How To Gift Skins in Fortnite—A Step-by-Step Guide How To Gift Skins in Fortnite—A Step-by-Step Guide

How To Gift Skins in Fortnite—A Step-by-Step Guide

How To Gift Skins in Fortnite—All You Need To Know

Fortnite has been all the rage for so long that there’s hardly anyone in your circle of friends who hasn’t been hooked on it at some point. One of the best aspects of the game (besides the ever-changing skins, pickaxes, emotes, and other fun add-ons) is that you get to interact and play the game with your friends and other avid gamers! 

There are many ways you can play together with other Fortniters—forming Duos and Squads, chatting, buying V-Bucks cards, and even sending gifts to each other! To gift an item to another player, you have to meet some conditions first. If you have tried to use Fortnite's gifting feature to send a skin or another item to a friend and got stuck, there could be a few reasons. 

This article will tell you all you need to know about how to gift skins on Fortnite, what the limitations are, and what conditions you need to meet.

You will also find out how to use Mode Mobile products to earn Fortnite gift cards and other game rewards while doing everyday activities on your phone. 

How To Gift in Fortnite

Sending gifts in Fortnite is possible thanks to a gifting feature in the Item Shop. The selection of items you can send as a gift is extensive, and it includes:

  • Skins
  • Back bling
  • Harvesting tools
  • Gliders
  • Emotes
  • Wraps
  • Loading screens

The Fortnite gift system is intuitive and easy to use, but there are some conditions you have to meet to be able to enjoy this feature.

How To Gift a Skin in Fortnite

If you want to send a skin or any other item as a gift, the process will be the same. All you have to do is follow these steps:

  1. Load Fortnite
  2. Go to the Item Shop 
  3. Select a skin or another item you wish to gift
  4. Check if you have enough V-Bucks to purchase the item
  5. Select the Buy As a Gift option on the purchase screen
  6. Choose a player in your friend list from a scrollable menu
  7. Personalize a gift by choosing the color of the gift wrapping
  8. Click on Purchase Gift

Source: Alejandrito_07

Once you buy a gift, the player will receive it immediately. The next time they load the game, they will see a gift box and a message informing them they have received a gift from you. 

How To Gift Skins in Fortnite From Your Locker

Unfortunately, gifting skins you already have in your inventory is not possible because there is no trading feature on Fortnite. 

The same rule applies to any other item you wish to gift. Anything you want to send as a gift to a friend must be freshly bought from the Item Shop. 

Can You Gift Bundles in Fortnite?

With the new update to the Fortnite gift system, bundles are eligible for gifting, but not all of them. 

When you go to the Item Shop, you will notice that bundles have either a blue or yellow highlight on their name. Bundles highlighted with yellow are not available for gifting, but the ones highlighted with blue are fully giftable. 

Can You Gift Someone a Fortnite Skin if They Already Have It?

If the player from your friend list already owns a skin or an item you wish to send them, you will see a prompt informing you of this, and you won’t be able to send it as a gift. 

If you are trying to send a bundle, it will be the same. You will see which items from the bundle your friend already owns, and you will only be able to send them the items they lack. In this case, you will only pay for the items you send, not the entire bundle.

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Common Questions About the Fortnite Gift System

The table below presents some of the most common questions regarding gifting on Fortnite: 



How long do you have to be friends with someone to gift them on Fortnite?

You can only gift someone who you have been friends with for at least 48 hours

How many times can you gift in Fortnite?

You can send a maximum of five gifts in 24 hours

If you gift a skin in Fortnite, do you lose it?

Since you can’t gift a skin from your locker, you can’t lose it. Keep in mind that gifts are non-refundable. When you send a gift, the recipient can’t refund it either 

When you send someone a gift in Fortnite, do you get the gift in your inventory?

No, you only send a gift to a friend

What skin can you gift on Fortnite?

You can only gift skins available in the Item Shop

Why Can’t I Gift in Fortnite?

Source: Ron Lach

There are several reasons why this may be:

  1. You play on iOS—The only platform that doesn’t support gifting is iOS
  2. Your account hasn’t reached Level 2—To discourage scams, Epic Games requires you to play Fortnite until you reach Level 2 before you can send a gift
  3. You don’t have enough V-Bucks—To send a gift, you first have to buy the gift item. If you don’t have enough V-Bucks for the gift you want to purchase, you won’t be able to send it
  4. You haven’t enabled two-factor authentication (2FA)—This is a way for Epic Games to prevent account abuses

Besides the conditions you have to meet to be eligible to send gifts, you need to know that some items are not available for gifting. These include:

  • Battle Passes
  • V-Bucks
  • Some packs, such as Battle Pass Tier Bundles

It is also not possible to gift items that are not currently available in the Item Shop. 

In general, the safest way to check if something is giftable is to click on the item and see if there is a Buy As a Gift option. 

How To Accept a Gift on Fortnite

If you are on the receiving end of the gift or you can’t send a gift although you have met all the conditions, it is possible you or the other player haven’t turned on the account’s ability to accept gifts. 

To change the gifting settings on your Epic Games account, follow these steps:

  1. Open the main menu and go to Settings 
  2. Open the Account and Privacy tab
  3. Find the Can Receive Gifts option and select Yes

When you receive a gift, you will get an in-game notification. All you need to do is click Open

Does the Fortnite Gift System Differ on Various Platforms?

Whichever platform you play Fortnite on, the process of gifting, as well as the rules and conditions, are the same. 

The problem only arises if you have a friend who plays on iOS, iPad OS, or Mac since gifting is disabled on this platform. If you really want to gift a friend who plays on iOS, you can purchase a Fortnite V-Bucks card that players on all platforms can redeem

You can’t gift V-Bucks you already have, but if this is the kind of gift you want to give to a fellow gamer, you can purchase a V-Bucks card. You can also find out what platform your friend plays on and get one of the gift cards specifically meant for these platforms: 

  1. PlayStation gift card
  2. Xbox gift card or Microsoft gift card
  3. Nintendo eShop gift card

You can also get them a Visa gift card that your friends can use on any platform they like. 

Although there is no fee connected to sending gifts in-game, the gifts themselves cost some V-Bucks. All the other gift cards you can buy for your friends also come with a price tag, and the point of these gift cards is to purchase V-Bucks. 

Since V-Bucks are a universal currency, and you need to have quite a few of them to send gifts and buy items for yourself, it would be great to have a way to get some V-Bucks for free! Thanks to Mode Mobile, you can do it with no effort. 

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