Can I earn money by playing online games? Can I earn money by playing online games?

Can I earn money by playing online games?

What else can be better than figuring out a way to earn money in your leisure time? And that too, by doing something that you love to do? 

If you are one of those people who love playing online games and have an experience of winning those, you can now channelize that art of yours to make money too! Ahh, now you might be wondering about the investments you would have to make before starting off with these! 

Well, that's not always the case! You do not require to purchase Nintendo, Xbox, or PlayStation for playing games online, or making money through games, for that matter. You can do it even without owning a gaming console. All you would need is a -

  • computer or a phone,
  • stable internet connection
  • some gaming experience to deal with the gamers! 

That's it, and you are done! 

Can I earn money by playing online games?

Through live streaming your game

Today, anyone can choose to live stream their games online for the whole world to see! If you think that you are good at it, why not think of ways through which you can monetize it in the long run to a greater number of audiences? Once you have a good audience and think many people are interested in watching you, start monetizing the same with ads. 

Also, if you have a loyal set of audience, you can even think of donations and subscriptions. If you are wondering about the platforms to choose for this, you can switch over to Twitch or YouTube as an option to start with! 

Start writing about games

If you think you are good at writing, you can always try your hands on that! It is totally upon you whether you want to continue on an existing site or want to launch something of your own! You can even choose to work with You can start doing something great out of it. 

Start writing journals, news, interviews, or reviews on the games you play. You can initially begin as a freelancer. Then, as you gain confidence in this domain, you can plan for something great! You can even think of monetizing your traffic with ads once you have gained many views and footfalls on your website. 

Video game guides and tutorials

Once you know that you have mastered the skill of playing a game, you can choose to spread your experiences with others! It is essential to understand that useful content has always got a separate kind of demand! 

Many newcomers today will love to read articles and blogs sharing information that they are looking ahead to. If you can offer them that, it will surely be a hit! 

Games, particularly the multiplayer player vs. player (PvP) titles, have got a huge craze of late. You can either choose a website to write the guides or think of provisions through which you can upload video games on YouTube. You may also opt for publishing different gaming guides on ebooks. 

Monetizing with ads on YouTube or via your website is a good idea to earn money, while you may plan to earn revenue via your ebooks through sales. 

A gaming podcast

Earning money through a gaming podcast is yet another amazing idea. It would be more like a roundtable meeting with your friends and colleagues alongside other gaming enthusiasts. It could be conducted even through YouTube. You may drive it through a series of interviews being conducted with some high-profile gamers or even share several useful tips and tricks that the newbies might need to play the games. 

Know that it is not an overnight process, Also, you will have to get a good sizable amount of audience before you start catching up with any revenue. Any inconsistency or poor quality will not yield you much. 

Above all, the charisma of the streamer will matter a lot over here to hold onto the interests of your viewers. 

Be a game tester

Before a game is released into the market officially, the developers usually tend to give it out to outsiders who can test run the game and see if it is working fine. Gaming apps must endure various stages of development before they are presented to the whole world. So, you, as a game tester, will have to find out if there is any bug or issue. Though this won't give you a lot of money, it is a good idea to start making some out of it until you acquire a good position internally in some top MNC house. 

Sell your digital items or accounts

If you are a good gamer, you might have earned or won a good number of digital items by far! This is surely one of the best ways through which you can sell your in-game items to other players. Thus, you earn money from them. You may also choose to sell your gaming accounts. 

However, if you want to sell your gaming account, you will at least have to reach up to a certain level of expertise. Only then others will be interested in purchasing it! 

Bottom line

Making money online today is not a big deal at all. You need to be good at what you do. You can, thus, choose to sell your skills and make money out of the same. This goes with gaming too! If you think you are good at it, why not choose it to be a source for your earnings? Keep playing and earning!

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