Best Money Making Apps of 2022 Best Money Making Apps of 2022

Best Money Making Apps of 2022

Whether you are on an android platform or an iOS device, apps will offer you a plethora of avenues to make money. Check out for more! You can either choose to pick up a side gig, participate in different surveys, or sell all your unwanted things. These apps are really useful. Here are a few of the best money making apps to look to! 

Best Money Making Apps


Unfortunately, Fiverr is one of the best money making apps of the decade. It is primarily a freelancing marketplace where you can find numerous gigs in more than 200 categories. You shall be able to see different people selling their skills, be it content writing, graphics, animation, or whatever they are good at! Starting with this app is easy, and you can simply create an account here by tagging your profile as a "seller" and then start highlighting your genre of expertise. 

In the description column, you would have to post a gig mentioning the description of your service along with the pricing. The pricing shall vary somewhere from 5 dollars to 1000 dollars depending on the kind of service you are into! 

Also, you shall have sellers' levels based on your performance. You will be able to receive your payment once you are done with the task at hand. However, there shall be a minimum withdrawal fee, and you can transact here at ease via your PayPal account. The amount will be credited directly to your bank account. 


This app will help you earn cash from your online and in-store purchases. Isn't it cool that every time you buy something, you get an opportunity to earn too? Well, it was initially meant for groceries, but then the whole concept expanded to that of eatables, clothing, pet supplies, and a lot more. The offers aren't very specific, but they can be product specific or related to the retailers. 

Most of the cashback options are applied here automatically, while a few for which you might be asked to complete an additional task. Be it watching a video or maybe, completing a survey! The best thing about this application is that it gives you the reward credits to your account in less than 24 hours. You even get welcome bonuses, referral bonuses along with various other loyalty points. 


Again, this is a really popular marketplace with varieties of gigs featured on it. You can connect to freelancers who own their expertise in writing, marketing, designing, and other tasks. Once you have created a profile on the app with all the required information, such as your availability, qualifications, and desired rate, you can start submitting your proposals. Buyers or clients who shall offer you projects based on your timeline and pricing are available here. 

You can start expanding your network based on your performance, and you can surely rock! You have a set number of 'connects' initially at the beginning of every month, and then you may start reaching out to more people or find prospective clients from that chain. 

Depending on your pricing, you can opt for hourly or per-project pricing! Receiving payments on this platform is quite flexible, and you may choose Payoneer, PayPal, Instant Pay, Wire Transfer, or a bank account, whichever seems convenient to you. 


This is yet another amazing app that will allow you to earn money every time you are planning to opt for travel, an outing to some restaurant, or maybe, counting on a food delivery! This is very straightforward and interesting, too, at the same time. Once you confirm your purchase with the corresponding retailer, this app will immediately credit your cashback directly to your bank account. 

All you need to start with this app is to create an account and then tap on the respective store where you want to start shopping in the app itself. Make sure you are making the transaction through the app's portal for your rewards to be earned. 

To start with this app, you will not just be eligible to earn welcome bonuses and referral points, but at the same time, you can choose to donate a portion of your earnings to various nonprofit partners, which is one of the most attractive pointers in this application! 

Offer up

Another interesting app allows you to make money while selling your goods. Simply create an account and take a snap of the belongings that you want to sell. Upload it on the app with a bit of its description. Make sure that you aren't forgetting to quote the price. The buyers will, thus, directly be able to contact you through that very app. Consequently, you can arrange a meeting with the buyer or ship it off! 


This application is available for Android and iOS platforms. Also, it has recently become quite popular as a cashback and reward app. It allows you to earn points in the form of SB. You can make money here in several ways. Out of which shopping online would seem to be the most lucrative choice for many! 

Well, you shall find more than 1500 retailers participating on this app. Also, you can choose to earn by simply shopping or, at times by-

  • filling up surveys
  • participating in certain games
  • watching various interesting videos. 

You would be able to earn points and get the cashback credited directly to your PayPal account. The reward points allotted for every task aren't the same. But there are several ways to start earning here with your phone. 

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