Every Mode is earning mode

Put money right in your hand

How do I earn? Here is how!

Earn as you go

Music MODE

Turn high notes into banknotes. Earn from every song you play, while amplifying your savings of $120.00 a year by throwing away the cost of your streaming service.


Switch on earning Mode! Earn money for sharing your opinions and performing tasks with the biggest brands in the world.


It’s time to slide into money-making mode by unlocking your phone. Quick access to your music player and offers that continue to be more rewarding daily.


Surf the web and download videos for FREE; all while earning. Set your mode to not being bothered.

Share MODE

Each friend is $10.00! Share your personal link, and for each purchase receive $10.00 cash in any payment of your choice. The more friends you invite, the more you can earn!

Crypto MODE

Looking to join the new wave? Sell, Buy, Earn Crypto! Get Paid.


Be up to date in real time with what is going on in the world, and pocket daily for doing so.

Watch MODE

Watch short quick videos, and Get Paid!


We pay you for fun! Find your next favorite games and puzzles to download while you earn money for reaching new levels.

Fitness MODE

Make money your motivation for a healthier lifestyle. Earn money with your health such as yoga, working out, walking, logging your meals while giving insight about your daily routine.

Charge MODE

Earn money even when you're not using your phone. Make money as you sleep when your charge your Mode.


Looking to shop, dine, travel, or find an event near you. Earn money back from a good time while finding various ways to make money from spending.


Sync and share your data! Employ your data or internet connection to make money for you.

Finance MODE

Reap larger returns and manage your funds! Get Paid.

Weather MODE

We always need to be prepared for the weather outside, and now you can make money for checking daily!


Slash your bills in half! Earn 10,000 points after $200.00 in savings! Get Paid.

The First-Ever Earning Rebate!

Don't pay for your phone, let your phone pay you.

Say NO to paying for overpriced devices and companies’ major marketing campaigns. Say NO to paying for over-branded technology and high yearly contracts. Instead, make money from the device and carrier you choose.

How it works:

Secure your device with a gifted $120.00 instant rebate from the retail price of $199.99. LIMITED TIME ONLY! Once your Mode Phone is added to the check out cart; you will be charged 4 installments of $19.99 with Klarna for phone and worldwide unlock upgrade fee.

What is an earning rebate?

With Mode we put money right in your hand with every action you take from the earning opportunities from our customized “Earn as you go” software. When earning with Mode you choose how the money comes rolling in with every action you take. That makes your Mode free and a return on your investment, plus hundreds of dollars more.

Earn your money back directly by cashing out with our partners

Protect your data while making money!

Mode will protect your sensitive data and anything that can be used to personally identify who you are. This includes your name, email, phone number, and credit card information.

Take control of your data, time, and attention while getting paid for it!

Every phone company is releasing new and improved technologies to protect your data, but there is a ZERO guarantee that your data is protected. Mode flipped the script on data privacy and is giving consumers the ability to take control and make money. If they want your data that bad, we make them pay YOU!

Data typically comes from your mobile device from day-to-day actions, where your behavior, attention, and the time you give is being tracked as you consume. Between the applications you download, and websites you browse they’re all tracking your usage including the locations from where you shop to where you eat.

What do you mean by data?

What do you mean by attention and time?

How many times do you use your phone a day to stream music, watch a video, shop online, check your social media, or catch that advertisement as you search the web? This virtual footprint provides major brands and tech companies with priceless information. What you’re unaware of is that you’re slowly forming a consumer profile, which is GOLDEN information! You are providing a billion-dollar industry the information to make money without receiving your cut until NOW!

This system is growing by the day, and instead of falling for systems that block your data, capitalize on it, and for once get paid for it through the very source they take it from; your mobile device.