How To Earn Money On YouTube? How To Earn Money On YouTube?

How To Earn Money On YouTube?

Since YouTube is half the internet, ad revenue has turned out to be the most obvious way to make money on this platform, with more than 2 billion users logging in every month and more than 500 hours of videos getting uploaded on the platform each minute. Of course, uploading informative and useful content on YouTube is the key to success. But at the same time, you need to focus on certain strategies that can help you earn money on YouTube efficiently.

Ways To Earn Money On YouTube

Joining the YouTube partner program

As regular YouTubers, you need to find ways through which you can access special features on the platform. By being a YouTube partner program, adding up an AdSense account, and getting enough views to handle the same, you can actually enjoy a lot of privileges, which you won't be getting otherwise! Now, joining this program is not as simple as you feel like! 

You will need to meet up to certain requirements in order to make yourself eligible for the same. You will have to meet a minimum of 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time within a span of 1 year to set up an AdSense account. Thus, start to explore new features of monetization.

Merchandising your products

It is always good to have your own strategy when it comes to merchandising! Instead of promoting others' products on your YouTube channel, it could be even greater if you are the one who is advertising your own product on your channel. Remember that an entrepreneur mindset never goes to waste! This will definitely help you gain your audience's trust in you, and thus, your product too! 

Certainly, don't just feed your channel with your own product. Try helping your viewers in making their own decisions based on their requirements. But keep your own good as a choice to them at the very same time. Try to engage with your audience in their decision-making process and poll them as per their needs. Also, try to source and build your goods, find your channel partners and create your own shop to handle the purchases - be it a physical store or your own website!

Create sponsored contents

You do not always require to be on Instagram to create sponsored content. Rather you can even do that on YouTube. The best thing about this strategy is that it does not require you to share your income with YouTube. You may directly choose to negotiate with the brand and get the payment from your clients without getting YouTube involved in the process. 

It's just that you will be utilizing the platform as a channel to reach out to your audiences when it comes to promoting the brand. Just ensure that your content is relevant to the target market, and you can make things click for you! Start collaborating with different brands. Also, make sure you have mastered your brand pitch before sending it out!

Start being an affiliate partner

Well, you see that you have got a quite loyal fan base on YouTube. But the headcount isn't shooting up. It is probably time for you to look for companies that invest in affiliate marketing. 

This will not just help you increase your number of audiences. But, at the same time, this will assist you in encouraging your users to purchase a product or a service that you believe in! 

Also, it is an amazing way to earn money on YouTube as you shall get a percentage of sales that occur through your affiliate link. This is quite a decent way to make money in months when your AdSense paycheck might have gone down!

Earn money from your fans directly

To do this, you will certainly need to have a good enough and loyal fan base. But once you have set a benchmark for your audiences, you can start to earn money on YouTube! Start hosting live chats and you can pin or increase the visibility of your users' comments based on the money they agree to pay you! This feature is readily available on the YouTube channel partners

Also, you can start enabling your viewers to become members of your channel for which they shall be paying you directly. In return, they get access to several member-only exclusives, badges or custom emoticons, and many more!

License your content to the media

Once you see that your videos have started going viral, it's time for you to channel it in a bit different way so that you can earn even more! News outlets usually go around approaching you to use a copy of your content so that they can start replaying that same thing all over again. Now, the ball is in your court, and you can charge these media outlets to use your most successful work while giving you the credits at the same time. 

Well, there are a few thumb rules that you might need to take care of while you do it! Always update your 'About us' page with your email ID and contact details for your users to connect to you or write their inquiries therein!

Bottom line

Too often, new YouTubers raise a question - "How much can one earn from this platform?" Well, there is no such fixed figure that one can quote when it comes to earning from YouTube. Honestly, the sky is the limit to it! 

Of course, it takes a lot of hard work, consistency, and luck for you to earn money on YouTube! You can also check out ModeEarnPhone to earn money online just by using your cellphone.

Besides, a lot of your income on YouTube depends on the revenue that you make from AdSense. Each and every ad that get views on your channel gives you money. But then the rates vary across geographies, demographics, and industries too!

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