Our Story

Get into Mode

The cost of connectivity, the phones, and carrier plans have gone through the roof over the last decade, alienating those that could benefit from them most. Mode aims to change that! Our phones are unlocked, and are compatible with most major carriers. We believe that if you’re going to use a product where brands benefit from your use, you deserve to get paid! Mode’s cutting edge Reward User Interface unlocks your ability to earn real value every time you reach in your pocket.

Your value

Did you know that your most valuable possession is your time, attention, and data? Corporate giants make billions of dollars per year from your data without paying you in return. Mode is committed to changing that.

Our mission

Mode is committed to significantly improving the lives of others and changing the status quo. We are the consumer too, and recognize the power in our hands. Our superior Android 10 device pays you while you use it! We deserve to be paid for our time, attention, and data. Mode was created to flip the script on major brands and tech companies and put the power and money back in the hands of the consumer.

The start-up

Current Mobile's mission has always been driven by compassion, empathy, and rooted in the simple notion that we, the consumers, fail to understand that our time, attention, and data are one of their most valuable and often exploited assets. The companies building multibillion-dollar enterprises which exploit our valuable assets are now household names for many of the free products and services you use on a daily basis. We are at the point where we rarely think twice before we sign up for a product or service, but guess what? If the product is free, that means we are the product and deserve to get paid.

Flip the script

Determined to flip the script, we here at Current Mobile created the first-ever Music Rewards apps to validate our hypothesis with over 400,000 reviews and millions of millions of downloads. We did just that. The proof is in the reward. Free services usually monetize through advertising revenue. Every interaction on any platform leaves a trail of valuable bread crumbs for an advertiser to use to target other products and services, or even a hedge fund manager buying vast amounts of third-party data looking for the hottest and latest trends. The attention economy is nothing new, and if you become a part of our machine, that free service in exchange for your time, attention, and data will fill your pockets nicely.