12 Ways to Earn Extra Money With Your Phone 12 Ways to Earn Extra Money With Your Phone

12 Ways to Earn Extra Money With Your Phone

If you do not want to invest much yet want to become rich, you are here at the right place. We won't let you be disappointed as we will tell you about a few apps that would help you earn some good amount of money. Before we start, all the ways to earn extra money with your phone that are listed below are legit. Thus, you should not have any fear going on within you! 

Here are a few easy ways to earn extra money with your phone: 

Sell artistic things or photos

If you are enthusiastic about selling your artwork, you can always aspire to showcase your skills as a graphic designer. Also, try to opt for it as a passive source of income. You can even be a Shutterstock contributor - a website known for capturing decent photos. Also, you can simply create an account on Shutterstock and start uploading your best creations right over there! You would be earning money from every downloaded image that you have uploaded to your portfolio. 

Participate in surveys

If you truly want to earn money through your phone, this is one of the best things to put your hands into! Taking surveys is one of the easiest options to earn money online. There are several apps, such as InboxDollars, that will allow you to fetch paid surveys. This app has been quite popular among people of late and is well known for allowing you to make money by completing different offers, shopping online, and playing games. Making an account here is free, and the money-earning provision is unlimited. 

Facebook advertising

Everyone today has come up on social media, so much so that it has become a channel for many of our earnings. Yeah, if you are good at anything, you can create groups on Facebook and start inviting people into them. Once you have built up a community, showcase your skill or products and attract others to the value addition you have been doing! Indeed, this is a great way to start earning and getting your sales with the least amount of investment. 


As many people today have adopted the trend of freelancing, making money through several apps such as Fiverr and Upwork has become quite popular! If you think that you are good at doing a thing, why not earn money from it? You would simply need to create a gig at first, which is nothing but just a kind of ad that you make to showcase your skill to the people on the app. Ensure offering all the basic details related to your work, including the number of revisions you offer, the delivery timeline, and your rate.

Be an influencer

If you make good foods or are amazing with your fashion sense, start influencing others too! Yeah, once you start gaining enough followers, you can start using your account for various collaboration shoots to promote the local brands, or maybe, some big shots and earn money from them. 

Rewards and cashback

This is yet another amazing way to make money. Some popular apps that help you make money every time you purchase anything online or in-store are Receipt Hog and Fetch Rewards. All you need is to ensure that you are completing the surveys that are offered to you about the shop or the products. Also, you might be asked to produce the receipts against which you will be earning some reward points. 

Create your channel on YouTube

If you are good at content creation, you may choose to channelize this skill of yours on YouTube and start earning a handsome amount from it. Since YouTube has become quite popular among the masses, it has become a bread earner for many! You can create any content you are skillful at, be it entertainment, value addition, technology, education, and more. 

Stock market and mutual funds

Investing in mutual funds and trading has now become easier than ever! You do not need to go to a broker anymore. But you can now get hold of different apps to start investing in the stocks right from your phone. They include Grow and Zerodha. Also, you have fund managers and financial consultants to advise you on your finances. 

Rental services

If you have an asset - a house or a car, you can choose to rent it out. You can earn money from the same. Airbnb is one of those communities that will allow you to rent out your belongings. You can make money from them just by being a host. You can also try out Turo. This is so popular among customers for offering a rental provision of more than 850 models of cars. 

Sell your old goods

Another amazing app that will help you sell off all your old goods and make money from them is OLX. You can have it right on your phone and start featuring all your articles. Also, every time anything gets sold, you earn money from that! 

Playing games

If you love to play games on your smartphone, you can even choose it as an option for yourself to start making money. With Mistplay, you can earn gift cards by playing games every time you play by redeeming those points that you earn. Not only will it allow you to spend some good quality leisure time. But it will also fill up your pockets. 

Earning while doing your day-to-day activities

With modephone.com, you can now start earning money by doing all your day-to-day activities that you usually tend to do on your phone. 

So, these are a few interesting ways to earn extra money.

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