift card if you take part in an online survey. Modephone also gives you a chance to take surveys so that you can win amazing gifts for this activity. You can obtain a gift card without much effort and save money on your everyday purchases.

Some users like to know whether the card is transferable. If you have bought a gift card from eCommerce sites like Amazon, you cannot transfer the balance to a different account. But you can share a gift card with your friend.

Discount Coupons

Integrated with some alphanumeric codes, discount coupons have drawn the attention of several shoppers. Almost all of us are familiar with the term ‘discount’ that enables us to make a money-saving deal. By grabbing a discount coupon, you can take advantage of additional gifts. Besides, some companies guarantee the best prices and free shipping opportunities. 

But, like gift cards, discount coupon providers set an expiring date. So, you have to use the coupon within a given timeline. Most commonly, it remains valid for some days or weeks. You can also look for discount coupons without any expiring date. You can redeem the coupon from your retailer and get a discount. 

There are several coupon websites offering discount coupons. You may also search for these coupons in newspapers or magazines. As a loyal customer of any company, you can easily get a discount code via email or SMS. 


The term ‘voucher’ refers to a redeemable discount. You can find a code on the voucher. Before using the code to buy services and products, you have to read the terms and conditions related to the voucher.

For instance, you may find a voucher offering a 10% discount on vegetable burgers. Thus, you can use the voucher only to buy the items mentioned in it. There is no way to receive discounts on some other products. It is also essential to check the expiry date. Several brands offer vouchers to increase their sales and customer base.

But can a gift voucher be used multiple times? Everything depends on the retailer, as every retailer sets different terms and conditions for the gift voucher. Some stores ensure that you can use the voucher more than once. Every time you use the card, you can check the remaining balance. A new amount will be written on your existing gift voucher.

There are also paper codes referred to as printable vouchers. They are an intermediate between e-codes and physical gift cards.

Physical gift cards

They are plastic cards, which function almost like virtual cards. You can purchase the card from any physical store. You need to scratch the colorful card while making a purchase. Like online cards, these physical gift cards are loaded with value.

eCode gift cards

These cards are almost similar to digital gift cards. You will receive the card via email and text messages. The code is a unique pin code that you have to enter into the checkout page of a website.

There are several advantages to using eCode gift cards. Once you have received the code, you can start using it according to your needs. But, you will not be able to enjoy this speed with the physical cards. One advantageous aspect of eCode gift cards is that there is a minimal risk of scams. No third party will interfere with your eCode purchase. So your transaction will be safe and secure.

Moreover, it does not cost much to produce random codes. On the contrary, merchants need to invest a significant amount in designing plastic gift cards. Thus, eCode gift cards are a convenient choice for the merchant as well.

It is also easy to personalize the eCode cards. You can deliver a personal message based on the occasion and the recipient's preferences. Besides, as eCode gift card production does not involve using plastics and paper, it is an eco-friendly solution. Finally, the digital version ensures that there is no way to lose the card. But, the eCode gift cards are non-refundable, so you must be careful.


There are several terms related to gift cards, from vouchers to discount codes. You cannot make the best use of these terms without a clear understanding of them. You can do some online activities in the Mode Earn app and win exciting gift cards.

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