Earning extra income while on maternity leave Earning extra income while on maternity leave

Earning extra income while on maternity leave

Are you on unpaid maternity leave? However, how will you survive? Many women are there who prepare themselves for physical birth and then readjust to their lives as new parents. When in such a challenging situation, remember two things: raising a kid is a very rewarding experience, and it could be a time when you get the best returns on investments - allow us to explain. Although your current circumstances are challenging, there are many things to do during this time. Prepare yourself financially to support your life as a parent by finding tactics to make extra money on maternity leave. 

In the meantime, there are plenty of activities, daily tasks, and hobbies you can take up to earn extra cash or boost your income on maternity leave. The most important thing is to enjoy your maternity leave as much as you want. Do this by taking advantage of those things you can enjoy during this time: baby playdates, new-mom support groups, coffee dates, etc. Are you looking for a smart, easy way to boost your earnings during maternity leave? Make extra money on maternity leave with these tips and ideas. 

Popular methods to make extra money on maternity leave

Items you don't need or want to sell to make extra money on maternity leave.

You can make money and additional space by selling the things you no longer need or don’t fit you. It's a great way to declutter and make way for your new baby while earning cash off those items. Check out individual seller sites like Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Etsy, etc. These sites offer a faster way to sell baby equipment without a fee. 

In Vinted, you can sell clothes of all kinds; maternity clothes, baby clothes, toys, and anything else. Some new moms even use the sites to sell services, too - more on that later in this article. With Postage Express, you don't have any seller fees, so all revenues go straight to you! Even the parcel labels and delivery system is done for you. If you don't have one, a courier can print them for you!

If you want to sell clothing with higher values, you might want to consider a clothing agency. The shop sells your items. If they sell, the profits are split into 50-50, or that agency might work out some sales commissions system. Some moms find this works for expensive wedding dresses, bridesmaid clothes, groom suits, etc. They don't have to do most of the work. 

Take advantage of online shopping to earn extra cash 

Make sure that the retailers listed on the cashback site are available every time you shop online. You can access the retailer through their site and receive cashback by clicking through. Some of the top names in this field are Quidco and Top Cashback. You can join for free, collect earnings, and then withdraw those earnings as gift cards or cash. 


Bilingual people can put their talent and expertise to work as online translators: transcribing, writing, audio voiceover, and more. You can earn a good living and exercise your skills while helping people worldwide while working from home!

Deliver food for a food delivery service

Drivers are in greater demand as people order food and groceries from home and deliver them to their doors. You can work whenever and however long you like with this job. Your hours can be adjusted according to your needs, and there is a lot of flexibility. It is important to be flexible when it comes to scheduling doctor's appointments and your sleep schedule. 

Paid Surveys 

Social scientists and brands can collect data by conducting online surveys, and you will be rewarded for participating. These surveys are legitimate ways for brands to get buyer feedback on services and products. Besides, it can help you to make extra money on maternity leave. A research project's price is determined by its complexity and length. Atta poll and prolific are popular polling sites.

Odd Jobs

Side gigs like this are like Swiss Army Knives. It has multiple ways to browse various jobs and choose one appropriate for that day. You can take photos of products in stores, clean, run errands, identify photos for CAPTCHA development, and so much more. For earning through affiliate marketing, try the ModePhone app today. Here you can get $100+ per month for a few hours of daily use, beginning with a risk-free trial. 

Freelance writing

While on maternity leave, freelance writing is one of the best ways to make money at home for moms (and dads). It is not uncommon for some individuals to start freelance writing as a side gig after their child is born. Thus, they can decide whether to return to their previous job after their maternity leave has ended. Freelance writing is an awesome and easy way to make a living without having much experience. It's also possible to earn a full-time income by writing from home.


It may be a good idea to learn how to be around kids, especially if you are a first-time parent. The pay for babysitting is good, and the hours are flexible. As long as you don't commit to any one family, you are free to accept as many jobs as you like. If you want to be asked to return for more babysitting jobs, do what you can to make a good impression. Clean the house as best you can, and take great care of the children you're taking care of. They can recommend you to their friends if you do a good job. 

Cashback Applications

You can earn cash back on many foods with cashback apps such as Shopmium, Checkoutsmart, and GreenJinn. You can be reimbursed for any or all of the product's cost via PayPal by uploading receipts.


Transcribing audio content is an opportunity for beginners since companies require different levels of expertise.

If you wish to see if it is a good fit, we suggest working for one or two companies and doing a couple of projects. The job requires good grammar skills, a willingness to sit for extended periods, and the ability to listen attentively. If calculating how much you will make per hour, remember that transcriptionists are typically paid based on audio hours. 

Start a blog

When you are on maternity leave, you might consider starting a blog to make extra money on maternity leave. A blogger can make money in various ways, such as advertising, affiliate marketing, offering services, and creating and selling digital products. The cost of starting a blog is relatively low. You'll need a domain name and hosting, but that's all.

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